Getting the Damn Money

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe—Oh to what bank should I go? This children’s rhyme is the adult version of deciding which players you want on your team when you go to sell your business or buy a business. Regardless of your position, a buyer or a seller, getting the money...

Buying or Selling a Business in 2021

2020 was one hell of a year. People are looking to 2021 as if viruses or national and world events pay attention to a calendar. Hopeful of a new year is one thing but with the political upheaval and coronavirus, hope is in short supply. And if it were...

Asset vs. Stock Purchase

The two ways businesses are sold are either using APA (Asset Purchase Agreement) or a Stock or Unit Purchase agreement. The first is the purchase of a company’s assets, the second is the sale of its stock. In small business, a stock sale is usually most beneficial for a...

Who are the Buyers of Your Business?

Before a broker begins the selling process, it is important to determine where the prospective buyers will come from. A few questions to consider are: Will the buyer have industry experience? Will he be a first-time buyer? What about financing? A business broker should be able to give a...

QUIT Doing What You Hate

Let’s face it, we must move on from what we are doing at some point. Right? Why did you quit flipping burgers or serving as a carhop at that restaurant when you were 17? You had to move on. There is nothing wrong about being a car hop or...

How To Compare Businesses You’re Interested in Buying

You’re looking for the perfect business to buy. You find several that interest to you, so it’s important that you compare them.  How do you know which would be best?  Here are several important things to look at.   Financials – Obviously it’s important to take a close look...


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