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Best CPA Minneapolis

Do you need a professional Certified Public Accountant for your company? Do you make searches on Google like “best CPA Minneapolis” or “CPA near me”? Are you looking for the firms having the best reviews for accounting?

When you are running a business, you need an experienced CPA who can keep track of all the finance and accounting stuff. A CPA can help you with preparing tax returns, filing documentation with the IRS, and keeping tabs on the financial condition of the company. Besides that, a CPA maintains a proper record of all the profit and loss statements, outgoing expenses, and incoming revenue. 

Just like your financial advisor, a CPA should be one of your most trusted persons. Nowadays, every successful organization, business, and corporation needs competent CPAs to handle the finance and accounting aspects of the business so that you can focus on your business without any worries. 

As a business owner, you are not required to hold expertise in all fields. You can hire a CPA who is active in the market and has a great track record to handle accounting tasks while you work on the other areas of your business. 

How Choosing the Wrong Minneapolis CPA can hurt your business

1. Inaccurate Business Records

When you hire an inexperienced CPA, you open up your business to a lot of vulnerabilities like inaccurate business records and getting late on payments. An untrained CPA will never be able to main proper records. This will result in unreliable bookkeeping and accounting data. This scenario will cause you a lot of stress and headache during the tax season. 

2. Tarnished Reputation

Hiring the wrong CPA not only causes you a financial loss but also leads to tarnished reputation in the market. If in some cases, you contact your clients asking for a year’s worth of VAT to cover what you owe, you’ll appear unprofessional. This situation can put you under more financial stress. 

3. Stressful Company Environment

When you are facing financial stress as a business owner, it trickles down to your employees as well. You cannot be a motivated leader for your team when you are always worrying about whether you’ll make it to the next financial year or not. 

Partnering up with the wrong CPA can be damaging to your business, family, and the future. So, make a wise decision. 

Top 5 Tips for Vetting Minneapolis CPA’s

1. Testimonials & Reviews

The most important point in hiring the right CPA is to pay attention to real testimonials and reviews. You can take the help of Google or Yelp for this purpose. Choose a CPA who has a great track record, valid proof of their work performance, and is marketing actively.

2. Referrals

Ask business owners, vendors, or contractors on your list and ask them to refer a CPA. Also, if you have an attorney, ask him/her to help you find a CPA. 

3. Check the CPA out

Check out Google, Yelp, and Linkedin to see if other people are recommending a particular CPA or not. Also, pay attention to how they respond to you when you contact them. Do they get back in a timely manner? Set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss your business goals, challenges, and financial hurdles. It’s great if you find a CPA who specializes in the same industry as yours. Most importantly, you should have a great working relationship with your CPA. Never feel hesitant to request certain information or ask questions. 

4. Full-time

It’s ideal to find a Minneapolis CPA who works full-time. Most of the time, when you work with a part-time CPA, they are not available when you need them the most. 

5. Cost

Always discuss the cost upfront while hiring a CPA. To prevent any kind of inconvenience, ask if there’s any hidden cost or not. It’s not necessary that price indicate the quality of work; it just represents how a CPA values his expertise and time. 

6. Experience

A lot of business owners complain that “My accountant is hard to reach”. So, when you are choosing a CPA in Minneapolis, make sure you go with a person who keeps your business as a priority and doesn’t let it slip by the wayside. 

Advantages of using a CPA over an accountant

Hiring a CPA over an Accountant Holds a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

1. CPAs are held to a higher standard,

2. They are effective when it comes to handling IRS issues.

3. They have more extensive training and education than an accountant.

4. You will also find that accountants aren’t as “serious” about their business. CPA’s are the ones who are building firms, helping small and large corporations, and handling everything from A-Z for business owners as a one-stop shop.

10 Best Minneapolis CPA’s and Accounting Firms

After doing extensive research, we have listed down some of the best CPAs within Minneapolis for you. These firms are selected based on their reviews, experience, and services. 

1. Scott Reid CPAs

editors choice

Scott Reid CPAs is a full-service accounting firm offering accounting, tax, and business advisory services throughout the Twin Cities. The firm provides timely guidance and expert advice so that you can make informed financial decisions for the long-lasting success of your business. It serves individuals and small business owners and works one-on-one to help you save money on taxes and minimize hurdles, and reach your financial goals. While working with you, the firm becomes your financial partner moving toward the direction of your best interests so that you can scale up your business easily.  

Scott Reid CPAs
2400 W. Country Road D
Roseville, MN 55112

2. Jack + Co. 

Jack + Co. is an accounting and CPA firm serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. It offers audit assurance, business tax, tax consulting, accounting, and trust & estate planning services ranging from startups to multi-million dollar organizations. 

The firm specializes in serving clients within the real estate, construction, retail/wholesale, and manufacturing industries. It holds a dedicated team of CPAs to provide constructive solutions to your financial problems. The auditors dig deep into your business to prepare a customized strategy for you.

Jack + Co.
1781 Prior Avenue North 
Falcon Heights, MN 55113

3. Prudent Accountants

Prudent Accountants is a full-service accounting firm offering a wide range of account and tax management services at competitive rates. It provides top-level payroll, bookkeeping, and tax services customized as per your business size and budget. 

The firm specializes in retail, healthcare, real estate, food service, and non-profit industries. It simplifies complex information by providing you with precise and understandable key indicators for your business so that you can make smart business decisions. Prudent accountants frees up your time and delivers peace of mind to small business owners by taking care of all the accounting and finance details and providing them with the freedom to grow their businesses.

Prudent Accountants
1520 E 66th St,
Minneapolis, MN 55423

4. Rapacki + Co.

Rapacki + Co. is a full-service accounting firm providing tax and strategic consulting services to individuals and small businesses. It specializes in wealth management and consulting high net worth individuals and as well as closely-held businesses. 

It is a smaller firm enjoying significantly less overhead offering depth and responsiveness to the financial hurdles of your business. The company has experienced CPAs who follow all the rigorous policies and standards like SSARS while preparing financial statements. 

Rapacki + Co. 
6800 France Ave S #120
Edina, MN 55435
+1 952-945-5011

5. CSI Accounting & Payroll

CSI Accounting & Payroll is an award winning small business accounting firm helping business owners save time and money by offering monthly accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services. It provides consulting, coaching, and advising to small businesses so that they can grow and scale up easily. 

Whether you are starting a business or operating a going concern, they can help you select the proper organizational structure and adequate financing. The experts at CSI Accounting & Payroll help you be as efficient with the taxes as possible while ensuring you are in full compliance. 

CSI Accounting & Payroll
4915 W 35th St #203
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
+1 952-927-4011


SDK (Schechter Dokken Kanter) CPAs is a small finance company helping its clients become more profitable. Besides offering accounting services, it also serve as consultants and strategists deeply involved in your success. 

The firms offers audit, accounting, tax, consulting and forensic accounting & valuation services to individuals and small business owners. It specializes in hospitality, entertainment, real estate, family business, non-profits, manufacturing, public companies, gaming, and tribal governments. The company provides a tailored approach depending on the needs of your business and is known for delivering high-quality work. 

100 Washington Ave S, Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN 55401

7. Rhode Schwan & Co., P.A.

Rhode Schwan & Co., P.A. is a verified accounting firm offering accounting, tax, and financial management services to individuals and small business owners. The firm stays connected to you throughout the contract so that you can have easy access to them. It targets clients who want more than just an accountant. They treat you as a partner to help you ease the burden of dealing with the financial side of things. 

Rhode Schwan & Co., P.A.
4420 Valley View Road, Suite 404 
Edina, MN 55424

8. Eisner Amper

Eisner Amper is a full-service advisory and accounting firm offering audit, tax, accounting, consulting, and advisory services. It is one of the largest tax, accounting, and business advisory firms in the U.S. having more than 3000 employees and 300 partners across the country. 

The firm provides its services to hign net worth individuals, startups, financial institutions, enterprises, entrepreneur, family businesses, non-profit organizations, global public firms, and middle-market companies. It seeks to build long-term relationships with its clients, help them grow and address their concerns at every step of their journey. 

Eisner Amper
2501 S Wayzata Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55405

9. Wipfli LLP

Wipfli LLP provides all the accounting services ranging from accounting, tax, assurance to consulting but with a personal touch. The firm holds professionals who bring on cross-industry experience to help businesses see beyond the today’s complex financial challenges. 

It specializes in financial institutions, financial services, technology, healthcare, government, dealerships, private clients, insurance, private equity, agribusiness, manufacturing, construction, and non-profits. Wipfli is also a member of Allinial Global – an accounting firm association of independent accounting and consulting firms. 

Wipfli LLP
150 S 5th Street, Suite 2000
Minneapolis, MN 55402

10. Vetscher & Associates, LLC

Vetscher & Associates, LLC is a verified accounting firm providing audit, accounting, and tax preparation services to individuals and small businesses. It focuses on meeting specific needs of the clients by creating a financial strategy for a successful future in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. 

The firm provides its services in a wide range of industries. Some of its major services include tax management services, estate and trust planning, QuickBooks accounting help, payroll services, accounting services, debt and finance advising, business valuation, IRS representation, cash flow, and budgeting analysis.

Vetscher & Associates, LLC
2550 University Ave. W. 185S
Saint Paul, MN 55114
(651) 690-2250

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