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Do you want to hire a professional Certified Public Accountant for your business? Do you keep on making queries like “best CPA Rochester” or “CPA near me” on the internet for quite a while now? If yes, this blog is for you. 

When you are running a business, it becomes important to hire an experienced CPA who can manage all the finance and accounting information. Every successful company today invests in an expert CPA to handle the accounting and finance aspects of the business while the owners stay busy running the business. 

Just like your financial advisor, your Rochester CPA should be one of your most trusted advisors. Some major duties of a CPA include preparing and filing tax returns, keeping tabs on the financial health of a company, and filing proper documentation with the IRS. Parallel to that, a CPA keeps track of the profit and loss statements, incoming revenue, and outgoing expenses.

As a business owner, you cannot handle everything on your own. In order to grow your business, you need to have a CPA who can take care of your company’s finances. You can go for a person who is active in the market and has a great track record. 

How Choosing the Wrong Rochester CPA can hurt your business

1. Inaccurate Business Records

An inexperienced CPA makes your business vulnerable to a lot of financial issues. You end up having inaccurate records, losing valuable data, and getting late on important payments. When an unprofessional CPA tracks wrong records, it makes your bookkeeping and accounting information reliable. This will make you face a lot of stress and headache during the tax season. Ultimately, your business will come under the whirlpool of problems hindering your business growth.

2. Tarnished Reputation

A wrong CPA not only causes you a financial loss but also leads to a compromised reputation in the market. At some point, if you contact your clients asking for a year’s worth of VAT to cover what you owe, you’ll surely appear unprofessional. This can even put you into more financial trouble. 

3. Stressful Company Environment

When you are in financial distress as a business owner, it trickles down to your employees or team as well. You’ll fail to appear as a strong and dedicated leader if you are always worrying about the finances of your company. 

Thus, choosing the wrong Rochester CPA will affect your business, family, and future. So, always make a calculated decision. 

Top 5 Tips for Vetting Rochester CPA’s

1. Testimonials & Reviews

Checking the testimonials and reviews is the most important step in finding the right Rochester CPA. When you are doing research, make sure to pay attention to the real testimonials. Always choose a CPA who can show a record of their work performance, holds good reviews, and is marketing actively. You can use Google and Yelp to check the reviews of a CPA. 

2. Referrals

Ask the business owners, contractors, or vendors in your circle to refer a professional Rochester CPA for you. Another good tip is to ask your attorney if you have one. They will surely know a good CPA.

3. Check the CPA out

By “checking the CPA out”, we actually mean that see how they respond to you when you contact them. Do they respond in a timely manner?

See, if other people recommend that particular CPA on Linkedin, Yelp, or Google. Does the CPA get back to you in a timely manner? Also, always meet your CPA in person to see if you both understand each other. Discuss your business concerns, financial hurdles, and future goals with the CPA. During this process, if you feel hesitant to ask a question or request some information, avoid hiring that CPA. 

4. Full-time

Ideally, find a Rochester CPA who works full-time. Working with a part-time CPA or one not available for most of the year will create problems for your business.

5. Cost

Ask the CPA how much he or she will cost you annually. To avoid any kind of inconvenience,  make sure the costs are discussed upfront. Ask if there’s any kind of hidden payment involved.  Price does not always depict the quality of work; it represents how CPAs value their time and expertise.

6. Experience

A lot of business owners complain that “My accountant is hard to reach”. If you don’t want to make the same complaint, don’t choose CPAs who are not at the top of their businesses and let your business slip the wayside. 

Advantages of using a CPA over an accountant

Hiring a CPA over an Accountant Holds a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1. CPAs are held to a higher standard,

2. They are effective when it comes to handling IRS issues.

3. They have more extensive training and education than an accountant.

4. You will also find that accountants aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPA’s are the ones who are building firms, helping small and large corporations, and handling everything from A-Z for business owners as a one-stop shop.

10 Best Rochester CPA’s and Accounting Firms

To make things easier for you, we have done research on the best CPAs within Rochester for you. These companies are selected based on their reviews, experience, and high-quality services. 

1. Smith Schafer & Associates CPAs

editors choice

Smith Schafer & Associates CPAs is a Certified Public Accounting firm operating in three Minnesota locations: Minneapolis, Rochester, and Red Wing. It serves local businesses with accounting, tax, and consulting solutions. It provides deep expertise combined with a proactive approach to handling the finances of your company allowing you to focus on growing your business. The company holds industry experts who always stay updated with the changing trends and leverage years of experience to help you stay at the top of your business.

Smith Schafer & Associates CPAs
2575 Commerce Dr NW, Suite 200 
Rochester, MN 55901

2. Oertli & Pleschourt, LLP 

Oertli & Pleschourt, LLP is one of the leading CPA firms in and throughout Rochester. It provides personalized financial guidance to individuals and businesses. The expertise of this firm ranges from basic accounting and tax management services to in-depth services such as QuickBooks Advisory and payroll preparation. 

The firm enjoys an excellent client retention rate because of its unique and low-pressure approach to handling financial challenges for individuals as well as organizations. It combines the experience of a large firm with personal attention and helps clients maintain financial stability. 

Oertli & Pleschourt, LLP
5105 Highway 52 N
Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 288-6650

3. All Around Accounting Inc.

All Aroung Accounting Inc. is a locally owned and operated firm providing personal and business accounting services throughout Rochester. It provides professional-level and personalized services at competitive rates. 

Some of the major services of this firm include public accounting services, tax return preparation, tax consultation, business consultation, and payroll preparation services. All Around Accounting Inc. is dedicated to meeting the financial needs of your business by helping you set imperative financial goals from strategy to the implementation phase. 

All Around Accounting Inc. 
2001 2nd St SW Ste 100
Rochester, MN 55902

4. CLA

CLA also known as CliftonLarsonAllen is a professional services firm offering tax, accounting, audit, consulting, outsourcing, and wealth advisory services. The firm works with a very clear-cut purpose: to create opportunities for local individuals and business communities. 

Some distinct advantages of working with CLA include deep industry specialization, the premier resource for private business owners, and cutting-edge resources to keep up with industry standards. It has a diverse team of professionals who speak up different languages and come from different backgrounds. This diversity encourages different perspectives that help in making smarter decisions. 

2689 Commerce Dr NW #201,
Rochester, MN 55901

5. Kelly Brenno Carpenter Accounting & Tax

Kelly Brenno Carpenter Accounting & Tax is an accounting firm providing reliable, professional, and accurate services to individuals, small businesses, and organizations. Kelly Brenno works with you on a personal level to determine the best solutions for your unique needs and then leverages seasoned expertise to achieve the best possible results.

The firm serves as an accounting department for companies too small to afford a full-time department. It also serves as Chief Financial Officer for a wide variety of businesses that have accounting personnel but don’t need a full-time CPA. The company specializes in accounting solutions, payroll, taxes, accounting, QuickBooks setup, start-up, and corporation services. 

Kelly Brenno Carpenter Accounting & Tax
318 Elton Hills Dr NW
Rochester, MN 55901
+1 507-288-2200


RSM US LLP is an accounting, tax, and consulting firm focused on the middle market. The professionals here hold deep industry knowledge and technical acumen bringing diverse perspectives, innovative solutions, and data-driven insights to every business they work on. 

The firm is working with the mission of becoming a digital firm that provides compelling experiences for individuals and businesses – both online and offline. It offers a tailored approach depending on the financial situation of your business eventually leading you to make good financial decisions. 

310 Broadway Ave S #300,
Rochester, MN 55904
+1 507-288-6476

7. Shurson Group

Shurson Group is a tax and accounting firm offering its services to individuals, LLCs, corporations, and trusts. It has a team of experts who work on a proactive rather than a reactive approach so that the clients can enjoy peace of mind. The firm takes care of all the deadlines and details of a business and makes sure that the client’s needs are met in every possible way.

Shurson Group has a very clear pricing policy and you get to know the price of tax preparation before the contract begins. This avoids any kind of miscommunication or inconvenience and maintains a bond of integrity and transparency between the clients and the company.  

Shurson Group
2222 18th Ave NW Suite 100,
Rochester, MN 55901
+1 507-206-0677

8. EricJohn Ltd

EricJohn Ltd is an accounting and tax firm providing accounting, taxation, and critical financial preparation services for more than a decade now. It serves individuals and small businesses with return preparation, tax planning, IRS filing, sales tax returns, annual state registration, business entity, and retirement planning. 

The owner of the company, Eric Buechler, is an IRS-designated enrolled agent and represents you directly before the IRS in cases of in-depth audits to inquiries. He is well-known for having detailed knowledge of tax codes and procedures. If you are looking for a professional to solve your family’s annual 1040 or resolve complex tax issues for your business, EricJohn Ltd can help you. 

Eric John Ltd 
2151 Glenview Ln NE,
Rochester, MN 55906
+1 763-537-3244

9. Hawkins Ash CPAs, LLP

Hawkins Ash CPAs, LLP is a  is a full-service regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm offering audit, tax, and financial advisory solutions. It specializes in industries like housing authorities, construction, real estate, manufacturing & distribution, credit unions, non-profits, employee benefits plan audits, credit unions, and insurance. 

Some of the major services of this firm include audit, accounting, tax, business valuation, human resources, management advisory, payroll processing, bookkeeping, and controllership outsourcing. The professionals of this company serve as advisors delivering quality work to clients and keeping them informed as accounting practices or laws change. 

Hawkins Ash CPAs, LLP
3720 Nottingham Dr. NW, Suite 100
Rochester, MN 55901

10. Nina Webbles CPA PLLC

Nina Webbles has been providing public accounting services to individuals and small businesses since 2009. Her expertise includes tax preparation & planning, bookkeeping & financial statement preparation, payroll processing & payroll tax compliance. She operates as a sole proprietor or single-member LLC. She helps her clients meet their financial goals and grow their businesses without worrying about deadlines and complicated tax procedures. 

Nina Webbles CPA PLLC
3334 19th St NW Ste 203
Rochester, MN 55901

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