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I am known for raw truth, hard work and results. I simply have no time for B.S. or half-truths. Nor do you.

I am a best-selling author, the founder of Peterson Acquisitions, and have a higher closing ratio THAN ANYONE IN THE BUSINESS.

I guess that’s bragging, but its not bragging if it’s the truth.

I say this because I don’t want you searching the internet for someone to sell your business, only to waste your time on the wrong broker and cause yourself PAIN in doing so.

You have found the right Broker. For many more reasons than just my closing percentage.

 Let me help you understand who I am.

First let me tell you a few basics that make up who I am, before you read my wild story below.

• INTEGRITY—I do what I say I’m going to, (so does my staff) you can count on it
• HUSTLE-I use hard work as my first go to for results, so does my staff
• DISCIPLINE-I don’t stop, not at all. I win regardless. I am relentless, and we don’t stop until the job is done.
• EXCUSES ARE BULLSHIT– I will blame myself in any failure.
• ACCOUNTABILITY– If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!

phil singleton

Phil Singleton, Award Winning Web Designer, Best Selling Author, Nationally Recognized SEO Expert

... Chad is not only one of the most brilliant and creative people I’ve ever met, but he also has legendary work ethic. I have seen his work first hand both as a buyer and seller. Each time the process was smooth, easy, and professional from start to finish. I recommend Chad Peterson and Peterson Acquisitions without hesitation. If you want to work with a business broker with integrity and that will work in the best interest of all parties, there is no better option in my book ...

I Come From a Unique Family. 

My Grandmother was tough. She picked cotton and drove oil trucks across East Texas at the age of 14. She needed the work, so she told the boss she was 18. Full of moxie, common sense,and wisdom. She loved her whiskey and carried a pistol everywhere she went. She grew up in a shack on dirt floors. No Ivy League pedigree here folks!

From nothing at her start-she died a multi-millionaire.   

My Grandfather had 2 choices- go to college, or work in an oil field. With no money for college, he picked the 3rd option–become a gambling shark and survive. He was smart and clever, a 32nd degree Mason. This life long gambler was hard headed and did things his way.   

My Dad was an alcoholic with life long learning disabilities. He couldn’t read or write, yet was an incredible, charismatic, likeable man. 

My Mother had a very tumultuous upbringing, it made her own personal life challenging. She’s been through a lot, and as a result, I did as well along her side. A Mother’s love is real, she loves her Boy. 

This upbringing spurred a calling in me to DO THE THING!!! Not to sit on my ass and expect something. NOT AN OUNCE OF WHITE PRIVILEGE HERE YOU ALL! If one can say his Grandmother picked cotton, his Grandfather hustled cards, his Father worked construction and barely made it, and his Mom struggled to make it for her and her boys—Favor wasn’t exactly in the cards for the little boy I was. 

You don’t need FAVOR when you have FIRE like I do.  It is, and has been, what has made me so successful. Without that FIRE and that GRIT, I wouldn’t be here today as successful as I am.

exit coach bill black

Bill Black-Exit Coach

If a baseball player hits 3 out of 4 balls he is a great player. Chad Peterson hits 90% which is unheard of. He really knows the psychology of the buyer and the seller when going to sell. Trust his wisdom and his work ethic ...

When I was 7 years old, I began to buy things out of garage sales and turn a few dollars by reselling them. My Dad being illiterate wasn’t much help in teaching me business. TRIAL BY FIRE.

When I was 8, I found myself dropped off the bus 7 miles away from where I was supposed to be dropped off at. In an unfamiliar place,and new to the area, I found my way home by fortitude and DETERMINATION. I’M GONNA FIND A WAY.

By the time I was 10, I was picking weeds out of flowerbeds and picking up dog shit. ANYTHING TO MAKE A BUCK!

profitability business

Thor Conklin, 'Peak Performers'

Chad knows how to sell businesses, he works his ass off and isn’t afraid to say the truth. Success in anything in life takes dedication and hard work and you will need that in a broker to help you sell your business, and Chad has it in spades.

Shoveling snow, pushing a lawn mower, raking and bagging leaves. Anything it took! With an attitude of WHATEVER IT TAKES!!!!

Sometimes I found it hard to finish the job. Being so young and in some cases not strong enough to do the work I promised I would do. I FINISHED the work, because I SAID I WOULD.

Into my teens, I mowed grass. I don’t mean a few yards. I mean a lot of yards…. I would walk a lawnmower over a mile, to mow a yard for $30 and walk back home as it was turning dark. RAW GUMPTION.

David Ralph, 'Join Up Dots'

Chad is a quite intimidating looking guy, but right away as soon you as you speak to him you realize he is a wonderful person full of knowledge. Chad is capable and he shows up for his clients and does great work for those who wish to sell their business. If he says he is going to do something, he will follow through every time. You can count on him ...

When I began to drive, I was making more money that my teachers. Maybe not that much more, but more all the same.  I was different for sure, I did my own thing, and to some it was impressive. But, to MANY of my peers, they thought I was LUCKY. If you call my life lucky, then what is yours???  HA HA!!! Well…… THE HARDER I WORK, THE LUCKIER I GET!

I learned about knocking on doors and being told NO at the age of 8. I learned to LOVE THE WORD NO, as I was getting closer to a YES.

My great friend Jason, who took me in as part of his family due to my unfortunate home life, had a father I looked up to. A solid man, a Marine, he was a smart and wise guy who had been around the block.

He knew I worked my ass off and asked me to go to the convention center to help him clean the giant tractors made by Caterpillar for the farm show.

I did so and he soon realized not only did I work my ass off, but I was fast! I did the work of 3 men, yet I was only a boy. I earned $1,800 that day for doing so. HARD WORK! (Thank You, Hugh)

Dave Searls, Business Owner

... Chad always did what he said he was going to do. There's no middle ground with him. It's black and white. He's not swayed by others and what others are doing. He's cut and dry in business and shoots you straight. I have all the confidence in the world in him ...

I had the WORK YOUR ASS OFF GENE, and it didn’t take much for me to exploit it. In fact if YOU tried to make me work, I wouldn’t do it. It would be on my own drive, my own will; my own decision.



peterson carwash

When it was winter, I would go work part time at a car wash. I would SELL more high-priced car washes than ANYONE in the company ever had. I was a MACHINE.

I was making $2,000 dollar paychecks at 16 years old.

They would put me on the line to wash cars, only to see that I would do that faster and harder than the others.

They put me back onto sales, knowing they would benefit from higher sales.

I would sell the MOST EXPENSIVE services we had! I had the knowledge of how to do this, at a young age. I would sell $20,000 a day. I was making great money, and THEY were happy.

I was making so much money they decided to cut the pay for the line salesman. I QUIT the car wash.

 I wasn’t going to play their games. 

build a business

Jamie O'Kane, 'Abundant Beans'

"Chad Peterson understands business, he understands how to build a business, and how to sell a business. He is a wealth of knowledge"

I built my company in my teens and lived a great life. I didn’t have a lot of supervision, I was MY OWN MAN at a young age, knowing that IF IT WAS MEANT TO BE…IT WAS UP TO ME!

 I KNEW!! That my answers to life DIDN’T EXIST inside those school walls!! In fact I knew that schools were dangerous to a mind like mine. Promoting their doctrine of being in the box to me never worked. I refuse in the box thinking. 

I approached class knowing that I was only there to finish up and move on. Careful not to get caught up in all their BULLSHIT THAT DOESN’T WORK (you know…. degrees, honors, certificates, MORE education!)

I have employed and FIRED more people “with degrees” (as that is ALL they have in a lot of cases).

How many with degrees are standing in line for a job lying to themselves that they deserve a career due to their paper certificate of college? Also– HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE DEGREES THAT WANT THAT SAME JOB? When interviewing my employees, education isn’t part of the interview, if they talk about their education my eyes glaze over. 

I put their hard work to the test. That part you can’t carry a certificate for. 

peterson kid hating school

Ryan Tansom, 'Life After Business'

Chad understands the self employment journey and he will help you sell when it's the right time. Reach out even before you want to sell and he will walk you through what it takes ...

I was given a ticket to go see Brian Tracy, a legend in self-improvement and sales. I bought his tapes and listened to them relentlessly.

I got my hands on Tony Robbins Unleash the Giant Within, and I read it until I about went blind.

I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This book is the ultimate guide to wealth and success, as you can’t be what you want to be unless you can imagine it or manifest it into your life.

I went on to learn from Tony Robbins firsthand, and he has been a major role model in my life.

Ty Crandall, 'Credit Suite'

... Chad Peterson is the authority in selling businesses. He has the background and wisdom to help you sell your business and have a successful exit. Nothing can replace experience and Chad has a lifetime of experience ...

I wanted to fly planes, call it that little boy dream that we all have. For you it might be a fire truck, or an Army man, for me it was flying high in the skies (I love adrenaline), and after all….. Evil Knievel ended up dying of Diabetes. (so many people worry too much) NONE OF US ARE GETTING OUT OF THIS ALIVE anyway!

peterson flight school
peterson flight school

I told myself, if I am every going to work for someone other than myself, it will only be as a pilot.

I went to flight school. Money was tight so I slept in a tent in a KOA campground in Florida. I became a commercial pilot in 2001 and LOST MY CAREER as well in the 9/11 attacks. No one was hiring for 2 years after 9/11.

I was depressed, I hated that I just lost all I worked for. PLUS, I was now a soon to be Father, with a woman I DIDN’T LIKE (STILL DON’T TO BE FRANK).

WHAT NOW????? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW?  A great friend of mine came to my rescue, he told me about THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY, and I got EXCITED when I saw others making $150K a year doing this. Of course, I had NO IDEA how to do it. Kurt brought me on and taught me, but then again….. you can’t keep me. He knew that. I opened my own mortgage company with $60K, and soon my business was doing $9 million a year!!!

I had 120 employees, 5 locations, and was KILLING IT! I was approached to sell, and I said the most stupid thing to a prospective buyer “WHY WOULD I SELL??? I AM DOING SO WELL!!!!!!”

Damon Burton, Forbes Consultant

... All I want in a business transaction is transparency. Chad is legit. He'll tell you the good or bad, but he'll tell you honestly and what your best move is, regardless of his own potential interest, so you get your best option ...

2008 came around, and BOY DID I LEARN MY LESSON!!!, as I answered my own question. It went something like this “Well Chad, you DUMBASS, the reason you would sell for 8 million dollars IS BECAUSE YOU WERE DOING WELL! Now, the 2008 financial CRUSH has hit, you are only making $50K a year and your business is WORTH NOTHING!


I never wanted to let others go through what I went through. Ever. Not a month goes by, still to this day, that I don’t kick myself in my own ass for not selling that company of mine.

I went on to open a service business. I built it and sold it for a great pay day.

I then opened another service business and sold it, for yet another great payday.

I started a software company and did well, but the market changed and I decided to go a different direction.

I built and sold another service business in less than 3 years.

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

I highly recommend Peterson Acquisitions - even if you're not ready to sell Chad will shoot you straight about what it takes and has a huge network of eager buyers. He knows not only business, but how to get businesses sold ...

After I had sold several businesses of my own, and used BROKERS to do so, I KNEW that I could EASILY out perform other brokers if I DECIDED to do so.

These BROKERS were lazy, old (not only in age, but in spirit or energy) and I knew I could out work them and out market them JUST LIKE I ALWAYS HAVE SINCE I WAS A KID.

I was tired of not getting results from these brokers who would let my business sit on the internet as they would half-ass market for me. I was tired of having to essentially market and close the business myself, yet I had a broker that was there ACTING like he was doing something.

I started selling businesses for others, and I went about it like I did everything else in life, with RAW GRIT!  


business broker testimonial

Bob Krebs, Former Business Owner

... Chad was relentless in selling my Business, he only has one speed and that's full speed ahead. He's intelligent and driven for results and he will blow through all road blocks to accomplish the job

I have employed over 1000 people, built and sold 6 companies from the ground up, and helped countless others sell their business. Not a school on earth can teach you GRIT, HARD WORK, TALENT, or how to WIN.

I am here to help you sell your business, and you and I will WIN together, contact me today:


Here’s What Just a Few More Clients Have to Say

peterson acquisitions

I've done business with Peterson for several years. Both professional and honest--a rare combination. Anyone looking to buy or sell a business should talk to my dear friend at Peterson Acquisitions.

Kenneth Plumb

peterson acquisitions

Chad with Peterson acquisitions is a true professional. He found the buyer and helped me sell my contracting business with ease. There are always some bumps in the road when dealing with a sale like this, but chad is equipped with a rare talent for being able to guide a seller past there personal feelings for the business and reach the ultimate goal. He is an extremely savy sales person that brings character and personality to a rather boring and detailed business. I am truly blessed to have been able to work with him. He is the type of man that if you let go of your ego and listen to his words you will learn something new almost every time you speak. On the day of closing, instead of pushing us to get to the closing table he took the time to sit down for lunch and he shared some knowledge and wisdom with me that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life. He gives the acquisition business life. When I was a kid I wanted to be a sports agent Like Jerry McGuire.. After watching Chad work his craft, the kid in me wishes I could do his job. But there is only 1 Chad Peterson in the business acquisitions game, You won’t meet another man like him. I highly recommend Peterson acquisitions to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a business..

Joe Williams

peterson acquisitions

We decided it was time to retire after running our business for 20 years. Chad Peterson aggressively sold our business in about 90 days. His knowledge, experience, contacts & confidence are second to none. He negotiates in the client's best interest period. He made it clear from day one that he would not stop until this business was sold.

Anna Johnson

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