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Are you looking for the best Certified Public Account for your company? Do you keep on searching the internet for the “best CPA Lee’s Aurora” or “CPA near me”? If yes, this article is going to answer all your queries. 

When you are running a business, you need a professional CPA on your team to keep track of all the finance and accounting stuff. Today, every successful business invests in an expert CPA to handle the finance and accounting stuff so that they can focus on growing the business with a successful mind. 

Just like your financial advisor, your Aurora CPA should be one of your most trusted advisors. A CPA helps you file tax returns, file documentation with the IRS, and keep tabs on the company’s financial health. Besides that, a CPA also prepares profit and loss, outgoing expenses, and incoming revenue statements. 

As a business owner, you are not expected to be an expert in all areas. You need someone who can help you manage the numbers of your company. A professional CPA lifts the burden off your shoulders by managing everything for you. While hiring an Aurora CPA for help, go for someone who is active in the market and holds an excellent track record. 

How Choosing the Wrong Aurora CPA can hurt your business

1. Inaccurate Business Records

When you hire an inexperienced CPA, you open up your business to a lot of vulnerabilities and financial problems. An unprofessional CPA cannot track accurate records thus leading you to lose valuable data and get late on urgent payments.

This ultimately makes the bookkeeping and accounting of your company unreliable. Moreover, you will have to face major stress during the tax season because a wrong CPA will give you a headache with all the unnecessary information. 

2. Tarnished Reputation

A wrong CPA not only affects your business but also leads to a tarnished reputation in the market.  At some point, if you contact your clients asking for a year’s worth of VAT to cover what you owe, you’ll surely appear unprofessional. This can even put you into more financial trouble. 

3. Stressful Company Environment

When your business is going through financial hurdles, it trickles down to your team or employees as well. When you are constantly under financial stress as a business owner, you’ll never be able to appear as a strong and motivated leader for your team.

Therefore, hiring the wrong Aurora CPA affects not only your business but also your family and their future. So, always make a calculated decision. 

Top 5 Tips for Vetting Aurora CPA’s

1. Testimonials & Reviews

The most important step in finding the right Aurora CPA is to check the reviews or testimonials online. While doing research for a particular CPA, pay attention to the real testimonials. You can take the help of Google and Yelp for this purpose. Go for a CPA having a record of their work performance, has good reviews, and stays active in the market. 

2. Referrals

Do you have an attorney? They surely know a good CPA. You can also ask the business owners, contractors, or vendors in your circle to refer a professional Aurora CPA for you.

3. Check the CPA out

By “checking the CPA out” means paying attention to how they respond to you when you contact them. Do they get back in a timely manner? Also, check their social media profiles. See if people recommend that CPA on Google, Yelp, and Linkedin. 

Before making the final decision, always arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss your financial hurdles and business goals. During this process, if you feel hesitant to request certain information or ask a question, avoid hiring that CPA. 

4. Full-time

It’s ideal to find an Aurora CPA who works full-time. Part-time CPAs are usually not available when you need them, This can create problems for your business.

5. Cost

Cost is an important factor in hiring the right CPA. When you are considering a particular CPA for your business, always discuss the cost upfront and ask if there’s any other hidden payment as well. Remember, price doesn’t necessarily indicate the quality of work; it represents how CPAs value their time and expertise.

6. Experience

A lot of business owners complain that “My accountant is hard to reach”. Make sure you do not have the same complaint while hiring a CPA in Aurora. Never choose a person who does not keep your business on the priority list and let it slip by the wayside. 

Advantages of using a CPA over an accountant

Hiring a CPA over an Accountant Holds a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1. CPAs are held to a higher standard,

2. They are effective when it comes to handling IRS issues.

3. They have more extensive training and education than an accountant.

4. You will also find that accountants aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPA’s are the ones who are building firms, helping small and large corporations, and handling everything from A-Z for business owners as a one-stop shop.

10 Best Aurora CPA’s and Accounting Firms

In order to make the process of hiring the right CPA easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best CPAs within Aurora for you. These companies are selected based on their experience, ratings, reviews, and professional services. 

1. James Moore and Associates, PC

editors choice

James Moore and Associates, PC is a CPA firm serving individuals and small businesses with tax preparation and accounting services. With 35 years of experience, the firm specializes in homeowner associations helping clients simplify processes and prepare a healthy financial strategy. 

Some of the major services of this company include tax preparation and management, bookkeeping, consulting, auditing, HOA accounting, and litigation support. Whether the professionals here are preparing a simple 1040 tax return or providing year-round bookkeeping services, they treat every client with the same respect and attention.

James Moore and Associates, PC
3131 S Vaughn Way, Suite 120
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 752-4500

2. Royal Business Solutions

Royal Business Solutions is a certified public accounting firm offering accounting, tax, and consulting services to small business owners. It uses the most current version of software to provide the highest standards of accounting and bookkeeping services to you. 

Whether you’re looking to open a new location locally or expand nationally, change business structures, or need a fractional CFO to assist with financial modeling, the firm also offers affordable consulting services that adapt as your business needs change.

Royal Business Solutions
8821 E. Hampden Ave Suite 120
Denver, CO 80231

3. Solomon & Associates CPA

Solomon & Associates CPA is an accounting firm serving individuals and small businesses with tax, accounting, and consulting services. The firm uses the newest cloud accounting software in the market to provide the most efficient services to our clients. You can access your business from anywhere in the world to stay in contact with the company even on your trips. 

While working with Solomon & Associates CPA, you get a free consultation, free no-obligation discussion about your business requirements, a personal account manager, company forecasts, and accounting practice with wide experience. Some of the major services of this company include tax preparation, tax management, tax resolution, accounting, bookkeeping, cost report preparation, and internal & external auditing. 

Solomon & Associates CPA
2851 S. Parker Rd Suite 112
Aurora, CO 80014
+1 (720) 240-7756

4. Douglas S. Noonan, CPA, P.C. 

Douglas S. Noonan, CPA, P.C is a Certified Public Accounting firm serving new and existing businesses. It offers a full range of accounting, tax, and business advisory services with a high level of professionalism.

The firm holds an experienced team of professionals that help you save money on taxes and avoid financial mistakes that hinder your business growth. It specializes in industries emphasizing consumer and professional services. 

Douglas S. Noonan, CPA, P.C. 
20971 E. Smoky Hill Rd. Ste. 106 Centennial,
Aurora, CO 80015 

5. Venture CPAs LLC 

Venture CPAs LLC is an accounting firm dedicated to offering professional tax, accounting, and consulting services to individuals and businesses in Aurora, Colorado. It keeps working year-round helping small business owners and real estate investors overcome their financial challenges.

The firm is focused on consulting and advising, rather than just helping with numbers and bookkeeping tasks. It works closely with clients planning and managing the present and future of their businesses. The professionals here prepare and analyze financial records to create a strong basis to help clients make important business decisions.

Venture CPAs LLC
6933 S Picadilly St,
Aurora, CO 80016 

6. Forest Tax and Accounting Inc. 

Forest Tax and Accounting Inc. is a full-service tax, accounting, and business consulting firm to small and corporate businesses. Some of the major services of this company include accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, mobile notary services, and unemployment resolutions. It serves its clients as a trusted partner by understanding their needs, identifying their problems, and providing appropriate solutions to them. 

Forest Tax and Accounting Inc.
2226 S Fraser St. Unit 6
Aurora CO 80014

7. Keith P Clark CPA PC

Keith P Clark CPA PC offers professional accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services to individuals and small businesses. Being a professional CPA company, it provides an honest and up-front approach to your financial situation with the personal attention that you deserve. 

Keith P Clark has worked as a manager for a lot of companies in leadership roles with increasingly more responsibility before starting his own firm. He is working with a vision of providing top-quality tax and accounting services along Colorado’s front range. 

Keith P Clark CPA PC
3190 S Vaughn Way #500
Aurora, CO 80014
(303) 862-4169

8. John P. Morse, CPA, LLC

John P. Morse, CPA, LLC is a full-service tax, accounting, business consulting, and compliance firm serving small businesses. The firm identifies the requirements of your business, gathers data, audit-proof the records, and files reports accordingly. 

By handling all the CPA tasks professionally, the company allows business owners to pursue their business priorities apart without worrying about compliance and accounting. It prepares a tailor-made strategy for your business by analyzing your profitability and cash flow so that you will not have to suffer in the long term. 

John P. Morse, CPA, LLC
7900 E. Union Avenue, Suite 1100
​Denver, Colorado 80237
​(303) 297-1660 

9. Citadel CPA Group LLC

Citadel CPA Group LLC is an accounting firm serving small businesses and individuals. It uses cloud-based applications to provide you with real-time access to the financial information of your business. The firm stands behind its returns with an audit guarantee so that you don’t have to face inconvenience at any step of the way.

It holds a team of CPAs and accountants having a combined 50 years of experience who work to ensure that all your finances are updated and correct. The company works with entrepreneurs, individuals, employees, trusts, and real estate with complete accuracy and attention.

Citadel CPA Group LLC
2373 Central Park Blvd Suite 100,
Denver, CO 80238
+1 303-803-1682

10. Shires Financial Group Inc

Shires Financial Group Inc offers expert contract CFO services and highly successful IRS negotiations throughout Colorado. Scott, the founder of Shires Financial, holds 25+ years of experience in providing investment advisory advice and comprehensive financial analysis for individuals and small businesses. 

 He brings his leadership, team-building, and strategic skills to enhance the planning and implementation of strategies for the clients of his firm. His company follows a proactive approach to designing a strategy that can help you meet your financial goals and objectives. 

Shires Financial Group Inc
12361 E. Cornell Ave.
Aurora, CO 80014

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