Snowflakes & Axe Grinders


It’s no secret at this point in 2019 that the world is in trouble and there is a slim chance of it ever returning back to its normal state.

When a country struggles as a society to define what gender we are, born male but we think we’re female or vice versa. Or when colleges have safe rooms for people that are getting anxiety over elections. Public restrooms are now non gender-specific, I’m here to tell you folks this world is in trouble.

When it comes to Mergers and Acquisitions and the billions and billions of dollars of Businesses that need to be handed over to a new generation I have to tell you I’m worried. The Baby Boomers are exiting their businesses and the market for them to sell their business is dwindling, and the snowflakes are growing in staggering numbers. Who would want to hand a business over to a snowflake?

What is a snowflake?

Snowflakes are the new generation, the pansies and whiners of the new world of fairy dust and video game addiction they look to as their answer and life calling. If you asked one to mow the grass he would maybe say “I’m not emotionally ready to at this point, but we can discuss it calmly later”

It’s a long far cry from the World War 2 generation of men who were full of grit, determination, and flat hard work. It was said to be the greatest generation, and I know it to be true.

Man Up

A question was posed recently to a 23 year old male, “what would you do if a man spit in your wife’s face?” the snowflake answered “I would first try to understand what kind of day he was having, and see if we could help him” Are you kidding me?!

This is the balls that snowflakes have or rather lack. It’s a generation of introverts that have seemingly lost their man gene, they don’t know hard work, and don’t have the salt and grit it takes to win.

Grinder vs Snowflake

Let me tell you, if a man spit in my woman’s face I’d tell her to call the ambulance. No need to call the cops yet, I’ll get handcuffed after I beat him half to death, the cops can wait just a few minutes while I go to work on this guy.

Look around you, how many MEN do you see? Think about the last handshake a WOMAN gave you, I bet it was more grip than the last man who shook your hand. Men these days are weak, no spine, no heart, they are as lost as they could be. It’s a generation of castrated baby boys who not only don’t have what it takes to win, to handle a woman, much less take over a business or corporation.

So who are you going to sell your business to? The market is turning as soft as butter with these snowflakes. It’s time to sell your business to the right buyer.

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