The Top Ten Things Peterson Acquisitions Will Do for You

top-95717_640-300x3001. We immerse ourselves in your business to get to know it in order to market and sell it

2. Once we know your business, we prepare a Confidential Information Memorandum, (CIM) which details what you are marketing and how your business operates. The CIM also summarizes your industry and its current opportunities to enhance a buyer’s expectations of your company.

3. Because sellers want to leave the business they’ve built in good hands, we analyze the buyer’s ability to keep your business successful.

4. We assist in establishing a MPSP Value—Most Probable Selling Price Valuation.  (Individual brokers can vary greatly in this process and very few sellers can accurately assess their own business’s worth.)

5. We conduct buyer searches.

6. We give you EXPOSURE—we actively market your business to prospective buyers.

7. We screen buyers

8. We coordinate negotiations and advise you, helping you get the best possible price.

9. We maintain confidentiality of the sale.

10. We help sellers stay focused on running their business during the sale process, which is crucial in letting your business shine to potential buyers.

In addition to those 10 things, our appraisal helps you know what your business is worth in today’s market.  That saves you time and stress and lets us list it for the best possible price to the public.