Who Would Want To Buy My Business?

Buy My Business

“No one would want to buy my business.”

“I’d like to sell but it’s not a sexy business.”

“It’s in a small town.”

“It’s hard work; it’s dirty work.”

The list goes on and on.

We’ve heard all kinds of reasons why someone would like to sell their business, but they haven’t opened up to the possibilities.  They can’t get beyond the limits of ‘sexiness’… or any other limitation, including looking beyond the city limits.

You didn’t start a dog grooming business, but many others did.  Just because you didn’t start a heating and cooling company, many others did.  You started your business because you had a passion for something about it and you’ve made it work.  Now it’s time to sell.  That same mindset you had about starting your business didn’t stop or slow you down and it shouldn’t stop you in thinking someone else will want your business.

At Peterson Acquisitions we have over 900 buyers who will buy anything with cash flow.  We, as the top rated business brokers in Kansas City, cannot presume a buyer doesn’t want a particular kind of business.  That would limit our business greatly. We don’t try to read the tea leaves that way.  We’ve learned, as my grandmother always said, “there’s a goose for every gander.”  So, rest assured.  There IS a buyer out there for your business.  You just have to open the scope of your mind to the possibilities–just like you did when you started your business in the first place.

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