QUIT Doing What You Hate

quit what you hate

Let’s face it, we must move on from what we are doing at some point. Right? Why did you quit flipping burgers or serving as a carhop at that restaurant when you were 17? You had to move on. There is nothing wrong about being a car hop or flipping burgers, I mean…. I love going out to eat and having wonderful food. BUT…..

People move on in their hearts, they have to keep growing as they pursue a new adventure. Often, business owners are in fact getting out of the business because they hate it. As unpopular as that may sound to say, it’s the TRUTH. But let’s not judge them hating the business, rather let’s look at the WHY of why they hate it.

Selling a Business

Often, business owners are passionate about building their business. But the business ends up being a job and the thrill is gone at some point. When the thrill is gone, and it’s just day to day for the business owner, boredom and burnout can set in like a virus. And the only way to kill the virus is to let it work its course through selling the business.

Buying a Business

Conversely, when a BUYER of a business is coming to the table to buy a business. He or she is sick of the corporate America B.S. that everyone can’t stand, so that buyer of a business is looking to escape his own form of boredom hell.

Heaven and Hell, its what is exchanged in a business sale. One man’s heaven is another man’s hell. Vice versa. It doesn’t mean that one is bad, the other is good. It all comes down to timing and where that person is emotionally in his or her journey.

Discover what’s Possible

If you are going to the office, hating what you are doing because you should have moved on a long time ago, NOW is your time to get out. Quit doing what you don’t want to do. Life is too short to do so, and you have more options than what you may think. Contact Peterson Acquisitions to discover what is possible for you.