The Quantum Leap Myth…A Seller’s Dream

quantam-300x300Have you picked up the latest power ball ticket? The estimated Jackpot is over 40 Million. Although it’s a $2 investment; you are more likely to be bitten by a shark in your car driving down the highway. But it begs the question- why are so many Quantum Leap believers buying these tickets to create such a large Jack Pot? The answer is- people want to get success by chance. They want to have success one by a 1 in a 20 million chance rather than day by day working towards the goal of such success.

Many hang their hopes on an instant gratification while simultaneously differing what they must do to become successful. I know what you are thinking right now “yes, but how in the hell am I going to make 40 million dollars without the power ball?” The truth is; you don’t need 40 million dollars; nobody does. It’s the dream of excess and too much to go around that entices those quantum leap myth die hard believers to continue to spend money knowing that they won’t win the jackpot.

Have you decided what you need in your life to live well? If you were to think of your dream home, a car you really want, a boat you really want, a few vacations a year and a salary to keep you well paid throughout the year for any incidentals and everyday living money?  I bet you a month of lottery tickets that you only need 2 Million invested at a 6% return to have all of those things. The tough part is realizing that you only need to inch your way to get there. You don’t need to have the 40 million in the bank in order to have your dreams; rather you need to work harder than you did yesterday, and invest more tomorrow than what you did today.

Each day one must inch towards their goals; taking the necessary steps to become successful and save all the money you can along the way. It’s not about what you make; it’s what you keep.  If each day you work hard, watch what you spend, create a way today to have more money come in tomorrow than you did today, and continue to invest in yourself while using investments to create compound interest; 2 million dollars is right around the corner for you regardless of your income.

Many self employed are looking to have the quantum leap myth come to them by selling their business for way more than what the business is worth; this too is a futile goal and again it’s subscribing to the Quantum Leap Myth.

Success is gained in inches, not feet, not yards, not miles, and certainly not by quantum leaps such as mega win jack pot’s to send you to the promise land. The quantum leap is trumped every time by hard work, discipline, being frugal, and investing what you earn.