Top 10 CPAs in Denver, Colorado

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Looking for a reliable Certified Public Accountant? Have you been searched the web for phrases like “CPA near me?” Or “best Denver CPA?” Are you searching for CPA firms with the best reviews? Or for accounting?

Being in business requires a proficient Denver CPA. You have to make sure your business not only keeps up with the ‘accounting’ but you have to be sure to file proper documentation with the IRS, file comprehensive tax returns. You have to keep tabs on the company’s current financial health by knowing your profit and loss. A CPA helps you do that with P& L statements based on incoming revenue and outgoing expenses.

A good CPA is one of your most trusted advisors, or should be, for good reason. They count the beans, so to speak. Any business or organization (including nonprofits), small or large, need valuable, competent CPAs to do the financial calculations so you can keep your head down, doing the things that make the business profitable.

A CPA can make or break your business by ensuring you protect yourself from losses and help you maximize your profits while keeping your write offs in accordance with IRS tax coded. If accounting isn’t your specialty, you really need to leave it up to someone who is actively staying up-to-date on changes and has the credentials to advise you.

Choosing the wrong Denver CPA can hurt your business and bring pain to you emotionally and financially.

One of the most common complaints of business owners’ is “My accountant is hard to reach.” You want the Denver CPA who is on top of their business and stays in touch with you, if needed.

Doing research on Denver CPAs will help you make the right decision about who to trust. Fortunately, we have done your initial research to help you with your decision. We’ve narrowed down the top 10 CPAs in the greater Denver area. Our research has shown who the talented, experienced CPAs are. They have good reviews and ratings, some history, and their costs are in line with what you can expect from the area. And they provide exceptional services.

A few things to take into consideration:

These are the Top 10 CPAs in the Denver Area

Wachtel and Associates, Scott J Wachtel, CPA

editors choice Wachtel and Associates specializes in tax planning and business accounting. They are professional, experienced, affordable and offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals.

The firm is responsive and is known for its quality service. Their reputation reflects the high standards they demand of themselves and their primary goal is to be a trusted advisor, available to provide insightful advice that enables clients to make informed financial decisions. The excellence they expect from themselves is what they deliver to clients.

All the team continually professionally educates themselves to improve the technical expertise, financial knowledge and service they give to clients.

Clients rave about their excellent communication and how they explain things in a way that is easy to understand. They feel they get their lives back, without the stress.

They answer all of client questions and welcome them at anytime.

Clients say: Scott is an excellent communicator who explains things in such a manner so that we understand what is required, and are able to complete our taxes and get our lives back in order. The stress is gone and we are finally current. We HIGHLY recommend Scott to anyone in need of excellent service in any tax or accounting situation. His work is outstanding.

Wachtel and Associates

7800 East Orchard Ave, Suite 320
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(720) 259-8415

Accounting Prose

“Small Business Accounting Superheroes” who do bookkeeping, payroll, advisory, the firm is an award winning, tech focused, cloud-based small business accountant and they do the heavy lifting so clients can get back to your happy place.

You name it, this Small Business Accounting Superhero can do it. They are payroll wizards and love all things math. They know that pricing matters, so always provide fair, upfront pricing. No surprise bills, no kidding- that’s just how they roll! The firm will move clients out of the dark ages and into the cloud. They convert clients from Quickbooks to Xero in a snap!

Then they do all the usual: Financial Statements, Tax Payments, etc.

Cristina Garza is the founder and chief number cruncher and has honed her nerdy craft over the last nine years and brings her endless enthusiasm for small business to every interaction. She thinks in terms of systemization and efficiency and will likely send clients back to work with color-coded flow chart. She loves helping clients and employees thrive, which creates a lasting impact on both. She sees clients as a partnership and recognizes that success, true success, is not a zero-sum game. When Cristina is not knee-deep in accounting fun, she speaks at conferences, skis the Rockies, and danced at music festivals.

The firm helps clients sleep better at night by handling the cumbersome and time-consuming compliance issues by the rules. Clients are assigned to one dedicated (human) accountant who truly understands their business- not an accounting robot–so clients can get back to doing their best work.

Accounting Prose
The Oxford Hotel Annex
1616 17th St #467
Denver, CO 80202

Smith and Associates P.C

Smith and Associates P.C. was formed in 1986 in Lakewood, Colorado. They opened a second location in Denver and specialize in providing accounting and tax services exclusively for small businesses.

The firm is dedicated to giving clients’ businesses the attention they deserve. They review new client’s current financial status to pinpoint areas of concern and develop a plan to ensure goals are realized. With over 30 years of experience, the firm provides first-class payroll, bookkeeping, tax, consulting and Denver CPA accounting services to companies, small businesses, and individuals.

The firm embraces traditional, time-honored values of trust, professionalism and personalized service and understands that no two situations are alike. A client’s specialized needs can be best served by professionals interested in learning about each client and their business. They provide clients with the kind of assistance that enables them to make the best possible decisions on a broad range of business and financial needs.

They offer a full line of services including bookkeeping and payroll, tax planning and preparation as well as all the usual accounting and advisory services.

Smith and Associates, P. C.
405 Urban St #402
Lakewood, CO 80228

Tax Accounting Services, LLC, Todd Andreff, EA

Tax Accounting Services, L.L.C’s goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible to minimize client’s tax liability with careful planning.
Start-ups, growing businesses and mature corporations rely on Tax Accounting Services, L.L.C.’s expertise to help them navigate accounting and bookkeeping solutions. The firm wants client to consider them the experienced and trusted advisor on issues of critical importance to finance, operations and profit planning.

The firm provides individual tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can’t and stay up-to-date with the changing tax laws. They also take into consideration changing life events, such as the birth of a child, a new business, new home, or inheritance. The firm adheres to certain ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by governmental bodies and peer organizations.

They provide clients with a unique system to make it quick and easy to file taxes remotely. The firm offers the same level of service online that clients would receive sitting in the office, and they utilize the most secure methods in transmitting private information.

They are there to help every step of the way.

Tax Accounting Services, L.L.C.
225 Union Blvd. #150
Lakewood, CO 80228
(720) 535-8640

Melton & Associates CPAs, LLC

Darvin C. (D.C.) Melton, Jr. founded Melton & Associates CPAs, LLC in 2014 after 20 years working in the industry. Melton & Associates CPAs, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals.

While building trusted relationships, the firm utilizes the latest technology to create real-time collaboration for all aspects of small businesses. The team strives to provide clients with peace of mind, advanced solutions, and advice that can be trusted.

While most firms promote their expertise, few can claim expert service with a personal touch utilizing the latest technology. Melton & Associates CPAs, LLC are known for all three. They’ve taken time to develop solutions for today’s business needs. Their job is not just about delivering reports and statements. They work in partnership with clients to help build sustainable, profitable businesses. They support clients with the focused input and analysis required to make fiscally sound, informed decisions that help businesses grow.

Accurate and timely tax and accounting information and financial services are a necessity for any successful business or personal financial situation. The firm provides clients with the comprehensive services that help achieve financial objectives. Clients will benefit from a firm with the highest quality and most up-to-date expertise plus the friendly, local service that has contributed to the success of clients for years.

Melton & Associates CPAs, LLC
2015 York St.,
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303.861.1040

Hanna Warner & Associates, CPAs

Hanna Warner & Associates CPAs could follow the standard mold and be a traditional CPA firm …but they understand it’s time to move past fighting red tape with more red tape. They have solutions to clear the way so clients’ dreams can become a reality.

The team handles anything from tax preparation, IRS penalty & audit management, to accounting & payroll compliance.

Life Happens … Tax Burdens Happen … The firm helps companies navigate today’s ever-changing and complicated financial landscape. They keenly focus on ensuring that clients pay the least tax they are legally obligated to pay. They are also there to help resolve tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS often put their clients through.

For over two decades, Hanna Warner & Associates CPAs has built a professional team that understands that people and businesses come in all shapes and sizes. They embrace diversity and get an amazing amount of satisfaction in protecting clients dreams.

The firm provides a full range of tax, accounting and consulting services. They also provide training from top professionals.

Hanna Warner & Associates CPAs
The Chancery Building
1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 1103
Denver, CO 80203


If someone is looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, they’ve come to the right place with John P. Morse, CPA! The firm offers a broad range of services for business owners, executives and independent professionals. Their rates are affordable. They are experienced and friendly.

The firm provides outstanding service to clients because of their dedication to Integrity, Honesty and Excellence. That means the firm strives for complete consistency between their words and actions. If they say they will do something, they do it. Honesty means they seek truth and behave in a manner consistent with answering questions truthfully and ensure that the answer is understood. Members of the firm realize what they say is nowhere nearly as important as what clients hear. They not only provide answers, they strive to ensure their clients understand the answer. And excellence means always delivering more than their clients expect.

The founder is a systems oriented person with a gift for understanding the complex and explaining it in terms others can understand. The firm offers clients simplified compliance so they and their entities can focus on what is important to them and not on what is important to regulators.

The team at John P. Morse, Denver CPA answers all of client questions, as those answers impact both a clients tax and financial situations.

1315 S. Clayton Street, Suite 300
Denver, Colorado 80210
(303) 297-1660

O’Connor CPA Firm, LLC

When choosing a CPA firm, clients important look for one that provides solutions to business challenges. One that can help streamline the accounting process to provide timely and accurate financial information. That is critical for making strategic decisions about business and how it can grow and become more profitable. Strong accounting, ease of operations and accurate information is the foundation. A Denver CPA who can consult on all of the other issues is crucial. Cash Flow Forecasting, Strategic Thinking, use of standarized and automated processes throughout the business ensures consistent, high quality and productive systems, customer experiences and employee processes.

O’Connor CPA firm is that CPA firm people look for. They provide more than “bookkeeping”. They provide the essential services and consult about issues. That goes far beyond having a bank account reconciled every month. They are QuickBooks specialists and the firm has years of experience reading financial statements and making strategic decisions for better management of clients’ incomes and assets. The firm provides a variety of services designed to increase productivity and decrease tax liabilities. The firm dreams big with their clients and believe they can help them achieve more than they ever imagined.

O’Connor CPA is a small, boutique firm by design with all of the experience and expertise of larger firms. The size allows them to provide attentive service to all of clients so that they can help them in achieving their business and financial goals. Recognizing that each client has unique goals, the firm tailors their services to meet each client’s specific needs.

O’Connor CPA Firm, LLC
1490 Lafayette Street, Suite 205
Denver, CO 80218

Denver Tax Group, LLC

Denver Tax Group focuses on their clients’ long term growth. They believe a strong foundation is the key to financial freedom and clear communication between them and the client is imperative. They provide professional, accurate tax preparation that they stand behind, and tax advice that places clients and their families on track for strong financial futures! The firm is more than their positive Blog on their website. They will point you in the right direction for your business but also, offer other services that prepare clients for years ahead. The truly want to assist their clients.

Denver Tax Group was established in 2009 and the company was built with the intent of providing supreme customer service and real life tax advice. DTG focuses on their clients’ long term growth.

Taxes are complicated. DTG is here to get clients prepared from start finish with an initial Free Consultation! The firm is experienced with all the variations of complications with the IRS.

Denver Tax Group, LLC
1888 Sherman St #650
Denver, CO 80203

Synergy CPA Group LLC

Synergy CPA specializes in accounting and tax preparation services for a wide variety of clients.

The firm’s philosophy is centered on exemplary personal service, quality work, experience, commitment and earning their clients’ trust. That is the foundation of the firm’s success.

To further accomplish their goal of serving clients with personal and quality work, they annually participate in Continuing Professional Education courses offered by local chapters of national accounting and tax associations to keep the firm on the leading edge of ever-changing tax laws and accounting methods. The firm’s computerized offices and internet access ensures clients accurate, efficient, state-of-the-art service at a competitive price.

Accounting is not just a matter of complying with taxing and governing authorities. The team truly understands the excitement and challenge of running a business. They take a personal interest in clients and work side by side to develop and meet client’s goals. A wise man once said that, “To fail to plan is to plan to fail.” The firm believes in helping clients plan. They help clients define where they clients want to go and how to get there. They also specialize in providing a system to create and maintain records and controls that they can handle or help their clients handle in-house, which ever they prefer.

Synergy continually strives to deserve their client’s trust. They don’t believe it is possible, nor wise, to select business advisers without trying them on for size so are happy to provide consultation to potential new clients. The majority of their clients come through word of mouth from current clients.

Synergy CPA Group LLC
6300 South Syracuse Way Suite 150
Centennial, CO 80111

Advantages of using a Denver CPA over an accountant

CPAs are held to a higher standard than an accountant. They have more extensive training and education and are more effective when it comes to handling IRS issues. Accountants often aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPAs are out there, helping build firms; they are helping small and large corporations handling everything from A-Z. They are a business owner’s one stop shop.

Tips for Vetting Denver CPAs

Testimonials & Reviews– These are crucial in finding the right CPA. Look for a Denver CPA who actively markets, who has good reviews, which is social proof of their work performance. Online reviews within Google and Yelp are a telling resource. Real reviews are a sure way to do your research, and even bad reviews can tell you something of value. Perhaps this CPA focuses on something you want and need but the reviewer didn’t want or need.

Referrals– Do you have an attorney? I bet your attorney knows a good Denver CPA. Ask other business owners, venders or contractors you do business with. Ask them who they use and why they like them.

Check the CPA out – Call them. Do they answer or get back to you in a timely manner? Set a time to visit face to face so you can discuss your needs, concerns and talk about your goals for your business and finances. It’s helpful, but not necessary for the Denver CPA to specialize in your specific industry or market, but it is critical that you have a good working relationship. Your initial in-person meeting can tell you if you will. After all you are paying them for their services. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions or requesting information, you should consider another Denver CPA.

Full time– Ideally, you want to find a full-time Denver CPA. Working with someone who does it part time or is gone most of the year will not serve your organization or small business well. It can pose big challenges.

Cost– Make sure to ask the Denver CPA how much he or she will cost you annually. Make sure the costs discussed upfront are not exceeded unless something unusual or unexpected happens. Set the expectation first, and make sure it is adhered to. Price alone doesn’t indicate quality of work; it represents the CPAs opinion of how they value their time and expertise.

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