Top 10 Best Financial Advisors in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Best Financial Advisors in Sandy Springs Georgia

Are you looking for top financial advisors in Sandy Springs? People from Georgia frequently search for terms like “top wealth advisors near me” online. It’s no wonder why they’d do this.

Choosing a financial advisor is crucial. It involves entrusting your assets to someone else. Naturally, you’d want to make sure your investments are secure and wisely managed for future wealth or retirement.

However, the challenge is making sure that your finances are being handled by the right people. How do you get accurate information about the payment schemes of financial advisors in Sandy Springs? And how do you ensure that you understand its long-term effects on your savings or retirement plans?

Reasons Why You Need Financial Advice

Making wise financial choices is essential for reaching your objectives. While some may prefer to handle their finances on their own, certain situations might call for the expertise of a financial planner in Georgia.

  • When Finances Get Complex: A financial advisor can be invaluable if your financial situation becomes complicated. They possess the knowledge to devise a detailed financial plan that fits your unique needs.
  • When You’re Short on Time or Knowledge: Juggling work, family, and personal life can make it tough to manage your finances well. A Sandy Springs wealth advisor can take on tasks like managing your investment portfolio, exploring investment opportunities, and keeping up with financial market trends. This should give you more time to concentrate on other aspects of your life.
  • For Achieving Long-Term Goals: For goals like saving for retirement, funding your kids’ education, or preparing for significant life milestones, a financial advisor can outline a strategy to help you meet your long-term objectives.
  • For Investment Advice: If investing seems daunting or you’re unsure about your investment choices, the best wealth planner in Sandy Springs can offer direction. They’ll evaluate your risk comfort level, suggest appropriate investments, and make sure your investment strategy is in line with your financial goals.
  • During Major Life Changes: Life events like marriage, divorce, receiving an inheritance, or a business venture can lead to complicated financial shifts. A financial advisor can provide unbiased guidance to help you make smart decisions and smoothly navigate these changes.

In such situations, enlisting a Sandy Springs financial advisor can boost your confidence and enhance your financial results. It’s worthwhile to speak with a reputable financial advisor to review your individual needs and see how their expertise can guide you in your journey.

Financial Planning: Finding the Right Path

Developing a strong financial plan is key to ensuring financial security over time.

Here are some strategies to think about:

1.   Use online platforms for self-guided investing

Manage your finances on your own by using online tools that allow you to handle your investments directly. This method can save money by cutting out the middlemen who are typically involved in financial transactions.

2.   Seek the guidance of a financial planner in Sandy Springs

Working with a financial planner or wealth manager can be beneficial, even considering the costs involved. Studies have shown that getting advice from a financial advisor can improve the growth of your investment portfolio by 1.5% to 4% over the long run.

Payment Methods of Sandy Springs Financial Advisors

When selecting a financial advisor in Rapid City, it’s important to know the different ways they can be compensated.

Common payment methods include:

  • Hourly Fee: This involves paying the advisor for the time they spend on your financial issues, regardless of how much you have in assets.
  • Retainer Fee: Sandy Springs wealth advisors may charge a set fee on a monthly or yearly basis. This guarantees their services for the duration of the retainer agreement.
  • Flat Fees: For this payment method, a single fee covers all services, such as financial planning and managing assets. This fee doesn’t change based on the size of your investments.
  • Commission-Based: Some financial advisors in Sandy Springs receive a portion of the money spent on specific investments they recommend, usually on a per-transaction basis.
  • Asset Management Fee: This fee is a percentage of your total invested assets, taken directly out of your investment account.

Choosing the Best Payment Structure

It’s crucial to think about possible conflicts of interest when deciding how to pay your Sandy Springs wealth advisor. The wrong choice of payment method could harm your financial health.

A commission-based payment system is often seen as the most beneficial. In this arrangement, your financial advisor makes money from the growth of your investments. This motivates them to focus on improving your financial situation.

That said, it’s essential to choose a payment plan that matches your objectives and ensures that your advisor’s motivations correspond with your own best interests.

Selecting a Financial Advisor in Sandy Springs: 7 Essential Factors

When looking for a financial advisor, keep the following factors in mind to ensure you select someone who meets your financial needs and goals.

1. Qualifications and Credentials

Seek advisors with key qualifications and certifications like Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). These credentials show a high level of knowledge and commitment to professional ethics.

2. Experience and Performance

Another thing you should look for in a top Sandy Springs financial advisor is the length of service and performance history. This includes their specific areas of focus and expertise. This will help you gauge if they’re the appropriate advisor for your financial needs.

3. Offered Services

Review what the advisor can offer, such as comprehensive financial planning, investment management, or retirement advice. Verify that these services match your needs and goals.

4. Fiduciary Responsibility

The best wealth advisors in Sandy Springs act as fiduciaries, meaning they’re legally required to put your interests first. This ensures that they’re working for your benefit, not just to make a sale.

5. Client Feedback

Assess the advisor’s client base and ask for feedback or references to understand their standing, professionalism, and effectiveness in delivering positive outcomes.

6. Fee Structure

Familiarize yourself with how Sandy Springs financial advisors are compensated, whether through asset management fees, fixed fees, or hourly rates. Make sure that there are no hidden fees and that their fee structure aligns with your expectations and budget.

7. Personal Compatibility

Arrange an initial get-to-know meeting to determine how well you communicate with the advisor. A strong personal connection and clear communication are vital for a successful advisory relationship.

Use these critical considerations as a guide to choosing a financial advisor. Make sure they’re the right fit for your financial journey and goals, as your choice is significant for your financial well-being.

Top 10 Financial Advisors in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Explore top financial advisors in Sandy Springs who are dedicated to leading you toward financial prosperity. Their extensive expertise, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to superior service have earned these advisors a strong reputation for delivering reliable financial advice.

1. Reynolds & Reynolds Financial Partners

editors choice

Reynolds & Reynolds Financial Partners is a testament to the vision of its founders, Devon & Shad Reynolds. With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, they saw a gap in the market for a firm that genuinely invested in talent development and client wellbeing.

In 2011, they established Reynolds & Reynolds Financial Partners with a noble aim: to make financial planning accessible to “the people who made America work,” focusing on wealth creation rather than wealth chasing.

A leading financial advisory firm in Sandy Springs, this firm stands out for its commitment to serving clients from all walks of life, debunking the myth that only those with substantial assets deserve top-tier financial advice. It challenges the traditional notion of retirement, urging clients to actively define what retirement means to them.

Catering primarily to government and corporate employees and practicing professionals, Reynolds & Reynolds Financial Partners prides itself on making smart financial decisions attainable for everyone serious about improving their financial health.

Reynolds & Reynolds Financial Partners
7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Building 12, Suite 200
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Phone: (404) 793-0021

2. LCORE Wealth Management

LCORE Wealth Management is a guiding light for those seeking to navigate the complexities of their financial futures. This top Sandy Springs wealth planning firm caters to a diverse clientele, including hardworking entrepreneurs, executives, families, and individuals who have built their wealth through determination and sacrifice.

Understanding the importance of specialized knowledge, LCORE Wealth Management has established a trusted network of CPAs, attorneys, estate planners, and insurance specialists. This collaborative approach ensures clients receive comprehensive advice for all their financial concerns.

LCORE Wealth Management prides itself on creating dynamic, flexible strategies that adapt to life’s changes and seize the opportunities presented by market volatility. The firm’s services span retirement and business planning, real estate, fee-based financial planning, third-party asset management, estate preparation, and personal protection.

With LCORE Wealth Management, clients gain the assurance of a lifelong plan and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their investments are managed wisely.

LCORE Wealth Management
9040 Roswell Road #350
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
Phone: (404) 939-9400

3. 1776 Wealth

A leading wealth planner in Sandy Springs, 1776 Wealth is a testament to the innovative spirit of its founders, Sean O’Toole and Deanna Suarez. Established in 2017, 1776 Wealth is named after a pivotal year in economic thought, paying homage to the publication of Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations.” This nod to history underscores the firm’s commitment to foundational principles of wealth creation that benefit individuals, businesses, and nations alike.

Specializing in serving entrepreneurs, executives, and their families, 1776 Wealth offers a comprehensive suite of wealth management and financial services. As a privately owned company, it operates with the flexibility and dedication of an independent fiduciary, ensuring that every piece of advice and service provided is in the client’s best interest.

1776 Wealth doesn’t just manage investments; it offers a broad array of family office and wealth planning services. From holistic financial statements and bookkeeping to support in private company governance, equity plan analysis, and estate planning, its offerings are designed to maximize wealth in all its forms.

1776 Wealth
750 Hammond Drive
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Phone: (678) 257-2730

4. Sandy Springs Private Wealth Management

Sandy Springs Private Wealth Management is a top Sandy Springs financial planning firm that marries the personalized touch of a family office with the expansive capabilities of a national financial institution.

At the core of its philosophy is the belief that every aspect of your wealth is interconnected. From investments impacting taxes to how executive benefits affect risk tolerance, Sandy Springs Private Wealth Management thrives on exploring how each financial decision influences another.

The firm’s approach is analytical, utilizing complex analysis to craft recommendations aimed at achieving the most favorable outcomes for its clients without selling unnecessary products or funds.

Dedicated to fostering sustainable, intergenerational relationships, Sandy Springs Private Wealth Management prioritizes critical thinking and acting in the best interest of its clients above all.

Its advisory services range widely, covering everything from alternative investments like hedge funds and private equity to comprehensive estate planning strategies and retirement planning.

Sandy Springs Private Wealth Management
1117 Perimeter Center W n111
Sandy Springs, GA 30338
Phone: (404) 998-8420

5. Iota Financial

Iota Financial, one of the best financial advisory firms in Sandy Springs, Georgia, has built its reputation on a foundation of minimizing tax liabilities and safeguarding the financial assets of its clients.

With over 16 years of experience, Iota Financial recognizes the complexities and challenges that come with navigating the intricate world of taxes and financial planning. The firm is dedicated to providing individuals, families, and businesses with the strategic guidance needed to achieve tax efficiency.

The belief of Iota Financial is strong: taxpayers and business owners deserve a skilled tax strategist who will guide them in making informed decisions that align with their financial goals. Offering services such as tax planning, compliance, accounting, and business advisory, Iota Financial is a beacon for those seeking to navigate the financial landscape with confidence, aiming to maximize tax efficiency and protect what they’ve earned.

Iota Financial
800 Mount Vernon Highway, Suite 350
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Phone: (404) 975-2945

6. Red Tortoise LLC

Red Tortoise LLC epitomizes the essence of dedicated and client-first investment counseling. As a boutique wealth planning firm in Sandy Springs, it thrives on delivering personalized investment advice, emphasizing low-cost, diversified portfolios tailored to meet each client’s unique goals and circumstances.

The guiding principle of Red Tortoise LLC is clear: clients’ interests always take precedence, a commitment reflected in their stance as professionals and fiduciaries.

Its investment strategy is executed using low-expense mutual funds and ETFs from reputable firms, with the flexibility to include individual municipal bonds where appropriate.

With a name that symbolizes portfolio longevity, Red Tortoise, LLC is committed to the long-term success of its clients’ investments. The team, boasting an average of 25 years of experience and holding prestigious designations such as CFP, CFA, CPA, CIPM, and CIMA, operates on a fee-based compensation model.

This ensures that the firm’s advice remains unbiased, free from the influence of commissions or investment selection incentives.

Red Tortoise LLC
Glenridge Highlands One, 5555 Glenridge Con #200
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
Phone: (833) 666-1200

7. Talon Wealth Management

Talon Wealth Management offers a fresh perspective on unlocking the potential of your retirement through astute financial planning and investment strategies. This leading Sandy Springs wealth advisory firm stands out for its commitment to personalized service, starting with a complimentary offering to demonstrate how it can enhance your financial journey.

Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all financial plans. Talon Wealth Management’s seasoned team believes in the power of uniqueness—creating detailed, customized plans that reflect your specific needs and aspirations.

The methodology of Talon Wealth Management is designed to support your goals, whether it’s to grow your retirement savings or protect them for your family’s benefit.

Offering services like annuity consultations, portfolio risk assessments, and comprehensive financial planning, Talon Wealth Management positions itself as a dedicated partner in your financial well-being.

Talon Wealth Management
5 Concourse Parkway, Suite 3000
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Phone: (404) 436-0000

8. Donaldson Capital Management

A beacon of financial stability and growth, the team at Donaldson Capital Management has a collective experience of over 300 years. 

As a testament to its dedicated wealth management, Donaldson Capital Management was recognized for its excellence with a place on the 2022 CNBC Financial Advisor 100 List. This distinction highlights the firm’s commitment to guiding clients toward financial freedom, underscored by a philosophy that values a practiced, steady path over the unpredictable waves of market volatility.

Offering a spectrum of portfolios, from the growth-focused Sequoia to the stability-oriented Preservation of Capital, Donaldson Capital Management caters to a wide range of financial goals and risk tolerances. This tailored, client-first approach positions the firm as a trusted wealth planning firm in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Lastly, with services tailored to individuals, businesses, and foundations, Donaldson Capital Management acts as a fiduciary, which means clients’ interests are paramount.

Donaldson Capital Management
6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, 400 Embassy Row NE, Suite 108
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Phone: (812) 421-3211

9. Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc.

Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc., established in 1980 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, stands as a pillar of financial guidance and planning, even in Sandy Springs.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), it specializes in fee-based investment management and retirement income planning, catering to a selective group of individuals and families.

The dedication of Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc. to serving the best interest of its clients is paramount, underscored by its independence and private ownership. This structure frees the firm from the constraints and influences of large brokerage houses. It enables its team of CFPs to operate with the utmost integrity, always prioritizing their clients’ needs above their own.

The essence of Benedict Financial Advisors is its fiduciary commitment, ensuring that every decision is made with the client’s financial well-being at the forefront. This makes Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc. a trusted partner in achieving lasting financial security and prosperity.

Benedict Financial Advisors, Inc.
6000 Lake Forrest Drive NW #550
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: (770) 671-8228

10. Element Wealth Advisors

Element Wealth Advisors, rooted in Atlanta, Georgia since 2006, excels in offering comprehensive financial planning and advice tailored to individuals and families navigating the realms of retirement planning, investment management, and income distribution.

The team of dedicated professionals at Element Wealth Advisors partners with clients to pinpoint financial solutions that match their unique goals, employing a blend of personalized advice, investment strategies, and cutting-edge technology to turn financial aspirations into reality.

Despite being rooted in Atlanta, the firm provides excellent financial planning services in Sandy Springs as well. With a keen focus on fostering confidence, connectivity, and control over its clients’ financial lives, Element Wealth Advisors is committed to transparency in every aspect of its service, including costs.

The philosophy at Element Wealth Advisors is grounded in the belief that insightful financial advice is key to preparing for life’s uncertainties and milestones, whether it’s retirement, education funding, or significant purchases.

Element Wealth Advisors
800 Mount Vernon Highway NE Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: (678) 871-2222


The creators of this list of the top 10 financial advisors in Sandy Springs, Georgia hold the view that informed individuals tend to make wiser decisions by learning about their options in advance.

We aim to enlighten you on finding a financial advisor suited to your distinct requirements. We’ve aimed to supply you with the latest insights to aid in making informed choices about selecting financial advisors in Sandy Springs. We trust that the information provided has been useful and has broadened your understanding of the financial advisory options available in the region.

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