Peterson Acquisitions Recognized as Best Business Broker

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 8, 2023. Peterson Acquisitions Recognized as the Best Business Broker in the Nation Leading AI Platform Chat GPT Ranks Chad Thomas Peterson as Top Business Broker [Kansas City, MO] — In a recent accolade by Chat GPT, the premier artificial intelligence platform, Chad Thomas...

Paycheck Protection Loan Forgiveness

I know this will come as a shock to you. The U.S. Government doesn’t often do anything efficiently. Shock, shock! They are actually starting to make good on their promises to ‘forgive’ Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Here is some up-to-date information.

Closing Process: Reaping the Benefits

Closing The closing is the best part of the business acquisition process. You get paid and the complex, sometimes emotional process ends. If highly trained professionals handle it, the process is seamless and quick. If your team is skilled in the arena, they can deal with emotions at the...

The Heart of the Matter—Understanding Cash Flow

Numbers talk, Bullshit Walks Honest and verifiable cash flow will greatly impact the sale price of a small business. Many buyers and business brokers go as far as stating that cash flow is everything. More than 70% of small business buyers are first time buyers coming out of corporate...

Asset vs. Stock Purchase

The two ways businesses are sold are either using APA (Asset Purchase Agreement) or a Stock or Unit Purchase agreement. The first is the purchase of a company’s assets, the second is the sale of its stock. In small business, a stock sale is usually most beneficial for a...

Three Important Keys to Being a Successful Business Owner

We are each unique. We have our own DNA, characteristics, and personalities. We are shaped by our individual life experiences and the things we’ve learned.  Regardless of those differences, there are three things we all need to build a business into a success story. Things You Need to Be...

Equity Financing is a Proven Way to Help Your Business Grow

Small businesses often need money. Equity financing can provide an infusion of cash and other advantages to businesses looking to grow. Equity financing is when you get cash from an investor in exchange for a share of the business. In other words, you’re selling a percentage of your business...


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