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Are you looking for a professional Certified Public Accountant for your business? Do you keep on searching for “best CPA St. Joseph” or “CPA near me” on the internet? If yes, read this blog to find all your answers.

Nowadays, it has become important to have an experienced CPA in your team who can manage the finance and accounting stuff for your business. An expert CPA can help you with filing comprehensive tax returns, filing proper documentation with the IRS, and keeping tabs on the company’s current health. A CPA keeps track of all the profit and loss statements, incoming revenue, and outgoing expenses.

Every successful business today surely has a valuable CPA on their team to handle the accounting aspects of their business while they stay busy running the business. 

As a business owner, you are not expected to have expertise in every possible area of your business. So, you need to have someone who stays active in the market and holds a great track record. Just like your financial advisor, the CPA you hire should be one of your most trusted advisors. 

How Choosing the Wrong Overland Park CPA can hurt your business

1. Inaccurate Business Records

Hiring an unprofessional CPA leads to a lot of financial problems for your business. You can lose your valuable data and get late in making important business payments. An inexperienced CPA will never be able to track business records perfectly thus making your bookkeeping and accounting reliable. Ultimately, your business will come under the whirlpool of problems that will hinder your business growth. 

2. Tarnished Reputation

A wrong CPA will not only cause a financial loss but also lead to tarnished reputation in the market. At some point, if you contact your clients asking for a year’s worth of VAT to cover what you owe, you’ll surely appear unprofessional. This can create serious financial problems for your business.  

3. Stressful Company Environment

When you’re under financial stress as a business owner, your employees or team members can smell it. Thus, it creates tension in the company and you fail to appear as a strong and motivated leader for your business. 

So, hiring the wrong CPA will not only cause problems for your business but also for your family and the future. To avoid all these issues, you should make a very wise decision. 

Top 5 Tips for Vetting Overland Park CPA’s

1. Testimonials & Reviews

In order to find the right CPA in Overland Park, check their testimonials and reviews online. Always go for a CPA who has a proven track record, has good reviews, and is marketing the business actively. For this purpose, you can use Yelp and Google. 

2. Referrals

You can also take the help of the business owners, contractors, or vendors in your circle to refer a professional Overland Park CPA for you. You can also ask your attorney to let you know about a good CPA. Most of the attorneys have good contacts with CPAs.

3. Check the CPA out

Always pay attention to small things like how and when they respond to you when you try to contact them. Check their Google, Yelp, or Linkedin profiles and see if people recommend their services. Before you make a final decision, schedule a face-to-face meeting with the CPA. Discuss your business goals, concerns, and challenges with them. If you go along well in the meeting, the CPA can be a good choice for you. 

4. Full-time

Try to hire an Overland Park CPA who is working full-time. Part-time CPAs will not be available most of the time when you need them. This will create unnecessary delays in your work.

5. Cost

Ask the CPA how much he or she will cost you annually.  To prevent overspending, make sure the costs are discussed upfront and not exceeded. Set the expectation first, and make sure it is adhered to. Price doesn’t necessarily indicate the quality of work; it represents how they alone value their time and expertise.

6. Experience

You’ll hear a lot of business owners complaining that “My accountant is hard to reach”.  So, while hiring a CPA in Overland Park, make sure you are not choosing a person who isn’t on top of their business and potentially lets your business slip by the wayside.

Advantages of using a CPA over an accountant

Hiring a CPA over an Accountant Holds a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1. CPAs are held to a higher standard,

2. They are effective when it comes to handling IRS issues.

3. They have more extensive training and education than an accountant.

4. You will also find that accountants aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPA’s are the ones who are building firms, helping small and large corporations, and handling everything from A-Z for business owners as a one-stop shop.

10 Best Overland Park CPA’s and Accounting Firms

Here is a list of some of the best CPAs in Overland Park for you. We have selected these firms based on their ratings, experience, reviews, and professional services. Have a look: 

1. McAuley & Crandall, PA

editors choiceMcAuley & Crandall, PA is a full-service accounting firm contributing to the success of businesses and individuals through tax and accounting services. It is a well-known CPA firm in Overland Park offering professional tax management, financial planning, IRS representation, auditing, retirement planning, and business services. The firm helps you save money by offering professional services at an affordable rate. If you are an individual or a small business owner looking for tax filing and preparation services, this firm is a great option.

McAuley & Crandall, PA
7200 W 132nd St # 160, 
Overland Park, KS 66213
+1 913-239-9130

2. Goering & Granatino, P.A. 

Goering & Granatino, P.A is an accounting firm that offers tax planning, tax preparation, and payroll assistance to small business owners. It’s difficult to handle accounting and finance-related matters of a company. Amber Goering and Frank Granatino, owners and lead CPAs of Goering & Granatino, experienced this problem. That’s why, they decided to serve individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners as a partner.

They are a trusted ally that holds you accountable and keeps you on track so that you can make progress in your business. The firm provides attentive and helpful services at every step of the process and creates a tailored strategy as per your business needs. 

Goering & Granatino, P.A.
10801 Mastin St #740,
Overland Park, KS 66210

3. Keller & Owens, LLC

Keller & Owens, LLC is a Certified Public Accounting firm providing accounting, consulting, payroll, tax, and employee benefit services to individuals, non-profit clients, and small businesses. The firm is known for offering personalized services to clients that go with the specific needs of their industry. It organizes well-managed financial records so that your business operations can run smoothly. 

The firm enjoys an excellent client retention rate because of its unique approach to handling financial challenges. Besides acting as a sounding board for management, it provides comprehensive, flexible strategies that address the issues affecting your business.

Keller & Owens, LLC
10955 Lowell Ave #800
Overland Park, KS 66210
+1 913-338-3500

4. Kyle P. Nagy, CPA

Kyle P. Nagy is a Certified Public Accountant, Business Consultant, and Financial advisor serving individuals, small businesses, and non-profits with accounting, tax preparation, and tax compliance services. The firm is committed to providing professional services at an affordable rate and never compromises on quality.

The company follows an intricate quality control system consisting of staff supervision, management review at several levels, and annual inspections. From digging deep into the financial issues of your business to creating, implementing, and maintaining customized strategies, Kyle P. Nagy allows you to be certain about your business and your future. 

Kyle P. Nagy, CPA
9393 W 110th St., Suite 210
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913) 696-1919

5. Cornerstone CPA, LLC

Cornerstone CPA, LLC is a public accounting firm integrating tax strategy, accounting, and advisory services into the clients’ businesses. The firm holds decades of expertise in business management, accounting and reporting, income tax, and estate taxation strategy. It follows a proactive approach to your financial needs. 

Cornerstone serves business owners, expats, medical professionals, individuals, non-profit organizations, and trusts with professional CPA services. The company works closely with you as a trusted partner and ensures that you only pay the tax amount that you are lawfully required to pay. 

Cornerstone CPA, LLC
6540 West 95th Street Suite 103 
Overland Park, Kansas 66212

6. Adams Brown

Adams Brown is a leading CPA and advisory firm delivering accounting and advisory services to businesses and individuals since 1945. The firm goes above and beyond in providing a modern, practical, and innovative approach to help clients make good financial decisions.

Some of the major services that Adams Brown offers include audit & attestation, advisory & consulting, tax, and wealth management. The firm does not just complete your tax returns or audit your books but works as a strategic ally to learn the challenges and aspirations of your business and then work with you to achieve the specified goals.

Adams Brown
10990 Quivira Road, Suite 160
Overland Park, KS 66210
(913) 491-5080

7. R Todd Laytham CPA, LLC

R Todd Laytham has been working as a CPA for over 25 years as a healthcare executive, and a consultant, and serving on many association & non-profit boards. Through his experience, he holds a unique ability to see the big picture while focusing on the little details of your finances. 

Todd has built long-lasting relationships with clients, associates, and communities by delivering care in every interaction and conversation. His areas of expertise include strategic leadership, revenue growth, and internal controls.

R Todd Laytham CPA, LLC
8717 W 110th St Suite 420
Overland Park, KS   66210
(913) 219-8554

8. Ronald Castor, LC

Ronald Castor, LC is a Certified Public Accounting firm providing accounting, tax, and financial planning services to small businesses and individuals in Overland Park. The firm believes that every company needs a solution tailored to your needs so that you can get timely and accurate reporting. 

Some of the major services include bookkeeping, payroll, mutual funds, tax planning, tax preparation, IRS Representation, life insurance, business plans, and business investments. Ronald Castor holds a lot of long-term clients that trust its services and consider it as their financial proponent. 

Ronald Castor, LC
14221 Metcalf Avenue, Suite 200, 
Overland Park, KS  66223

9. Hutchins & Haake, LLC

Hutchins & Haake, LLC is a full-service accounting firm founded in 1985 providing personal and professional accounting, tax, payroll, and business services to clients from almost all industries. The company works with the goal to create and maintain wealth for individuals and small businesses with creative and innovative planning. 

It specializes in personal financial planning, investments, retirement planning, business consulting, estates, and trusts. Parallel to that, it offers accounting and auditing services, including tax planning and tax return preparation. The firm understands that each client has a unique background and faces different problems. That’s why the professionals here take time to listen and understand the client by asking the right questions.

Hutchins & Haake, LLC
11900 College Blvd Ste 341
Overland Park, KS 66210-4048


LSCV CPAs, PC is a full-service tax, payroll, accounting, and consulting firm serving Kansas and the surrounding areas. Founded in 1981, the firm has been providing personalized and quality financial guidance to individuals and small businesses. It serves healthcare, construction, real estate professionals, and insurance agents.

LSCV helps you figure out the right metrics to track for your business so that you can choose the right financial path and eventually expand your business. The experts here guide you at every step of the way with insightful analysis and reporting and move you toward business success. 

4800 College Blvd, Suite #2 
Overland Park, KS 66211
(913) 491-1040

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