Buying a Business is one of the biggest things that a person will do in their life. It is taken very seriously by the buyers, though perhaps we at Peterson Acquisitions take it even more seriously. We must make sure that the buyers that inquire and come forward to look at the financials and Business reviews of the Businesses that are on the market; ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BUYING!
KEEP IN MIND This is not an intake form, this is an APPLICATION.
We have roughly 3000 buyers that come forward to purchase a Business. Less than 5% of them have the guts, the grit, and the determination to follow through and persevere through the process. You have inquired about a Business that is for sale through Peterson Acquisitions. Our focus is to facilitate the sale of Businesses in an efficient and healthy manner for both the Buyer and Seller. This Buyer intake will allow us to better understand how serious you are about acquiring a Business, your background, what you are looking for in a business, and your ability to purchase.


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