Are You Buying a Job or Buying a Business? A Covid 19 Cautionary Tale

buying a Business

Are you looking into buying a Business? What does that look like? Is it that stereotypical phantom dream of owning your own Business and not having to work all that much, having it be “owner absentee?” I say phantom because it does not exist, rarely if every can you find a business that is smooth running and profitable without a healthy amount of effort from the owner.

Owning a Business

Perhaps you are more realistic in your idea of owning a Business, and perhaps you see it for what it really is; a Business that you own that is really a job for you to have while having a touch more freedom of your schedule and the ability to earn more without being capped by a boss and the pay they deem suitable for you in a typical corporate job.

Either way, any way you look at it—its work, it’s a job, its what you do to earn your money so you can live the life you can afford with your earning potential and freedom your job (Business) can provide you.

During these uncertain times politically as well as the threat from Covid 19, arguably the greatest struggle the worldwide economy has ever seen, more people are uncertain about the road ahead in corporate America, and are looking to buy a job via buying a Business. Others are losing their jobs and are in a panic to find another job that will pay the same amount they were making before they lost their job. Its not easy to find jobs that are paying north of 150K a year and scrambling to find a replacement is not only difficult but it is much more difficult during Covid 19 and the current state of health of this divided country politically. It is looking more and more clear that buying a business is the easiest path to create the job you wish for, and the only person you need to interview in order to have your new “job” is a bank offering the SBA loan to help you buy the Business. The process only takes about 2 months from start to finish.

Having said all that, if someone loses their job, the best most painless path to take is to take massive action towards finding a business to buy rather than wasting time finding a job that more than likely will always be what it is—a JOB.

Income, this is what we are all after. The more dollars you have, the more freedom and time you can enjoy your life. Those who say money is not important not so coincidentally often don’t have any. If you are looking to be self-employed, look for two things in buying a Business

  1. High Earnings (Cash Flow)
  2. Having Fun (enjoyment of your life)

If you approach buying your new job with these 2 factors in mind, you will be one step closer to enjoying your life far more than you have up to this point in your professional career despite the loss of your job. Freedom to choose is one of the greatest perks business owners get in their careers.

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