Top 10 Best Financial Advisors in Roswell, Georgia

Best Financial Advisors in Roswell Georgia

Are you searching for skilled financial advisors in Roswell? Many residents in Georgia frequently search for terms like “top wealth advisors near me” online, and this makes sense.

Choosing a financial advisor is a significant choice you have to make, as you’re placing your assets and trust in one company or one person in that company. Naturally, you’d want to make sure your funds are safe and invested wisely, whether for growing your wealth or planning for retirement.

However, how do you make sure that your finances are being handled properly? How can you find out about payment schemes by financial advisors and understand how these fees might affect your savings or retirement plans over time?

When Do You Need Financial Advice?

Making smart choices with your money is key to reaching your ambitions. Sometimes, managing your finances is enough, but in certain situations, it might be helpful to get a trusted Roswell financial advisor on board.

Complex Financial Life: If your financial life is getting complicated, a financial advisor can guide you through the maze. They’re skilled in putting together a comprehensive financial plan that fits your unique situation.

Insufficient Time and Knowledge: If you’re juggling work, family, and personal life, you might not have much time left to manage your finances well. The best Roswell financial advisor can take on tasks like handling your investment portfolio, exploring investment options, and keeping an eye on market trends. This lets you concentrate on other important things in your life.

Major Long-Term Goals: For major goals like retirement planning, education funding, or emergency planning, a financial planner in Roswell can set a clear path for you to follow.

Investment Management: If you’re stepping into the world of investments or feeling unsure about your investment choices, a financial advisor can offer guidance. They’ll evaluate how much risk you’re comfortable with, suggest investments that fit, and make sure your investment choices are in line with your broader financial goals.

Major Financial Transitions: Life’s big moments—getting married, going through a divorce, receiving an inheritance, or starting a business—often mean big financial shifts. A top Roswell financial advisor can give you unbiased advice during these times, helping you make clear, informed choices and deal with any challenges.

In these cases, having a financial advisor can bring you a sense of security and lead to better financial results. It’s worth talking to a reputable financial advisor to see how they can help you on your financial journey.

Selecting the Right Path for Financial Planning

Creating a solid financial plan is essential for maintaining your financial health over time. Think about these strategies:

1. Explore self-service online tools.

Manage your finances using online tools that let you handle things by yourself. This approach can often save you money by cutting out the middlemen in your financial transactions.

2. Get help from a Roswell financial professional.

Working with a financial advisor or wealth manager can be beneficial, even considering the costs. Studies indicate that having a financial advisor on your side could improve your investment returns in the long run by 1.5% to 4%.

Payment Models of Financial Advisors in Roswell, Georgia

Knowing about payment types is important when picking a financial advisor in Roswell. Here’s a breakdown of typical fee structures:

Hourly Fee: Advisors bill clients for the actual time spent working on their financial issues, regardless of the size of their assets.

Retainer Fee: Advisors charge a set fee, either monthly or annually, for being on hand to offer the advisory services included in the retainer agreement.

Flat Fees: These are pre-set charges for specific services like financial planning or managing assets. They don’t change based on the investor’s account size.

Commission-Based: Financial advisors in Roswell get a cut from the money spent on buying investments that perform well, usually charged for each transaction.

Asset Management Fee: Investors pay a fee based on how much they’ve invested, which is taken directly from their accounts.

Identifying the Best Payment Structure

Paying close attention to possible conflicts of interest is crucial when picking how you’ll pay your financial advisor in Roswell, Georgia. Picking the wrong payment method can negatively impact your financial health.

For the best results, a commission-based fee setup is often preferred. In this setup, your financial advisor makes money based on how well your investments perform, motivating them to focus on your financial growth.

It’s important to choose a payment plan that matches your financial goals and makes sure your advisor’s motivations are in tune with your own best interests.

7 Essential Factors When Choosing a Roswell Financial Advisor

There are some important aspects to consider when choosing a financial advisor. These will guide you in selecting an advisor that matches your financial ambitions and priorities.

1. Qualifications and Expertise

Seek out advisors with significant qualifications and credentials, like Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certifications. These titles show a high level of skill and commitment to professional standards.

2. Experience and Proven Success

The top financial advisors in Roswell will have a good background and a plethora of success stories. Check their years of experience and ask about their specific areas of knowledge.

3. Services Provided

Review what services the advisor offers. Whether it’s full financial planning, retirement planning, investment management, or other specialized services, make sure their services meet your needs.

4. Commitment to Your Interests

Find out if the Roswell financial advisor acts with fiduciary responsibility. If they do, they’re legally bound to prioritize your best interests over their own.

5. Client Feedback

Consider who the advisor works with and ask for referrals or feedback from current clients. This can give you insight into their reputation and effectiveness.

6. Fee Structure

Understand how they get paid. Roswell wealth managers might charge a percentage of the assets they manage for you, a fixed fee, or an hourly rate. Make sure their fee structure is clear and acceptable to you and that there are no hidden charges.

7. Personal Connection

Meet potential advisors to see if you connect well and communicate effectively. A strong relationship and clear communication are key to a fruitful partnership.

In Georgia, let these key considerations guide you in finding a financial advisor who can contribute to the success of your financial journey. Choose carefully, as your financial future is at stake.

Top 10 Financial Advisors in Roswell, Georgia

Now that you have enough knowledge about financial advisors, let’s look at our list of Roswell’s top 10. These firms are committed to their client’s financial success. Their wide knowledge, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction have helped them build a stellar reputation in Roswell.

1. Canton Wealth Partners

editors choice

Canton Wealth Partners is a Roswell financial advisory firm that believes in a collaborative approach, understanding that each client’s journey is unique. The team devotes time and effort to each client, ensuring tailor-made strategies from start to finish.

The services offered by Canton Wealth Partners span investments, financial planning, insurance, and legacy planning. This allows the team to address the multifaceted aspects of financial well-being. Understanding the fear of outliving one’s resources, the firm places a significant emphasis on effective money management.

With a keen focus on crafting solid retirement strategies, Canton Wealth Partners is a beacon for those nearing or embarking on retirement. The team offers a wealth of resources and a personalized touch, demystifying the complexities of investing, insurance, estate conservation, and wealth preservation.

They’re not just planners; they are partners in your financial journey, proactively guiding and adjusting your plan to navigate life’s financial challenges and opportunities.

Canton Wealth Partners
1243 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
Phone: (470) 857-7180

2. Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors

Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors offers a refreshing approach to financial planning and portfolio management. The team starts by listening, not selling, setting the stage for a service that’s truly tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. This team understands that a trusted and knowledgeable financial advisor in Roswell doesn’t just guide your financial journey but also makes it more rewarding and less daunting.

Commitment is at the heart of its service. Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors pledges to understand what’s important to you, gain comprehensive insight into your financial situation, and provide precise and broad-spectrum advice.

Life is unpredictable, and Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors recognizes that. They see the challenges and complexities life throws at your financial planning and respond with a proactive, meticulous approach. They walk beside you, helping to clear the path, simplify the process, and bring your financial goals into sharper focus.

Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors
500 Sun Valley Drive, Suite A6
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 992-4444

3. Bella Advisors, Inc.

Bella Advisors, Inc. is a beacon for those seeking a more secure and fulfilling retirement in Georgia. Being one of the best wealth managers in Roswell, the team goes beyond financial planning. They also educate clients in the art of avoiding financial missteps, ensuring a smoother journey toward their golden years.

The essence of Bella Advisors, Inc. lies in their commitment to helping you craft your ‘Beautiful Retirement.’ This team is more than a group of financial experts; they are ardent advocates for your future, dedicated to turning your retirement dreams into reality.

At Bella Advisors, Inc., the belief is clear: everyone deserves a retirement that echoes their lifelong aspirations. With a blend of investment savvy and insurance know-how, they craft strategies that address your financial concerns, aiming for the peace of mind and lifestyle you’ve always envisioned.

Bella Advisors, Inc.
103 Bombay Lane
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 545-8881

4. Roswell Asset Management

Located in Roswell, Georgia, Roswell Asset Management is more than a financial advisory firm; it’s a trusted ally in your financial journey. Here, the core values of integrity, trust, respect, and friendship are not just words but the pillars that uphold every relationship.

A top financial advisory firm in Roswell, the team at Roswell Asset Management is committed to nurturing this bond by offering clear, comprehensive guidance across a spectrum of financial needs. This includes retirement and investment planning, estate and tax strategizing, and insurance solutions.

Roswell Asset Management understands that financial well-being isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. That’s why it crafts bespoke plans tailored to your unique goals and dreams, with a keen eye on adjusting these plans as your life evolves.

The team also has a dedication to educating its clients, helping demystify complex financial concepts, and providing clarity to enable informed decisions. Roswell Asset Management offers a holistic approach to ensure your financial security and peace of mind.

Roswell Asset Management
904 Macy Drive
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 545-8801

5. Power Wealth Management

Power Wealth Management embodies a trusted financial advisory service in Roswell where purpose and confidence converge. This team’s approach is distinct: they prioritize you over growth, ensuring a partnership rooted in understanding and achieving your financial goals. It doesn’t aspire to be the largest firm; instead, it aims to be your most trusted advisor.

With services spanning from cash flow and retirement planning to estate and legacy planning, Power Wealth Management is your partner in forging a path to financial security.

As an independent Investment Advisor in Roswell, Power Wealth Management thrives on its freedom to act as your fiduciary, unbound by any family of funds or investment products. Their approach to portfolio construction is anything but generic; it’s a carefully crafted plan that starts with understanding your financial aspirations and culminates in a diversified strategy across multiple asset classes.

Power Wealth Management
302 Bombay Lane
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (404) 889-8919

6. Blueprint Wealth Management

Blueprint Wealth Management, nestled in Roswell, Georgia, stands as a paragon of tailored financial guidance. Operating as a fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firm in Roswell, it’s committed to retirement planning, financial planning, and investment management services that align perfectly with your aspirations.

Standing apart as an independently owned firm, Blueprint Wealth Management‘s sole focus is you. Their independence means your goals shape their advice, free from the constraints of corporate agendas or commission-driven models.

Additionally, Blueprint Wealth Management shines in recognizing the distinct financial needs of women, offering a dedicated and understanding ear to every female investor, ensuring their financial journey is heard, respected, and meticulously catered to.

With integrity, prudence, and transparency at its core, Blueprint Wealth Management crafts your financial future like a skilled architect drawing a blueprint. Its dedication to aligning your wealth with your life’s goals and purpose ensures a deeply satisfying partnership.

Blueprint Wealth Management
300 Colonial Center Parkway, Suite 100
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (678) 807-4007

7. Wealth Creation Atlanta

Wealth Creation Atlanta is a top financial advisory firm in Roswell that’s dedicated to managing the intricate tapestry of your financial life. With a team of seasoned professionals, Wealth Creation Atlanta is committed to integrating and refining all aspects of your financial picture, from wealth accumulation and preservation to enhancing cash flow and protecting against loss. Its focus extends beyond mere financial growth, aiming to enrich your life with more freedom to pursue your passions.

The WCA Process is tailored to individual needs, ensuring that personal financial services aren’t just about numbers but about maximizing your financial potential and aligning with your deepest aspirations. This team excels in guiding both individuals and business owners through the wealth-building journey, helping you make informed decisions that resonate with your goals.

Just as houses are built by skilled craftsmen and home runs are hit by seasoned athletes, Wealth Creation Atlanta believes in the power of process over product.

Wealth Creation Atlanta
500 Sun Valley Drive, Suite B1
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 998-5327

8. Live Oak Wealth Management

Live Oak Wealth Management offers a beacon of independent financial advice to those charting their course towards retirement. Founded in 2009 with a mission to deliver unbiased and client-focused guidance, Live Oak Wealth Management caters to the hard-working, the family-oriented, and the busy professionals—both corporate employees and self-employed business owners alike—who seek not just to plan for retirement but to partner with a leading financial advisor in Roswell.

The firm’s three-tiered portfolio solution emphasizes active investment management grounded in robust planning, aimed at generating a steady income stream for retirees. Offering services like financial planning, retirement income planning, and participant 401(k) management, Live Oak Wealth Management stands out for its unwavering commitment to putting clients’ interests first and offering objective, goals-based financial advice.

Live Oak Wealth Management is the choice for those looking for more than just an advisory service; it’s for those seeking a partnership with a firm that values trust, independence, and a personalized approach to achieving personal financial goals.

Live Oak Wealth Management
10892 Crabapple Road # 100
Roswell, GA 30075
Phone: (770) 552-5968

9. Magnolia Financial Group

Magnolia Financial Group is a leading financial advisory company in Roswell that excels in guiding families and small businesses through the delicate balance of financial obligations and goals. With a commitment to serving your best interests, Magnolia Financial Group combines expertise and empathy, focusing on your future with precision and care.

Offering services that cover vision and discovery, wealth and asset protection, cash management, and planning for retirement or financial independence, Magnolia Financial Group is your partner in planning for what matters most.

From the initial steps of wealth building and retirement planning to crafting bespoke strategies for businesses, Magnolia Financial Group offers clear, thoughtful guidance. Its approach to financial planning is akin to nurturing a tree from seed to sturdy oak, providing a stable foundation, preparing for growth, and offering protection against life’s unpredictable storms.

Magnolia Financial Group
38 Sloan Street
Roswell, GA 30075
Phone: (770) 353-6406

10. Howard Capital Management, Inc.

Howard Capital Management, Inc. believes that the nature of the financial market is not a question of if it will fluctuate, but rather when. With this in mind, the firm leverages math-based, proprietary technology aiming to shield investments from downturns while seizing growth opportunities, even in the most turbulent market conditions.

The services offered by Howard Capital Management, Inc. cater to a wide range of clients, including individual investors, financial advisors, and those seeking private wealth services. This top Roswell wealth advisory firm offers innovative tools like the 401(k) Optimizer® and TSP Optimizer®, along with HCM Guided Retirement, providing tailored strategies across various financial landscapes.

With over two decades of quantitative research backing its strategies, Howard Capital Management, Inc. provides analytical, unbiased financial guidance. Offering a spectrum of liquid investment options, the firm aligns investors with solutions that resonate with their risk profiles and investment goals, all through the lens of mathematical rigor and technological sophistication.

Howard Capital Management, Inc.
1145 Hembree Road
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 642-4902


The team behind this list of top 10 wealth advisors in Roswell, Georgia believes that well-informed individuals make wise choices, especially after thoroughly exploring their options.

We aim to make you more knowledgeable about selecting a financial advisor that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. We offer up-to-date information to assist you in making informed choices when seeking financial advisors in Roswell, Georgia. We hope the details provided here have been insightful and introduced you to some of the best financial advisors in your area.

It’s crucial to note that this content doesn’t serve as professional guidance. The information here isn’t accountable for any results stemming from actions taken or not taken based on its content. Conducting your research, tailored to your situation, before making any investment decision is highly advised.

You should also consider consulting with your investment, financial, tax, and legal advisors. By using this information, readers agree to absolve the providers of this content from any responsibility for any kind of liability, loss, claims, disagreements, damages, or expenses that may arise.

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