Hero or Failure?


You may not know it but a story is being told right now in your life and you are the main character. How everything goes and ends, successfully or terribly, depends on you. You are either going to be a hero in your life story or you will be the failure of your life story and by the way, you simply can’t blame anybody else this all depends on YOU. “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me” and if you think that’s not the case you are sorely mistaken, and you must quickly wake up and take up such attitude. 

The story of your life will one day come to an end and is continually being written every single day and it isn’t over yet. As you turn each page of your LIFE day after day, you get to change the story little by little, and in some cases by QUANTUM LEAPS. Let me explain the difference between the day by day writing of your story and the occasional quantum Leap. 

Day by day

Every day your life should start with core principles. You should hold on to at least three things that are of the most important to you. Such as–Integrity, honesty, and discipline-as examples.

By living such a way you create a basis of how you live your life and you begin to form relationships that are conducive to success. You put deliberate intention of your desire for your success with values that other people can trust in and believe in and count on. Without this very basic principle, you will never succeed because loyalty is built on these principles and you will never build solid relationships without such core principles and values to hold fast to. 

Each day making a dedicated effort with discipline and intentionality towards your goals will make you successful but it won’t make you massively successful. Occasionally you get to take a quantum leap. 

Quantum Leap 

I am an expert business broker and I help people take Quantum Leaps all the time. If you are making let’s say $400,000 a year in your business right now and you come to me we will take a Quantum Leap together and I will put 1.4 million dollars in your pocket but that isn’t all to be sad about this Quantum Leap because this Quantum Leap hasn’t even started yet. 

Now that you have 1.4 million dollars in your pocket you have the dry powder or cash to go buy a business that makes 2 million dollars a year, with plenty of cash left over after the transaction is done. 

Let me explain this further– it only takes 10% to purchase a business. If you want to buy a business that is making two million a year, that business is more than likely going to be sold at a price tag a 7 million dollars. If I structure an acquisition at 10% down it would take $700,000 out of your $1.4 million, and you would walk right into making $2 million a year. That is a QUANTUM LEAP. 

Now remember you were making $400,000 a year in this story before you met me. In less than 6 months you have $1.4 million in your pocket and now we take half of that to go purchase a much better business that is paying you 5 times what you used to make but that Quantum Leap story isn’t over yet. 

If you run that business for 2 years and you increase the sales by doing better marketing and running a better business and you can increase that business by $1 million in net earnings a year, I can sell your business after 2 years of running it at a price tag of TEN MILLION. If you follow the timeline all of this took a total of 3 years. 

SAD Endings (no hero) 

All too often people get stuck in their comfort zone of making that $400,000 a year and they hate their life they hate the employee problems and the day-to-day grind and they get bored and they get burnt out and that’s where they stay and once the passion starts to go so does the profit. This often leads to a business that dies on the vine because the business owner did not want to take a Quantum Leap or call Chad Peterson an expert business broker that can help them take Quantum Leaps. 

Are You a Hero? 

You may be looking like a failure right now because you are stuck at that $400,000 a year and you don’t really like your life, and you are bored, burnt out, or tired. But you can change the story and by changing the story day by day the numbers would get BETTER, and much easier for me to sell your business to help you take a Quantum Leap. 

You are either the Hero or the failure of your own story and I am your guide to help you become the Hero. 

Contact Peterson Acquisitions at (800) 845-0188 so I can help you start making plans to make the ending of your story heroic. 


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