Top 10 CPA’s in San Antonio, Texas

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Looking for a reliable Certified Public Accountant? Have you been searched the web for phrases like “CPA near me?” Or “best CPA San Antonio Texas?” Are you searching for CPA firms with the best reviews? Or for accounting?

Being in business requires a proficient San Antonio CPA. You have to make sure your business not only keeps up with the ‘accounting’ but you have to be sure to file proper documentation with the IRS, file comprehensive tax returns. You have to keep tabs on the company’s current financial health by knowing your profit and loss. A San Antonio CPA helps you do that with P& L statements based on incoming revenue and outgoing expenses.

A good San Antonio CPA is one of your most trusted advisors, or should be, for good reason. They count the beans, so to speak. Any business or organization (including nonprofits), small or large, need valuable, competent CPA’s to do the financial calculations so you can keep your head down, doing the things that make the business profitable.

A San Antonio CPA can make or break your business by ensuring you protect yourself from losses and help you maximize your profits while keeping your write offs in accordance with IRS tax coded. If accounting isn’t your specialty, you really need to leave it up to someone who is actively staying up-to-date on changes and has the credentials to advise you.

Choosing the wrong San Antonio CPA can hurt your business and bring pain to you emotionally and financially.

One of the most common complaints of business owners’ is “My accountant is hard to reach.” You want the CPA who is on top of their business and stays in touch with you, if needed.

Doing research on CPAs will help you make the right decision about who to trust. Fortunately, we have done your initial research to help you with your decision. We’ve narrowed down the top 10 CPAs in the greater San Antonio area. Our research has shown who the talented, experienced CPAs are. They have good reviews and ratings, some history, and their costs are in line with what you can expect from the area. And they provide exceptional services.

A few things to take into consideration: Advantages of using a San Antonio CPA over an accountant

CPAs are held to a higher standard than an accountant. They have more extensive training and education and are more effective when it comes to handling IRS issues. Accountants often aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPAs are out there, helping building firms; they are helping small and large corporations handling everything from A-Z. They are a business owner’s one stop shop.

Tips for Vetting CPAs

Testimonials & Reviews- These are crucial in finding the right CPA. Look for a CPA who actively markets, who has good reviews, which is social proof of their work performance. Online reviews within Google and Yelp are a telling resource. Real reviews are a sure way to do your research, and even bad reviews can tell you something of value. Perhaps this CPA focuses on something you want and need but the reviewer didn’t want or need.

Referrals- Do you have an attorney? I bet your attorney knows a good CPA. Ask other business owners, venders or contractors you do business with. Ask them who they use and why they like them.

Check the CPA out- Call them. Do they answer or get back to you in a timely manner? Set a time to visit face to face so you can discuss your needs, concerns and talk about your goals for your business and finances. It’s helpful, but not necessary for the CPA to specialize in your specific industry or market, but it is critical that you have a good working relationship. Your initial in-person meeting can tell you if you will. After all you are paying them for their services. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions or requesting information, you should consider another CPA.

Full time- Ideally, you want to find a full-time CPA. Working with someone who does it part time or is gone most of the year will not serve your organization or small business well. It can pose big challenges.

Cost- Make sure to ask the CPA how much he or she will cost you annually. Make sure the costs discussed upfront are not exceeded unless something unusual or unexpected happens. Set the expectation first, and make sure it is adhered to. Price alone doesn’t indicate quality of work; it represents the CPA’s opinion of how they value their time and expertise.

These are the

Top 10 CPAs in the San Antonio, Texas Area


editors choiceRSM US LLP is the nation’s largest accounting, tax and business consulting firm serving the middle market, unwavering focus on delivering a highly personalized client experience. That has been the cornerstone of the firm since its founding in 1926.

RSM wants to be the first-choice advisor to middle market leaders. They strive to empower their clients by understanding their issues and concerns. RSM’s four key principals are delivering a personal experience, understanding the middle market, empowering passion within the ‘team’, and building a community of loyal clients. That strategy enables them to fulfill their purpose and core values.

RSM’s core values are the bedrock of the firm. They have endured throughout the company’s 90-year history.

19026 Ridgewood Parkway, Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78259
Phone: 210-828-6281

Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, P.C.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, with branch offices in Boerne and New Braunfels, Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, P.C. serves throughout South Texas and is a full-service firm that excels in a broad range of services, including superior assistance in helping clients meet their goals.

All partners have 20 plus years of experience and “do everything in our power” to assist clients. Accounting is a people-first business and the firm is committed to providing personal service to clients and the community. They consistently value honest communication. 
The staff is knowledgeable and takes personal responsibility in the expertise and integrity they bring to their interaction with clients. They also encourage active involvement in civic activities as they value community and its continuing growth.

Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, P.C.
8610 N New Braunfels Ave., Ste 101
San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: (210) 829-1300
Email: susan.valdez@adkf.com


LSK CPAs, PLLC’s goal is to build long term, client-focused relationships. Assisting with accounting and tax needs only begins the process as they help maximize the client’s financial goals. They provide assistance with basic business accounting needs but also take the time to know and understand the business’s and individual’s financial needs so they can deliver personalized service to assist in achieving those goals.

The firm was started by Lynn S. Kupper, CPA, who realized that accountants do not have to work in an office every day to provide good service to clients, especially during busy Spring and Fall tax season. Hence, self-motivation, a good work ethic and the right systems have been put in place to allow employees to work remotely. LSK CPAs PLLC is paperless and all work papers are done electronically, which is especially useful to clients who prefer to send documents electronically with secure and individual portals. Those who prefer paper can mail or drop off their paperwork at the office, where meetings with clients also take place.

400 N. Loop 1604 E., Suite 330
San Antonio, TX 78232

Ridout Barrett & Company PC

Ridout Barrett, CPAs & Business Consultants, has served South Central Texas since 1986 and develops long term relationships with clients to become an integral part of their team. Their experienced and elite professionals ensure that clients have quality proactive information in a timely manner to enabling them to make the very best decisions for their businesses.

Being part of the local community for over 30 years, they have formed partnerships with businesses of all sizes, and the dynamic team tackles complex challenges but offers a personal approach. The company thrives on client interaction and involvement, and they proactively address issues clients encounter. That lets the business stay on track to meeting goals, which is the company’s greatest accomplishment.

The company was selected as a top place to work in 2018 and 2019.

Ridout Barrett & Company PC
922 Isom Road Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78216

Guerrero CPA

Guerrero CPA is determined to educate clients with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles. They make things easy by providing a set of tools that enhance their value to clients and make the firm’s work accessible to them. The client portal is a convenient way to do business and work around the client’s schedule so they can stay on top of things.

The firm strives to provide exceptional client service that is focused, consistent, and detail-oriented. It implements proactive tax strategies and the professional services are timely, produced by a team of organized and respectful individuals. They are committed to achieving great results for clients.

Dedicated and committed to serving the community, the company provides clients with a constant stream of knowledge. They put tools and systems into their client’s lives, which can transform a client’s tax situation into something manageable and tailored. They dissect your specific tax situations and map out the best strategies to allow clients to invest and keep their hard-earned money.

For 10 years, Guerrero CPA has built a practice that is one of the fastest-growing San Antonio CPA firms growing in San Antonio.

Guerrero CPA
508 W Rhapsody Dr
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 490-7100

Slattery Perkins Ramirez PC

SPR is a firm full of smart, hard-working professionals who share a common vision for serving clients. They exist to grow family legacies through passion, generosity, and expertise. They focus on value-added planning and consulting. Concierge-level service is their promise and they handle clients’ most unique and complex needs and set the bar for responsiveness in the industry. Their service gives clients peace of mind so they can focus on what matters most to them, both professionally and personally. The people at SPR are strategic, forward-thinkers who operate with an ownership mentality and work to their full potential.

They strive to exceed expectations, have an expertise of the most current knowledge in the field and enjoy and celebrate the life of both the people they go home to at night and those we work with all day, including their clients.

Slattery Perkins Ramirez PC
8000 IH-10 West, Suite 705
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 561-2668

Geoffrey E Morgan CPA PC

Geoffrey E. Morgan, CPA is a full-service firm committed to providing clients with professional and individualized service in a wide range of financial and business needs. The mission to help clients maintain financial growth also helps set a dedicated course to reach future goals. Through ongoing communication, complete research, and sound analysis, they strive thoroughly reach an understanding of each client’s needs.

The company was started in 1987 with a handful of clients. As the firm grew, the client base diversified from various medical fields to manufacturing to wholesale to retail and about any business someone could name. The firm helps clients restructure bank debt or seek financing but also provides litigation and bankruptcy support services. They do make “house calls”, sometimes performing accounting work in the client’s place of business. They also provide regular training so the staff can stay current on tax and accounting issues, as well as Quickbooks.

Geoffrey E Morgan CPA PC
8614 Crownhill Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78209

Randy Walker & Company

Randy Walker & Company is a team of customer service driven staff that attends to client needs with a high level of service excellence. They deliver personal attention to a diverse base including the clientele of non-profit organizations, closely-held businesses, and high net worth individuals. They are among the largest providers of accounting services to non-profits in San Antonio.

Their goal is to do what Walt Disney said, “to do customer service so well, that people can’t resist telling others about us” and that is the principle the company was founded on. They concentrate on providing a great customer service experience for audit and tax services, as well as to consulting services including Quickbooks for small businesses and non-profits.

Randy Walker & Company
7800 IH 10 West, Ste 505
San Antonio, TX 78230

AccountsFit – Patti Flanagan CPA

AccountsFit is an independent firm located in suburban San Antonio and serves as a one-stop-shop for accounting and tax services when you need it. They help individuals and businesses their financial goals and advise clients on tax-saving opportunities and provide financial advice based on monthly financial statements. Clients only pay for the time spent working on their needs. 
Patti Flanagan is the founding principal of AccountsFit. 
The firm strives to give all clients, large and small, quality service and helps them reach financial objectives.

They work much like a dentist’s or doctor’s practice by performing a consultation to determine the company or individual’s unique financial fitness. They then provide financial advice based on the situation.

AccountsFit – Patti Flanagan CPA
5804 Babcock Rd #704
San Antonio, TX 78240

Jim Clark, CPA

Jim Clark, CPA was founded in 1991, with the goal of being versatile and providing fast, friendly, accurate, and efficient services to business owners and individuals. Jim Clark knows the people of San Antonio are honest, hard-working people who need an accounting firm that keeps their interests first. 
The firm’s expertise in IRS Collections Division representation is well known, as they have negotiated dozens of settlement offers with the IRS, set up hundreds of installment agreements, and has successfully defended clients on a wide variety of IRS examinations. Jim receives regular referrals from CPAs and attorneys around San Antonio when clients need help resolving IRS problems.

The friendly, dedicated staff makes them one of the best accounting firms in San Antonio and independently owned and operated member firm of CPAConnect, an association of independent accounting firms that maintain the highest practice standards. Clients of the firm receive the best of both worlds: the personal attention and sincere concern of a local firm and the knowledge and resources of an international association.

Jim Clark, CPA
4474 Walzem Rd
San Antonio, TX 78218


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