How To Stay Productive as a Successful Business Owner

workstation-405768_640Entrepreneur Magazine recently asked a handful of entrepreneurs how they manage to stay productive.

Carol Craig, founder of Craig Technologies, doesn’t push herself past her limitations. A peer once told her that it’s okay to drop the ball occasionally as long as the ball bounces. While she’d rather sleep more, she takes advantage of quiet hours and uses those for relaxing as well as planning. As she says, there will always be an alligator to wrestle, so instead of being reactive, make sure you have your priorities straight.

Michael Migueli, founder of San Antonio Broker Services, refuses to have desks with drawers. This keeps him, as well as his employees, focused on what is before them, with the primary goal to clear those desktops. It has also helped him learn the benefits of delegating smaller tasks. This empowers his employees by giving them input into the business.

Advice from Rick Jackson of American Document Services is to plan ahead and work smarter, not harder.

Founder of ELOCEN Group LLC, Necole Parker, does her task list at the end of every day so she can hit the ground running the next morning. With her goals, to-do lists and next-steps in front of her every morning, it’s easier to have a clear focus on what needs to be done each day.

Alan Doan, founder of the Missouri Star Quilt Company, is a firm believer in building people. He empowers his employees and holds them as accountable as he does himself.

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