Have you ever wanted to become a business broker?

At Peterson Acquisitions, we have a program where we partner with local individuals to represent the Peterson brand of products and services in a local area in every major metropolitan area in the United States.

In addition to business brokering, we also offer information products, coaching and consulting, business modeling services, and capital investing – meaning we buy and sell companies through a private equity fund. All of this with a marketing plan which is designed to help you dominate your local market.

Sound interesting? It is.

we know how to find companies interested in selling.

The right candidate does not necessarily need to have business brokerage experience, though some related experience is preferable. This could be owning a company, buying or selling a business, accounting or banking experienced – generally, someone who has seen or been around the process before. This opportunity is not necessarily targeting a nascent entrepreneur, or one who wishes to own a company for the first time without some related experience.

There is an initial investment – and the individual must have the liquidity to cover living expenses for the at least the first 90 full days of operating the company. The company has a fast ramp up period to a nice income, but – like most businesses – does have some time initial time periods where the business requires investment of time and money prior to the economic return on investment.

We call this program our LAMP project — our Local Area Marketing Partners program.

Largely the person should be drawn to sales and marketing with a strong bent towards consulting and dealmaking. We will show you a specific, detailed process, but you will need to bring it forward with the confidence of an expert guide. But you will need to bring the “want to.” We are looking for builders, not employees and not investors.

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Advantages of the Peterson LAMP Partnership:

  • Benefit from the combination of three different companies with extremely synergistic revenues.
  • Proven system – strong training – duplicate what we already know works
  • Proprietary products and systems – some which are revolutionary
  • High profit margin service with extremely low operating costs
  • Exit Plan allows, not just for strong income, but to build something with a strong exit value – something not typical in the business brokerage business
  • Partner directly with the home office – we do a lot more than just give you a system and help you hope for the best – we are your partner
  • Outstanding marketing – easily the best in the marketing
  • Team up with the #1 ranked business broker in the country – be part of a market leader!
voted #1 business broker

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Provide your name, email, and phone to start the process.


Provide your name, email, and phone to start the process.

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