Unleash Your Business from the Grip of The Passion Cycle™

The Power Cycle


Welcome to the dark side of entrepreneurship. We’re about to dive into a gritty reality that many small business owners face but rarely talk about. Brace yourself as we explore The Passion Cycle™ and how it can suck the life out of you and your business, leaving you feeling trapped and unfulfilled. It’s time to break free and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

Obsession: The Fuel That Burns Bright

Cast your mind back to when it all began—the initial spark of obsession. You couldn’t escape thoughts of your business, consumed by its potential. Day and night, it drove you forward, demanding all your energy and attention. You gave it everything, even at the expense of your well-being and personal life.

But here’s the harsh truth: obsession is unsustainable. It drains your soul and leads to burnout. Relying solely on willpower and obsession might yield temporary success, but it’s a ticking time bomb that will eventually explode, resulting in poor health, exhaustion, and monotony.

The Power Cycle™

Passion: The Flame That Keeps You Ablaze

As obsession starts to wane, passion takes its place. It’s a more balanced state that allows you to derive fulfillment from your business. With passion, the give and take become more even, breathing life into your endeavors. It feels comfortable and sustainable, like a warm embrace after a long and tiring journey.

Yet, even passion has its limits. The sameness of each day starts to wear you down, turning once-thrilling tasks into tedious routines. You yearn for excitement and novelty, seeking them in new ventures or hobbies. But beware, this search for stimulation can lead to counterproductive actions and distractions, jeopardizing the stability you’ve built.

Passion - Fire That Keeps You Going

Boredom: The Silent Killer

When passion fizzles out, boredom creeps in, casting a dark shadow over your business. Dread fills your mornings as you drag yourself to the office, hiding your true feelings. The spark that once ignited your entrepreneurial drive dwindles. You find yourself saying, “It pays the bills, so I’ll stick with it.” This is the warning sign you can’t afford to ignore.

Boredom breeds burnout—the destroyer of dreams. It’s a dangerous territory where you risk making impulsive and destructive choices. Your business becomes a burden, suffocating your passion and drowning your aspirations. And if you let it go further, you may find yourself uttering those dreaded words, “I hate this fucking business!”

Boredom - The Power Cycle™

Escape The Passion Cycle™: Embrace Change and Renewal

Breaking free from The Passion Cycle™ is essential for the survival and growth of your business. Recognize the signs, listen to your instincts, and take proactive steps to reignite the flame within.

  1. Rediscover Your Why: Reconnect with your purpose, the reason you started this journey. Realign your business with your values and vision.
  2. Embrace Innovation: Inject new life into your business through innovation and adaptation. Explore new markets, products, or services that align with your core strengths and excite you.
  3. Seek Collaboration: Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts. Collaborate on projects or join forces to create something greater than the sum of its parts.
  4. Take Time for Self-Care: Prioritize your well-being and mental health. Invest in self-care activities that rejuvenate your mind and body. A healthy entrepreneur is a resilient and creative one.
  5. Delegate and Empower: Identify talented individuals within your team and delegate responsibilities. Empower them to make decisions and contribute to the growth of the business. Embrace the strength of a collective effort.
  6. Often, The Passion Cycle™ is telling you need to sell and exit your business and pursue new passions. As humans, we are programmed for growth and excitement. We are at our best when we have a fire in our bellies, regardless of our age! If The Passion Cycle™ is telling you it is time to move on, listen!


Small business owners heed this warning: The Passion Cycle™ can be a treacherous path, but it doesn’t have to be your destiny. Break free from the grips of obsession, reignite your passion, and navigate through the perils of boredom and burnout. Embrace change, renew your purpose, and reclaim the joy of entrepreneurship. Your business deserves it, and so do you.

More information about The Passion Cycle can be found in Chad Peterson’s book, The QSI Shift. Quantum Stack Investing (QSI) works with The Passion Cycle™ instead of fighting against its natural tendencies.


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