Schedule a Coaching Session with Chad Peterson

Peterson Acquisitions helps you understand the value of your business, and provides a free consultation to help you prepare to go to the market. Though some aren’t to sell just yet. In that case, Chad Peterson and his associates can help you if you are going to hold off selling your business for a future date.

If you are not ready to sell your business, but you are considering it in the next 12 months or more, Chad Peterson can help you plan for this by improving your business along the way. With endless experience under his belt, he can assist you along the way until you are ready to sell.


  • $350 for the 1st hour. This is an introduction of you and your business, for Chad Peterson to begin helping you.
  • $450 for the 2nd hour. This includes a business analysis and 5 steps you will take to improve your performance and that of your business
  • $700 for the 3rd hour.  This serves as a follow up of the first 2 sessions. Tracking and accountability, and adjustments as needed.