The threat to the Coronavirus is a deadly threat. It’s sweeping the world at an alarming rate. The death of millions is guaranteed. We are all trying to protect ourselves by simply being watchful of what we do, but the fact is you can’t stop the flu virus any...

Determining When to Sell – Timing is Everything

A business owner can spend his entire career developing a business until it becomes his “baby.” Selling can be the most difficult and emotional decision a business owner will ever make. It is filled with emotions similar to sending a child off to college or giving a daughter away...

QUIT Doing What You Hate

Let’s face it, we must move on from what we are doing at some point. Right? Why did you quit flipping burgers or serving as a carhop at that restaurant when you were 17? You had to move on. There is nothing wrong about being a car hop or...

Hero or Failure?

You may not know it but a story is being told right now in your life and you are the main character. How everything goes and ends, successfully or terribly, depends on you. You are either going to be a hero in your life story or you will be...

Snowflakes & Axe Grinders

It’s no secret at this point in 2019 that the world is in trouble and there is a slim chance of it ever returning back to its normal state.

Selling Your Company is Victory…Not Defeat!

The majority of business owners have the wrong idea about selling their company earlier than expected. C’mon, you are not giving yourself any credit here. I have talked to so many business owners that just have it wrong. They’re hanging their head and kicking themselves for absolutely no reason...

Who Would Want To Buy My Business?

“No one would want to buy my business.” “I’d like to sell but it’s not a sexy business.” “It’s in a small town.” “It’s hard work; it’s dirty work.” The list goes on and on. We’ve heard all kinds of reasons why someone would like to sell their business,...

If I sell my company am I going to get killed on taxes?

Searching for “sell my company” and the tax implications of doing so? Most business owners, when getting ready to sell, fear that they are going to be hit with a heavy tax burden if they sell.  It couldn’t be further from the truth. In most cases, this fear could be...


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