Top 10 Accounting Firms & CPAs in El Paso, Texas

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Looking for a reliable Certified Public Accountant? Have you searched the web for phrases like “CPA near me?” Or “best CPA El Paso Texas”? Are you searching for CPA firms with the best reviews in El Paso? Or for someone who does accounting?

Being in business requires a proficient CPA. You have to make sure your business not only keeps up with the ‘accounting’ but you have to be sure to file proper documentation with the IRS, file comprehensive tax returns. You have to keep tabs on the company’s current financial health by knowing your profit and loss. A CPA helps you do that with P& L statements based on incoming revenue and outgoing expenses.

A good El Paso CPA is one of your most trusted advisors–or should be–for good reason. They count the beans, so to speak. Any business or organization (including nonprofits), small or large, need valuable, competent CPAs to do the financial calculations so you can keep your head down, doing the things that make the business profitable.

A CPA can make or break your business by ensuring you protect yourself from losses and help you maximize your profits while keeping your write offs in accordance with IRS tax coded. If accounting isn’t your specialty, you really need to leave it up to someone who is actively staying up-to-date on changes and has the credentials to advise you.

Choosing the wrong El Paso CPA can hurt your business and bring pain to you emotionally and financially.

One of the most common complaints of a business owner is “My accountant is hard to reach.” You want the CPA who is on top of their business and stays in touch with you, if needed.

Doing research on CPAs will help you make the right decision about who to trust. Fortunately, we have done your initial research to help you with your decision. We’ve narrowed down the top 10 CPAs in the greater El Paso area. Our research has shown who the talented, experienced CPAs are. They have good reviews and ratings, some history, and their costs are in line with what you can expect from the area. And they provide exceptional services.

A few things to take into consideration:

Advantages of using an El Paso CPA over an accountant

CPAs are held to a higher standard than an accountant. They have more extensive training and education and are more effective when it comes to handling IRS issues. Accountants often aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPAs are out there, helping building firms, they are helping small and large corporations handling everything from A-Z. They are a business owner’s one stop shop.

Tips for Vetting CPAs

Testimonials & Reviews- These are crucial in finding the right CPA. Look for a CPA who actively markets, who has good reviews, which is social proof of their work performance. Online reviews within Google and Yelp are a telling resource. Real reviews are a sure way to do your research, and even bad reviews can tell you something of value. Perhaps this CPA focuses on something you want and need but the reviewer didn’t want or need.

Referrals- Do you have an attorney? I bet your attorney knows a good CPA. Ask other business owners, venders or contractors you do business with. Ask them who they use and why they like them.

Check the CPA out- Call them. Do they answer or get back to you in a timely manner? Set a time to visit face to face so you can discuss your needs, concerns and talk about your goals for your business and finances. It’s helpful, but not necessary for the CPA to specialize in your specific industry or market, but it is critical that you have a good working relationship. Your initial in-person meeting can tell you if you will. After all you are paying them for their services. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions or requesting information, you should consider another CPA.

Full time- Ideally, you want to find a full-time CPA. Working with someone who does it part time or is gone most of the year will not serve your organization or small business well. It can pose big challenges.

Cost- Make sure to ask the CPA how much he or she will cost you annually. Make sure the costs discussed upfront are not exceeded unless something unusual or unexpected happens. Discover what to expect first and make sure it doesn’t change. Price alone doesn’t indicate quality of work; it represents the CPAs opinion of how they value their time and expertise.

These are the Top 10 CPAs in the El Paso, Texas Area

Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC

editors choiceClifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC has over 40 years of experience with a highly skilled team of accountants that work tirelessly with their clients, both individuals and small businesses. Their goal is to provide superior customer service with a warm and friendly attitude and atmosphere. They pride themselves in providing efficient and personable financial services. Their total focus is on customer satisfaction. The firm specializes in providing audit services for nonprofit organizations. Using the Single Audit Act, they have been able to streamline procedures and perform audits for nonprofits at very reasonable rates. They do the same for small businesses and individuals.

Want to be ahead in the financial game? The right accountants—like Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper–helps that happen. Set yourself up for that.

Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC
1790 N Lee Trevino Dr, Ste. 400
El Paso, TX 79936

Blue Pearl Tax Preparation & Notary

Blue Pearl Tax Preparation & Notary is a full-service accounting and tax firm dedicated to serving its clientele. Their team of highly experienced professionals has a genuine commitment to providing service with a professional, but friendly attitude. Blue Pearl has over 25 years experience in every aspect of accounting for a wide variety of types and size of businesses. They know their stuff!

The growing firm works hard to ensure that their clients’ businesses remain profitable and saved a typical medium-sized business with revenues from $100,000 to $500,000 per year approximately $45,000 dollars last year by eliminating unnecessary expenses. They help find ways to take care of those expenses and also price their own services well below competitors. They want to give incentives to create a long-term relationship. That guarantees their own success as well as that of their clients.

Blue Pearl Tax Preparation & Notary
10561 Janway Drive
El Paso, TX 79925
(915) 996-3981

Schmid, Broaddus, Nugent, Gano PC

Established in 1973, Schmid, Broaddus, Nugent, Gano PC is dedicated to complete client satisfaction. From the very first consultation, SBNG strives to create a cooperative and strong relationship with a team mentality. They employ the best and brightest professionals and strive to anticipate clients needs then go the extra mile for them. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals. They give professional insight, and offer valuable expertise when and where they can. With experience and dedication, the firm provides clients a unique and very high level of service.

They take a proactive vs. reactive approach and stay current on changes in tax laws and legislation so that they are in a position to identify planning opportunities to minimize their clients’ overall tax liability.

Whether they work with a large construction company with multi-state operations or a small local not-for-profit organization, they go beyond a routine, once-a-year examination of the financial statements. Year-round attention and open communications aid the firm in meeting clients’ specific needs and addressing problems as they occur, not after the fact when it may be too late for them to be of value to their clients.
 SBNG’s goal is to exceed your expectations on every engagement.

Schmid, Broaddus, Nugent, Gano PC
221 N Kansas St., # 1300
El Paso, Tx. 79901
(915) 544-6770

Wayne J. Belisle, CPA LLC

If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, you very well may have come to the right place! Wayne J . Belisle, CPA LLC are affordable, experienced, friendly and offers a broad range of services. Their first consultation is also free.

Known for quality, the firm’s reputation reflects the high standards they demand from themselves. Wayne moved to El Paso, TX from Massachusetts in 1973 and has been a CPA since he passed the exam in 1977. He started his own firm in 1992 they have grown substantially since then. The firm combines expertise with personal service in a way that satisfies the needs of executives, independent professionals, business owners and individuals. Their website is a treasure trove of information and useful tools, including a rarity in the form of a video/blog full of wisdom that is also informative and entertaining to read.

Wayne J. Belisle, CPA LLC
11208 Montwood
El Paso, TX 79936
(915) 857-8158

Strickler & Prieto, LLP

Strickler & Prieto, LLP strives to make the complex simple and to provide an environment of endless opportunities for both their clients and their staff. The professionals at Strickler & Prieto are great technicians who help businesses conquer the impossible. They go beyond offering clients value-added business advisory services and help clients solve tough problems. They are experienced and committed to helping you meet individual goals. Through strong work ethic and commitment to high quality, timely professional service, they help prepare your company for future success.

Strickler & Prieto LLP is dedicated to providing an environment of endless opportunities for people, both clients and staff. They are determined to be the preferred professional service organization along the United States/Mexico border. They offer comprehensive and quality services to international and domestic businesses and their owners.

As part of our overall practice, Strickler & Prieto submits to the AICPA reviews of our quality control policies and procedures. They have successfully completed all peer reviews to date. In addition to those outside reviews, conducted every three years, the firm performs an annual internal inspection of their service to clients to ensure the quality of their work.

Concern for clients and the company’s integrity motivate their creative thinking and Technical/Professional teamwork. They are committed to a strong work ethic and their community.

Strickler & Prieto, LLP
201 E. Main, Suite 500
El Paso, TX 79901, USA
(915) 532-2901

Mark A. Duncan, CPA

Mark A. Duncan, CPA has a true commitment to serving both individuals and businesses in his home community. If you are looking for a trusted advisor, with strong professional and ethical standards, an El Paso CPA with twenty years of professional experience, chances are good that Mark Duncan, CPA is a great place for you. Mark works with you to solve your complex problems and helps you work toward the financial success of your business. 
With 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, he has also held various management positions in El Paso. His core values are reflected in the firm’s commitment to Trust, Service, Value and Success.  His mission is to enhance a client’s personal and professional financial SUCCESS.

Mr. Duncan is community-minded and serves as the Treasurer for the West El Paso Business Alliance, the Assistant Treasurer for the St. Clement’s Parish School Parent Council and has been a volunteer coach and referee with the American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO) since 2008.

Mark A. Duncan, CPA
6006 N. Mesa St., Suite 301
El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 704-4070

Marcus, Fairall, Bristol & Co., PLLC

Marcus, Fairall, Bristol & Co., PLLC, a team of qualified and dedicated accounting professionals licensed in both Texas and New Mexico, provides full CPA services to the El Paso community. In 1985, David Marcus and Jack Fairall combined their years of accounting experience and their financial expertise to form a strong partnership. They are the only firm in the El Paso area certified by the AICPA in Forensic Accounting. They specialize in tax planning for individuals and small businesses as well as non-profit management. 
If IRS worries are keeping you awake, Marcus, Fairall, Bristol & Co can help you feel–and sleep–better!

This firm is on a first-name basis with the IRS and offers complete IRS problem resolution services. They advocate for you and negotiate on your behalf to help resolve your tax problems and put an end to your misery. 
Marcus, Fairall, Bristol & Co give back to their community by donating thousands of hours of pro bono time and expertise through charitable involvement on community boards, and non-profit organizations.

Marcus, Fairall, Bristol & Co., PLLC

230 Thunderbird Drive, Suite G
El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 775-1040

Pate & Appleby, LLP Consultants and Accountants

Pate & Appleby, LLP is genuinely dedicated to providing clients with personalized attention. They continually invest time and resources to provide clients with the best guidance and advice possible. The firm’s professionals have a sincere commitment to excellence. They also invest of time and resources in tax research and technology to provide the best advice and guidance to meet clients’ needs.  Because the firm is relatively small, their quality service is above and beyond comparison.

The professionals at Pate & Appleby, LLP have extensive and varied backgrounds in banking, corporate management, taxes and international accounting. That variety provides unique perspectives that benefit their clients through thorough, detailed, quality analysis for both individuals and businesses. 
They love sharing their 50 years plus combined experience with you and know they can help you achieve your goals.

Pate & Appleby, LLP
 Consultants and Accountants
1011 Montana
El Paso, TX 79902
Phone 915-532-8000

Fernie R. Aceves, CPA

Fernie R. Aceves, CPA, and his team and take great pride in offering countless services and a flexible appointment schedule. 
With over 20 years experience, the dedicated team of professionals are always prepared to assist clients with whatever financial concerns they may have. 
Walk-ins are always welcome, though an appointment is preferred.

They pride themselves in having the office open to clients year-round and in offering a flexible appointment schedule to cater to whatever a client’s busy schedule allows.

Besides Tax Consultation & Preparation, Fernie R. Aceves, CPA does accounting, audits, bookkeeping, business consultation and payroll services. His clients especially like the time and care Fernie takes in explaining things to them. He is “detailed and expert” at making sure clients understand what he has done and why.

Fernie R. Aceves, CPA
2323 Montana Avenue
El Paso, Texas 79903
(915) 532-8833

Lauterbach, Borschow & Co.

Known for the quality of its service, Lauterbach, Borschow & Co. relies on their professional values: quality recruitment, continuing education, care and integrity. The Firm’s reputation reflects the quality of service they provide. 
They recruit and retain the best and brightest, not only look for technical skills but also for professionalism, drive and integrity. They stay current on new regulations, changing and evolving standards. By staying up to date, they are able to identify, anticipate and best serve clients’ needs. By truly understanding clients’ needs, they can help clients through every challenge. The firm’s standard commitment to honesty, impartiality and objectivity means they take their responsibility very seriously.

Since 1952, Lauterbach, Borschow & Co. these skilled financial professionals with varying backgrounds and specialties have known everything they do can impact every decision you make. The potential to impact all aspects of your life or business colors their multifaceted approach to client service. They want to help you make informed decisions for well-being and financial stability. Every member of the firm shares a passion for helping clients succeed in this complex and constantly changing world. In designing services to fit clients’ needs, they take your unique concerns into account every step of the way.

Lauterbach, Borschow & Co.
4130 Rio Bravo St
El Paso, TX  79902
(915) 351-7900

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