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DBA- Narcissistic Millennials

Each generation has a distaste for the next up and coming generation. The “Greatest Generation” criticized the Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomers scoffed at Generation X. The Boomers thought that the Generation X was living loose, defiant, with the grunge era and the cavalier attitude. The situation we are facing today with Millennials is either founded in truth or we are just another generation grumbling under our breathe at what seems like an awful generation that is bound to wreck an economy by way of endless selfies, lazy with little work ethic (unless it involves being on a cell phone), suffering from a massive dose of entitlement, and living a life only designed for social media and its inauthentic nature. They refuse to work the unrewarding jobs that we all did as The Greatest Generation, The Baby Boomers, and Generation X did, that were entry level and taught basic accountability and work ethic. The pay was simply for on-the-job training, not for the work required, but for the SKILLS required.

Millennials are broke, they don’t buy houses, and they are a victim to consumerism and marketing like no generation has ever been before.  Spending all the money they have on $6 coffee, jumping on the bandwagon of whatever current trending social justice cause that makes them “fit in” with peers on “subscribers”. This generation is a generation of Narcissists.

Entitlement is not a good enough description. 71% of American adults think of 18–30-year-old (Millennials), as “selfish” and 68% of Americans think of them as entitled according to one recent pole. Today’s work force is a disaster!  College and the earning of a degree makes them think they somehow now deserve a degree; hard work is the enemy, and they seem allergic to responsibility and work ethic. How can we move forward in a society of Men and Woman who have created this incredible country and worldwide economy?

Instant gratification doesn’t begin to describe this generation either!  Working long and hard for an outcome is not possible for this generation. Also, watch what you consume, it better say made from recycled materials. Nothing can be paper or plastic, now it must be recycled and environmentally friendly.

Go anywhere in the economy and look at the front doors of any business, I bet you see a “help wanted” or “were hiring” sign. The economy is needing people to work, begging people to work, and yet the ones that can fill that position are not doing so, while the government hands out money and prints it as we run out. It doesn’t take too long to realize the United States is headed for disaster. Business owners need solid workers, yet the workers seem to not have a need for a job.

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