Selling Your Business


How do you reach qualified buyers with complete confidentiality?
We do the work for you. Our resources allow us to find matches based on your business and the buyer’s interests, financial capabilities and probable success with a business like yours.

What information will a buyer require?
Financials, financials, and more financials, as well as your business’s strengths and assets. We’re also very good at pinpointing weaknesses and liabilities and providing suggestions and solutions for turning them into strengths.

What is the Fair Market Value of my business?
We provide an extensive assessment that will tell you that.

How will seller financing enhance the value of my business?
In the current economy, a seller's willingness to finance a portion of the sale has become essential to many deals. Most business buyers, even with a good down payment, are unable to get the full amount needed from traditional lending institutions so a seller often has to choose between a lower asking price or working with the buyer. Peterson Acquisitions can guide you in making a decision about how seller financing can work for you.



  • Free confidential consultation from a Top Rated Kansas City Business Broker.
  • We provide all the necessary forms and assist you in the process of evaluating your business and its worth.
  • We help you pinpoint assets and advantages you may not think of
  • We assist in finding weaknesses in your business and realistically address possible ways to make them positives when presented to buyers.
  • We will be there with guidance every step of the way, from valuation on through to negotiations, closing, and transition.
  • Our assistance will allow you to focus your attention on your business, running it at its best capacity throughout the process.
  • Our goal is to make every seller and buyer ‘winners’.

Our Assessment will include:

  • A professional determination of your business’s Fair Market Value
  • A profile prepared specifically for your business
  • Our marketing plan
  • The information we’ll present to qualified buyers about your business
  • How we will help you and your business:
  • We will show you your options.
  • Assist in negotiating when an offer is obtained.
  • See the transaction through to closing.
  • We will help you recapitalize, sell outright or merge your company with another.

Our objectives as a Business Broker are:

  • To achieve the highest valuation and best terms possible for you
  • To help you negotiate terms consistent with your objectives
  • To complete a transaction that satisfies you and your buyer