Top 3 Reasons you “think” you don’t need a broker when it is time to sell your business

businessman-481113_640#1.  I got here myself.  No one ‘built’ this for me.  Why do I need help now?

You did.  You got to this place and time on your own.  You’ve built something special.  And that is exactly why most business people need a Business Broker when it is time to sell.  You know what it has taken to get where you are.  Only you know the hours, commitment and pain, along with your very own blood, sweat and tears, that you’ve put into this business to make it so special.  And that is exactly why you need a broker. Because you know every glitch along the way and every triumph, it is almost impossible for you to see the whole picture clearly.  As the old saying goes, you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Your Business Broker will be looking at the forest and will tell you, not what you want or expect to hear, but the facts.  If you’re going to sell this, do it with your broker’s clear vision.

#2.  No one is more enthusiastic and passionate about this business than I am.  If anyone can sell it, I can.

No one may be able to match your enthusiasm.  But can you run your business and keep it operating at its peak if you are spending the time and dealing with the complications that arise when you are in the process of selling it? Can you handle the stress and headaches of both? Selling a business is time consuming and potentially costly.  Let someone who deals with the complexities on a daily basis handle them for you.  They’ll have you covered on the big and tiny details you might not think about and you’ll probably end up selling it for more than you could get since they don’t have to ‘learn’ the ropes, as you would, before they can sell it.  It will probably sell faster for the very same reasons. A business broker has the contacts, knows where to find buyers, knows the questions the seller is going to ask and is as enthusiastic and passionate about his business as you are about yours.

#3.  I know, better than anyone else possibly can, what my business is worth.

Yeah, sure.  In case you forgot, reread item #1.  Human nature dictates that you cannot possibly see what your business is worth with clarity.  It is a matter of emotions. You’ve built this company from nothing. You’ve given it years of your time, your energy, your thoughts, and your passion.  You’ve put off other things, missed things and had to make this your priority at times when you would have preferred a long vacation with your family.  Knowing everything you know and have given, you may value your business at far more than it is worth—or far less.  If you’ve given so much, you may be willing to just take whatever you can get quickly so you can get back to that life you had to forgo at times because you’ve been too busy building this.  But selling for less than it is worth may be even worse than trying to sell for too much.  Prospective buyers may run the other direction, thinking that something is terribly wrong. If you are willing to ‘give it away’ at that price, what are you hiding? What can’t they see?

A business broker will help you avoid the mistakes you will make if you try to sell your business yourself.  A professional will help you navigate past costly and frustrating errors caused by unrealistic expectations and guide you through the entire process, from accurate valuation to marketing to the right buyers,.

DIY doesn’t stand for Do It Yourself in the business of selling a business. It stands for Do Injury to Yourself—financially, emotionally and possibly both. Let us do the hard work for you.