Why Peterson Acquisitions for Selling My Business?
Free confidential consultation
We provide all the necessary forms ( non-disclosure agreements, personal financial statements, etc.) and your personal profile to help identify your personal needs and preferences
You will receive detailed information about any business you are seriously interested in for review
On-site visits may be arranged after hours
Information about the business is provided electronically


How do buyers find a suitable business for sale since most businesses are not advertised?

Once we’ve helped you compile a profile, we look at our wide variety of resources for businesses that match your needs, interests and preferences for many things such as location, size, and length of time established.

How do buyers get the necessary information to make a buying decision?

Part of our job is getting you detailed information about any business you are seriously interested in. If there is something else you want or need, just ask. We’ll do our best to get whatever you need for review

How does Peterson Acquisitions assist me as a buyer?

Beyond finding an appropriate business for you, we help you throughout the process, including negotiations, “Due-Diligence” and every step of the way through to the closing and transition.


  • Your business interests, including your preferences and location
  • A financial profile that shows your commitment for the acquisition of a business
  • Appropriate procedures for making an offer
  • All the information needed to seek and find the variety of opportunities available to you.