Top Ten Financial Advisors in Phoenix

Financial Advisors in Phoenix

Hiring a firm, or trusting an individual within a firm or Financial Advisors in Phoenix Arizona, to invest and protect your money for retirement or wealth accumulation is a big decision. Knowing what asset management company or wealth advisory service to hire can be a tough decision to make. How do you know your money is in the right hands? How do you know about their fees and how it affects your retirement or savings long term? In the financial planning business, reputation is one thing. But the philosophy and how they go about managing your portfolio is much more important.

Many seek the advice of a financial planner to navigate sudden changes in life such as marriage, divorce, death or switching a career. Selling a business can often result in needing a new approach, with a good business broker and a financial planner needed to take the seller to the next level of success.

Every stage of life calls for a different approach to saving and planning. If one started investing at age 21, the needs of that person are drastically different than one who starts at 65 years of age. The approach, how aggressive the investment portfolio is and the current income of the different individuals, are all things to consider. Many options are available for those who wish to invest and plan for a final destination—whether it’s freedom from the work force or for a very comfortable eventual retirement. The success or failure to reach the ultimate destination largely depends on the firm chosen and the performance of their services. Let’s not forget that the political climate, the state of the economy and how dedicated the investor is at staying with the market ups and downs are factors that can impact the lifetime results of your long-term financial strength.

Financial planning can be accomplished in several ways. Signing up with an online do-it-yourself investment company is one way. Another is to hire an actual advisor. Both strategies come with their pros and cons.

An online do-it-yourself firm lets you do it without human advice and usually comes with a lower price or cost to invest. After all, another human is not paid for doing research or making transactions in the investment. The option of hiring a wealth manager or financial planner comes with higher costs, but proven to have more lucrative results. Analysts say you can anticipate 2% to 4% higher results when you have direct involvement of an active financial planner versus going it alone.

What Will That 2% or 4% Cost?

Hiring a financial planner comes with greater returns but at higher costs? At which point is it beneficial? To know that, it’s crucial to understand how your advisor makes money. It will determine how they work to make you money. Which means it is important to understand the various options and payment structures. Here are the most common choices:

Hourly: The investor is charged for time spent on his behalf, regardless of assets.
Retainer: A scheduled (usually monthly or annual) fee makes the Financial Advisor available, on-call for the advisory services the retainer covers.
Flat fees: A set price for financial planning and asset management services. The fees have nothing to do with the amount of the investor’s account, big or small. It’s like ordering off a menu of services.
Commission: The financial advisor receives a percentage of the money spent buying high-performing investments, usually charged per transaction.
Asset management: The investor is charged a fee based on how much money is invested and fees usually are paid directly from the investor’s account.

If a financial advisor is less motivated to make you more money—for example, an hourly fee—that advisor is more likely to spend time on another account. They make more money the more investments and assets grow in an Asset Management account. But also be aware that conflicts of interest can arise, depending on the fee structure. For example, advisors in Phoenix might move money around needlessly if they get a flat fee per transaction. Taking a portion of the growth of the investment (commissions) may encourage more thoughtful transactions.

Financial Responsibility

How do you know an advisor isn’t pushing you into investments that benefit someone else’s interests more than your own? Be sure to ask a financial planner you plan to work with, “Do you have a fiduciary responsibility to my investments?” The question will tell you if he is licensed* or not. If he is, that means the financial planner must invest in your best interest first, even if it doesn’t benefit the financial planner. They are bound by ethics and regulations to do so. If the planner is not operating with a strict sense of fiduciary responsibility, he could lead you down a path that has more risk. But that riskier path can also offer a higher pay off for you, as well as him. Who can say which choice is better? It would be hard to determine. Safer? Or bigger and better results? Like anything else, depending on your unique situation, you may be wise to try it both ways to find which approach is better. The wisest course? Get to know your financial planner and make sure you feel comfortable with the road he or she has planned for you, tailored to the results you desire.

The following are the best financial planners in Phoenix:

Fiscal Fitness

editors choiceSometimes the only difference between being successful with finances and not is a dash of inspiration mixed with an ounce of motivation. Fiscal Fitness believes everyone has the ability to take control of their finances and freely gives away strategies for success to inspire anyone via their Fiscal Fitness Podcast and Fiscal Fitness blog.

Fiscal Fitness was born out of a passion to help people stop feeling they were controlled by their money. They strive to make every client know they have the power to take control of their finances and transform their lives. What began as a side hustle almost a decade ago has grown into a business that helps hundreds of clients gain clarity, purpose and peace of mind about their finances every year.

Planning ahead is a skill everyone can learn and it transforms peoples’ relationship with money. Fiscal Fitness helps financial coaching clients create a realistic budget but that is just one part of the plan. A Fiscal Fitness “budget” is not like any budget ever seen before. It considers the life’s timing and shows you decisions made today affect money tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond. It provides guidance in knowing what to pay and when, the best strategy for paying things off, and how long it will take to save for what you want. Financial coaching isn’t only about a budget. It’s about a life. Fiscal Fitness’s financial coaching superpower is helping people see their money clearly enough to make the next financial decision a no-brainer.

Fiscal Fitness helps create a road map for money that takes into account a car payment as well as a dreams and goals for the future. It is possible to live those dreams without living on rice and beans to do it!

Fiscal Fitness helps clients:
Gain Total Clarity About Money
Book a Eureka! session and get the detailed ‘picture’
Create a Plan To Feel Excited About
The created plan will take into account monthly spending as well as financial goals. No guesswork involved! Clients know everything and see how it fits into the big picture, laid out in front of them, step-by-step!
Take Action and Execute The Plan
With the plan laid out, combined with new awareness and excitement, all that’s left is tackling the steps and making progress on the financial journey with a blueprint for financial success and freedom.

Fiscal Fitness

2406 S. Mulberry St.
Mesa, AZ 85202
Phone: (480) 788-4588
Web: www.fiscalfitnessphx.com

Active Money Management Inc.

The only certainty in life and business is change, and managing change has never been more challenging than today. Planning for personal or business financial future doesn’t have to be uncertain and stressful. Active Money Management helps clients see a clear path to financial success. The primary focus of Active Money Management is to serve as a holistic adviser. They offer integrated tax, estate and personal financial planning in addition to the investment advisory services.

The goal is to build a comprehensive plan that flexes with life changes, but ultimately leaves clients with peace of mind about a solid financial future. The team at Active Money Management helps people create, grow, and protect their estate.

Becky Gaylor is the CEO and owner of Active Money Management. For over 30 years, she has developed many long-term client relationships by helping a variety of businesses and individuals with small business accounting, insurance, investment and estate planning. A Certified Financial Planner™, Becky is also a certified funds specialist and management accountant.

Active Money Management Inc.
11811 N. Tatum Blvd. 2200
Phoenix, Az 85028

Fullerton Financial Planning

Fullerton Financial Planning is here to help clients feel confident about their financial future. It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind afforded by financial security and the certified fiduciaries and experienced investment advisors at Fullerton Financial Planning have decades of combined experience helping people find answers to difficult financial questions. The goal is to help attain that peace of mind with well-thought-out strategies that combine a wide variety of investment and insurance products with comprehensive planning. The peace of mind they deliver is impossible is maintained with the trust their clients put in them to manage their investments and facilitate retirement plan. They educate enough to make clients feel comfortable trusting them with their hard-earned assets. The team’s holistic approach focuses equities, annuities, real estate and other investment vehicles to generate supplemental retirement income and develops long-term strategies that create financial stability, including estate planning, insurance products, tax planning and charitable giving.

Stephanie and Steve Fullerton founded Fullerton Financial Planning to make a difference in their client’s lives by helping them realize the financial futures they deserve. The two create strong relationships with clients.

As Founder and President of Kingdom Financial Group LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and an Investment Advisor Representative, Steve helps clients prepare for one of the most important periods in their lives: retirement. Steve works with retirees and pre-retirees to ascertain their unique needs and goals then helps clients create a strategy to achieve them.

Retired from Arizona law enforcement after 22 years of honorable service, he has a heart for compassion and service and finds assisting the less fortunate locally and around the world a fulfilling, worthwhile pursuit.

The mechanisms of our modern-day regulatory and financial environment have made it impossible to entirely separate estate planning, tax planning, financial planning and investment management. Fullerton Financial Planning endeavors to bring professionals in each of those areas into the Fullerton Financial Planning fold. Their team will develop an all-inclusive plan that checks all the boxes and lets you sleep better at night for you.

From the Millennial who wants to retire early to the Gen Xer who’s ready to start adjusting your investments and risk profile for that home stretch towards retirement and the Baby Boomer who wants to live comfortably, cover health care costs and be financially prepared for whatever comes, budgetary needs are unique at each stage of life. There is not a one-size-fits-all financial plan for everyone. Fullerton Financial Planning planners listen, develop an understanding of each client’s goals and help map out a path to get there.

The team works tirelessly to help develop strategic tax planning techniques to help realize your financial freedom faster and quicker. They also specialize in advanced planning to maximize our client’s bottom line while helping clients save on those taxes.
No one likes surprises. Fullerton Financial Planning offers month-to-month flat-fee packages that offer a great deal of value to clients, including tax planning and year-end tax preparation.

Fullerton Financial Planning
600 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Suite 102
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 912-4500


Profound Financial, PLLC is a full-service accounting and tax firm that offers a unique and customized holistic approach to all services and takes the time to understand each client’s financial needs. Their financial consulting makes their service PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT!
Their hard work has earned respect from the business and financial communities and respect for the team’s diverse talents, dedication to clients and quality of service.
The primary goal of all team members is to be available to provide insightful advice to enable clients to make informed financial decisions. The firm continually professionally educates and improves their technical expertise, financial knowledge and service.

Estate planning can be complicated and costly with an endless list of obligations, including state taxes, bureaucracy, probate courts, unfair appraisals, health care concerns, eligibility of heirs, life insurance, IRA’s, 401K’s, annuities, burial or cremation costs. Thoughts of estate planning often bring more questions than answers. Should inheritance be protected from potential creditors? Are there taxes that can be avoided? How can you avoid probate court rules, delays, and costs?
Good planning requires qualified help and in all cases, estate planning ends up saving heirs lots of time, headaches, heartache and money.

Profound Financial, PLLC gets to know each client and their unique situation, and the nature of relationships. They offer discussion, recommendations and research tools to make planning simple, efficient, and worry-free. At every step, they are there to help.

Profound Financial
11225 N 28th Dr Ste B214
Phoenix, AZ, 85029
Phone: (623)566-9821

Wealthnest Planners

Wealthnest Planners offers clients a unique experience and proactive tax management. Devoted to finding better ways to serve and simplify client’s financial lives produces financial freedom and peace of mind. Reducing tax liability helps with the process.

Wealthnest Planners financial guidance goes beyond investments. The personal relationship with the team helps to simplify client’s financial life.

Nestology™ wealth management is a proprietary process that uniquely addresses tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance, and investments, all under one roof, allowing for efficiency. All of these financial categories share a relationship. For example, it’s harder to reach financial goals when paying too much in taxes. This comprehensive approach addresses the complete, holistic and balanced approach which results in peace of mind. Wealthnest Planners are devoted to finding better ways to serve and simplify the financial lives of clients.

Wealthnest continually educates themselves and clients on various life and financial events they possibly could face and launched a YouTube channel with weekly episodes on a variety of topics, ranging from estate planning mistakes to maximizing employer benefits.

Wealthnest Planners are clever & unconventional in wealth management. The firm offers a unique client experience. Clients have seamless and continual access to all members of the team, giving maximum exposure to a wide range of specialties and expertise and a hands-on approach to managing wealth and enduring multiple market cycles and turbulent times.

The kind of clients that gravitate toward Wealthnest Planners are from all walks of life, successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, engineers, and mechanics. They share one desire for something simplified, something convenient, something complete.

Wealthnest Planners
5720 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226

Jeremy Kisner, CFP

Jeremy Kisner, CFP helps busy professionals and retirees plan their finances and manage their investments and provide for their families. He helps clients navigate real estate sales and decide what they want out of retirement and create lifetime income.

Jeremy is the Director of Financial Planning at Surevest Private Wealth and helps Surevest’s financial life planners stay current on the latest strategies and law changes, as well as advising them about high net-worth clients who have complex cases. He’s the Senior Wealth Advisor, select group of Surevest clients.
Jeremy loves of all things finance and has written a highly rated book, A Good Financial Advisor Will Tell You (reviewed with 4.6 stars on Amazon) and has been quoted in Barron’s or The Wall Street Journal. His degree in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and is been trained in financial life coaching by both Money Quotient and The Kinder Institute.

Jeremy Kisner, CFP makes sure his clients leave the right impression when they pass on their finances and make sure clients leave what they want to leave and say what they want to say to their heirs when they pass on. He hopes those messages impact his client’s heirs more than anything they said when they were alive.

Jeremy Kisner, CFP

2425 E. Camelback Rd, Suite 890B
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(480) 272-7116

ELR Financial Planning

ELR Financial Planning creates strategies that are tailored to clients’ needs and goals and they guide them through life transitions. Trust, honesty, and integrity matter, and ELR Financial Planning lives by those values every day.

The team provides full service independent financial advice and objective recommendations for business owners and individuals to help make decisions that meet clients’ expectations. The firm specializes in the design and management of investment portfolios for professionals, business owners and retired individuals. They put clients’ interests first at all times, adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior, offer outstanding service and performance and keep costs low. They protect assets and confidential information and work hard to continually earn their clients’ trust.

ELR Financial Planning can help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow. The team of professionals have years of experience in financial services and address needs of each client individually. Today’s economic environment presents many challenges that can be opportunities and potential rewards. The team at ELR Financial Planning can help identify long-term trends and help client’s benefit, as well as helping address each client’s most pressing financial questions. The firm’s money management approach involves creating budgets to understand and make decisions about where the client’s money is going. That lets clients put any excess cash to work. Eric L. Reataza 20 years experience and specializes in comprehensive financial planning. He is licensed for general securities, investment advisory services and insurance services.

ELR Financial Planning
6909 W Ray Rd Suite 15-125
Chandler, AZ 85226

Sovereign Assets AZ

Sovereign Assets AZ consulting process is designed to empower clients for success!
The firm is choosy about client selection. They want to give each the time and guidance they deserve and the financial management team handles all worries as the client is walked through the Sovereign Assets AZ process. All consulting is free and the firm strives to make sure retirement and financial goals are met.

The plan is simply analyzing a client’s finances to ensure they are on track. They provide the best choice to make certain clients have full control of their money. Private pensions fully owned retirement accounts by the client with safety nets built to ensure income for life.

Sovereign Assets was created by people who grew up in environments where living paycheck to paycheck was the norm. Sovereign Assets is a business with an American Dream Spirit and always look for opportunities to educate & advise clients, families and community members about the importance of a strong financial foundation. The firm’s service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities and a comprehensive report with a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis and a schedule. Sovereign Assets’ suite of quality products helps clients meet their goals quickly and smoothly.
They put clients on a solid track to success and profit.

Sovereign Assets AZ
2231 E Camelback rd. Unit 217
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Empowerment Financial Group

Get engaged. Get educated. Get empowered.

Empowerment Financial Group organizes, manages and fully understands their client’s finances and takes the stress and confusion out of planning by implementing a strategy tailored to meet each client’s unique, short- and long-term financial goals.

By paying close attention to detail and providing only objective advice, the firm, operates with integrity and identifies specific risk tolerance, time horizon, experiences and expectations to help put the pieces of the financial puzzle together and coordinates wealth management, retirement planning and terror-free investment.

Financial management is critical and helps clients care for themselves and their families, pursue their passions and prepare for an enjoyable future. Selecting a wealth manager who can help the client find options and guide them along life’s journey is crucial.

At Empowerment Financial Group, a client’s wealth manager is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and they are held to a legal standard of fiduciary duty to consistently make decisions in the client’s best interest. Working with them should be easy and comfortable. Simultaneously, it should yield results. With these fundamentals in mind, the firm has developed and refined the proprietary Make a Difference Process, a dynamic process that focuses on what’s important to the client and pinpoints how to capture that client’s ideal life. It concentrates on what can be controlled and aligned the client’s values and priorities. Ultimately, this team-based endeavor makes a real, positive difference in the aspects of life that are most important to the client and put in place the solutions to support them.

Getting finances in order is critical to achieving life goals. Empowerment Financial Group can make the journey straightforward and seamless, and their team will guide and support their client’s every step of the way with Tailored Financial Services.

Financial situations evolve over time and accumulating assets gives way to the preservation phase that envisions retirement and plans how to distribute the wealth a client has worked hard to earn and keep. Empowerment Financial Group will meet clients where ever they are in the process tailor their financial services to each client’s specific needs.

Empowerment Financial Group
9375 E. Shea Blvd., Suite #100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
P: (480) 634-8890

S+G Wealth Partners, LLC

S+G Wealth Partners, LLC helps clients understand the opportunities and potential rewards available when they take a proactive approach to their personal financial situation. The firm helps clients gain a better understanding of the financial concepts behind insurance, investing, retirement, estate planning, and wealth preservation when they work with the skilled professionals there. They frequently update information on their website so clients won’t miss any developments in the area of personal finance.

Scott—the ‘S’ part of S+G–grew up in Philadelphia, PA., graduated from Temple University, and moved to Phoenix where he graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s Degree in Education. After 20 years teaching Elementary School, he became a Registered Representative and then an Investment Advisor Representative with Questar Asset Management, becoming the branch manager a short time later.

Marcus Seiter is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and has been in the financial services industry since 1999. Marcus graduated from Arizona State University and in 2014, Marcus graduated summa cum laude from Arizona Summit Law School. He is a practicing estate planning attorney with Seiter Law, PLLC.

The firm provides outstanding service to clients because of dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality. By combining expertise, experience and energy, each client receives close personal and professional attention. Every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm. Clients rely on competent advice and fast, accurate personnel and total financial services to individuals, large and small businesses and other agencies. The firm’s reflects the high standards they demand of themselves and they strive to be available to provide insightful advice to enable clients to make informed financial decisions.

S+G Wealth Partners, LLC
960 W Elliot Rd, Suite 114
Tempe, AZ 85284

The team providing this Top Ten list believes smart people make smart decisions because they educate themselves on the choices they are preparing to make. We hope we’ve helped you become smarter about choosing a financial advisor that meets your unique and specific needs. We try to provide readers with up-to-date information that will help make those good decisions. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the information we’ve provided and learning about some of the choices for Financial Advisors in the Phoenix area.

No content is intended to constitute professional advice. This content is not responsible or liable for any consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action you take or fail to take based on the information provided. It is very important to do your own analysis, based on your own personal circumstances, before making any investment. Consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. Readers agree to indemnify and hold harmless the providers of this information, from and against any and all liability, losses, claims, demands, disputes, damages or costs of any kind.

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