Top 10 Best Financial Advisors in Marietta, Georgia

Best Financial Advisors in Marietta Georgia

Are you on the hunt for the best wealth advisors in Marietta? Residents of Georgia frequently search for “top financial advisors near me” in their search engines. We understand why they do it.

Choosing a financial advisor is a critical step, as it means entrusting your assets to a company or a professional within that company. Naturally, you’d want to make the right choice when it comes to securing and growing your wealth for future needs or retirement.

However, how can you ensure that your finances are in the right hands? How can you know the fee structures of financial advisors to assess how they might affect your savings or retirement funds over time?

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Financial Advice

Making good decisions when it comes to your finances is important for reaching your goals. While some may prefer to manage their finances on their own, certain situations may warrant the assistance of a financial advisor in Marietta, Georgia.

1. Complicated Financial Situation

When your finances become too complicated to handle on your own, a financial advisor can provide much-needed guidance. Their expertise lies in creating a detailed financial plan that’s customized to your unique situation.

2. Time or Knowledge Constraints

Juggling professional duties, family responsibilities, and personal life can leave minimal time for effective financial management. A Marietta financial advisor can ease this load by overseeing tasks like portfolio management, investment portfolio research, and keeping track of market shifts. This frees up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your life.

3. Long-Term Goals

A Marietta wealth advisor can help you reach your long-term financial goals. This includes retirement planning, financing your child’s education, or preparing for significant life milestones.

4. Investment Advice

For newbies to the investment world or those who feel uncertain about making sound investment choices, a financial advisor can provide direction. They will evaluate your risk profile and suggest appropriate investment avenues to ensure that your investment portfolio is in sync with your financial goals.

5. Navigating Major Financial Transitions

Major life events, such as marriage, divorce, receiving an inheritance, or embarking on a new business venture can lead to complex financial changes. During these times, a leading financial advisor in Marietta can offer impartial advice, helping you make well-informed choices and steer through possible challenges.

In these scenarios, a wealth advisor can offer reassurance and positively influence your financial health. It’s advisable to engage with a reliable financial advisor to evaluate your unique requirements and discover how their expertise can help you in your financial journey.

How To Select the Right Path in Financial Planning

Developing a solid financial strategy is essential for maintaining financial security over time. Choose from these financial planning options:

1.   Use digital self-management tools

Assert your financial independence by leveraging digital platforms that allow you to manage your investments on your own. This approach reduces your costs by removing any middleman.

2.   Leverage the knowledge of a financial professional

Collaborating with a dedicated Marietta financial planner or wealth advisor can work in your favor, particularly when it comes to costs. Studies indicate that working with a financial advisor can boost the long-term performance of your portfolio by approximately 1.5% to 4%.

Payment Models of Financial Advisors in Marietta, Georgia

Understanding the various compensation models is crucial when selecting a financial advisor. Here are some of the most common fee structures:

Hourly Charge: Advisors charge clients based on the time spent managing their financial affairs, irrespective of the total asset value.

Fixed Retainer: Marietta wealth advisors take a set fee, either monthly or annually, in exchange for continuous access to the advisory services included in the retainer agreement.

Set Fee: This one-time charge covers specific services like financial planning or asset management, and it remains unaffected by the client’s account size.

Commission-Based: Advisors receive a fraction of the amount spent on high-performing investment products, usually calculated on a per-transaction basis.

Percentage of Assets: This fee model involves investors paying a fee that’s a percentage of their invested assets, typically taken directly from their accounts.

Choosing the Optimal Payment Method: Which Is Best?

Carefully evaluating potential conflicts of interest is crucial when determining the fee arrangement for your financial advisor in Marietta. Choosing an unsuitable fee model might adversely impact your financial health.

Typically, a commission-based fee structure is considered more advantageous. In such a model, the financial advisor receives a share of the profits from the investments. This encourages them to focus on enhancing their client’s financial prosperity.

It’s essential to choose a payment scheme that matches your objectives and guarantees that the motivations of your advisor are in line with your interests.

7 Essential Factors When Choosing a Wealth Advisor in Marietta

There are several factors to consider when finding a financial advisor. These factors will guide you in making a well-informed choice and ensure that your advisor resonates with your financial aspirations and priorities.

1. Credentials and Expertise

Seek top financial advisors in Marietta who possess pertinent credentials and certifications, such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). These qualifications are indicative of a certain level of proficiency and commitment to professional standards.

2. Professional Track Record and Success

Take into account the advisor’s years of experience and success in the industry. Also, check what niche they specialize in and ensure that it aligns with your needs.

3. Service Offerings

The best Marietta financial advisor for you will be the one who offers the services you need. Check the services the advisor provides, whether it’s all-encompassing financial planning, retirement planning, investment management, or niche services.

4. Commitment to Your Best Interest

Confirm if the advisor adheres to a fiduciary standard. A fiduciary is ethically and legally bound to prioritize your interests, ensuring that your needs are placed above their own.

5. Client Base and Recommendations

Reflect on the Marietta wealth advisor’s client base and seek out recommendations or feedback from their current clients. This can offer a glimpse into their standing, professionalism, and capability in achieving satisfactory outcomes.

6. Fee Arrangement

Learn about how the advisor is compensated. Whether it’s a percentage of assets under management, a fixed fee, or an hourly rate, ensure the fee arrangement is transparent. This is important for you to know its potential effect on your investment returns.

7. Building a Relationship

Arrange a preliminary conversation or meeting with leading financial planners in Marietta to evaluate your connection and their communication skills. A harmonious relationship and clear communication are key elements for a rewarding advisory partnership.

In Marietta, Georgia, these factors should guide you in choosing a financial ally to navigate the path to financial success. Make the choice carefully; the future of your finances is at stake.

10 Best Financial Advisors in Marietta, Georgia

Now, let’s look at the best financial advisors in the area who are dedicated to leading you toward financial prosperity. Equipped with extensive knowledge, profound expertise, and a steadfast dedication to superior service, these financial professionals have earned a commendable reputation for delivering reliable financial advice.

1. Wiser Wealth Management, Inc.

editors choice

With roots stretching back over two decades, Wiser Wealth Management, Inc. was born from a desire to equip individuals with the confidence to navigate their financial journeys. Their mission is to illuminate the path to financial clarity, allowing clients to shift their focus from financial concerns to the joys of life.

The expertise at Wiser Wealth Management, Inc. spans a comprehensive suite of services, including portfolio and financial planning, retirement strategies, legacy planning, and specialized wealth management solutions for airline pilots. Recognized as a fiduciary, fee-only firm, Wiser Wealth Management, Inc. is a top wealth advisory firm in Marietta.

At this firm, the mystery of fees unravels into a clear, straightforward approach. Clients have the liberty to choose between an asset-based or a flat fee structure to ensure that there are no hidden fees.

The reputation for excellence at Wiser Wealth Management, Inc. is further cemented by its affiliations with esteemed institutions like NAPFA, FPA, CFA Society Atlanta, and CDFA, marking it as a beacon of integrity and expertise in the financial landscape.

Wiser Wealth Management, Inc.
125 Church Street #220
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (678) 235-9045

2. Chandler Wealth Management

Founded by Craig Chandler, a Registered Investment Advisor, Chandler Wealth Management is recognized by the Better Business Bureau for its commitment to ethical practices and specialized focus on retirement planning. With its roots spread across Georgia and Florida, the firm crafts customized strategies for wealth accumulation and retirement, serving a diverse clientele across the US.

From retirement and income planning to insurance, tax strategies, and estate considerations, Chandler Wealth Management stands as a comprehensive ally. Clients find solace in the firm’s expertise, securing their financial future and savoring life’s next adventure with confidence and ease. This is why they’re deemed a leading financial advisory firm in Marietta.

The firm’s ethos is grounded in the belief that everyone, regardless of the size of their retirement savings, deserves astute and diligent financial stewardship. The team at Chandler Wealth Management diligently ensures that their clients’ hard-earned wealth is optimized to support a fulfilling retirement, spanning up to three decades of leisure and freedom.

Chandler Wealth Management
320 Cherokee Street NE Suite A
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (855) 667-4752

3. Marietta Wealth

A top Marietta wealth advisory firm, Marietta Wealth stands as a distinguished guide in the realm of wealth management. This fee-only firm anchors its philosophy in a commitment to serve its clients’ unique financial aspirations, free from the influence of third-party products or sales commissions.

Boasting an impressive average of over 15 years of advisor experience, the experts at Marietta Wealth combine seasoned wisdom with a keen understanding of each client’s financial situation. The result is a wealth management experience that feels intimate, responsive, and emphatically client-centered.

Marietta Wealth‘s commitment to crafting personalized financial journeys is evident in every interaction. Whether it’s investment management, financial planning, or retirement plan services, the firm stands ready to align its extensive expertise with the client’s distinct financial goals. Here, experience doesn’t just count—it’s the cornerstone of a trusted partnership in wealth management.

Marietta Wealth
472 Sessions Street NW #24
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (404) 549-6930

4. Nicholas Wealth Management

Situated in the heart of Marietta, Georgia, Nicholas Wealth Management is a firm that promises customized solutions and financial assurance. The firm’s ethos revolves around making a tangible, positive impact in the financial lives of its clients, whether they’re on the brink of retirement or already navigating its nuances.

One reason why Nicholas Wealth Management is deemed a leading Marietta financial advisory firm is that it provides clear, actionable financial management services that help clients understand their financial roadmap. The team at Nicholas Wealth Management also helps equip their clients to embark on this roadmap with confidence.

The firm’s suite of services includes income, investment, tax, health care, and legacy planning. These offerings encapsulate a holistic approach to financial well-being, ensuring every aspect of your future is meticulously tended to.

The distinct approach at Nicholas Wealth Management involves crafting personalized solutions and fostering long-term, risk-managed portfolios that align seamlessly with each client’s unique financial goals.

Nicholas Wealth Management
218 Roswell Street NE Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (404) 890-5606

5. Yeomans Consulting Group, Inc.

Yeomans Consulting Group, Inc. is a premier financial planning firm in Marietta that stands for financial independence. This firm recognizes the individuality of each client’s financial situation, advocating for a custom-tailored plan to navigate the nuances of wealth.

The essence of the firm’s service is straightforward: guiding clients towards crafting and sustaining financial autonomy, thus ensuring control over their future and lifestyle. With Yeomans Consulting Group, Inc., financial independence isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey marked by personalized attention, proactive strategy formulation, and meticulous execution.

Yeomans Consulting Group‘s methodology is a blend of understanding, planning, implementing, and accomplishing client aspirations. Their insightful perspective is encapsulated in the Eight Dimensions of Wealth, a holistic exploration of the multifaceted aspects that influence a family’s wealth, from asset and tax planning to retirement and portfolio management. In this unique landscape, every dimension is a step towards securing and enriching a client’s legacy.

Yeomans Consulting Group, Inc.
61 Atlanta Street SE
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 427-5227

6. Senior Financial Planning, LLC

Senior Financial Planning, LLC stands as a fortress of financial wisdom in Marietta, Georgia, particularly for retirees. With an insightful understanding that retirement unfolds a series of pivotal financial decisions, Senior Financial Planning, LLC positions itself as a stalwart ally.

Its expertise shines in crafting strategies that not only preserve income but also fortify against the uncertainties of inflation, taxes, and escalating healthcare costs—expertise honed with having a client base that’s comprised of 97% retirees.

Guided by Tim Gelinas, an acclaimed figure adorned with the Five Star Wealth Manager Award twelve times and numerous accolades from prestigious institutions, Senior Financial Planning’s pedigree in wealth management is indisputable. Recognition from entities like NAIFA, Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange, and The Leaders Group underscores their commitment to excellence.

Senior Financial Planning, LLC
2551 Roswell Road Suite 209
Marietta, GA 30062
Phone: (770) 973-5220

7. Elliott & Associates Wealth Advisors

Elliott & Associates Wealth Advisors is a pillar of personalized financial guidance in Marietta. The firm boasts a team of Certified Financial Planner practitioners, each dedicated to crafting financial plans that resonate with the unique aspirations and needs of their clients. Supported by a robust administrative team and the expansive resources of Cetera Advisors LLC, Elliott & Associates Wealth Advisors ensures that every client feels supported throughout their financial journey.

At the helm are Vice-President Curt Coulombe, CFP, and President Duffy G. Elliott, CPA, CFP, whose leadership and expertise underscore the firm’s commitment to client-centric financial stewardship.

The expertise of this top Marietta financial advisory firm extends to nurturing robust retirement strategies, offering a wealth of knowledge through its website and personalized, hands-on service. The firm demystifies financial concepts and products, removing the veil from investing, insurance, estate conservation, and wealth preservation.

Understanding the importance of outliving one’s resources, Elliot & Associates Wealth Advisors concentrates not just on money management but also on other critical elements vital to financial well-being.

Elliott & Associates Wealth Advisors
1225 Johnson Ferry Road #600
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: (770) 451-2446

8. Levesque & Associates, Inc.

Levesque & Associates, Inc. is a distinguished wealth advisory firm in Marietta that helps its clients navigate the realm of wealth and tax solutions. It caters to both business owners and families.

The firm’s foundational principle is simple yet profound: every financial journey begins with a meticulously crafted plan, deeply rooted in the client’s values, necessities, and aspirations. This planning-first ethos is not just a strategy; it’s a commitment to enhancing the likelihood of each client’s success.

Guided by the astute leadership of Conrad Levesque, CFP, CPA, who has nearly two decades of industry wisdom, the prowess of Levesque & Associates, Inc. is further amplified through strategic alliances with Prosperity Capital Advisors and The Due Diligence Project.

Specializing in wealth building, CFO services, and tax management, Levesque & Associates, Inc. is more than a financial advisory firm—it’s a sanctuary where comprehensive, goal-based planning transforms financial visions into tangible realities.

Levesque & Associates, Inc.
600 Kennesaw Avenue NW #100
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 792-4464

9. Cumberland Financial Group, Inc.

Cumberland Financial Group, Inc. provides financial, tax, and accounting guidance in Marietta, Georgia. With a steadfast commitment to steering individuals and business owners toward their financial aspirations, this full-service advisory firm in Marietta intertwines a comprehensive array of services and products with a personalized touch.

Since its inception in 1991, Cumberland Financial Group, Inc. has cemented its reputation on pillars of integrity, enduring relationships, and open communication. Its approach transcends traditional service boundaries, fostering a holistic understanding of how various financial aspects interplay, thereby ensuring a more cohesive and impactful strategy.

Cumberland Financial Group‘s advisors excel in demystifying complex financial concepts. The firm is poised to guide clients through each step of defining, pursuing, and realizing their financial, tax, and business ambitions, with a suite of tailored strategies and products designed to secure a sound financial foundation and future.

Cumberland Financial Group, Inc.
445 Manget Street SE Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (678) 581-3292

10. Incompass Financial Partners

Incompass Financial Partners is a distinguished Marietta wealth advisory firm that’s dedicated to partnering with individuals, families, retirees, business owners, and those navigating equity compensation.

The philosophy at Incompass Financial Partners is anchored in setting lucid goals, crafting comprehensive plans to bolster those goals, and offering hands-on guidance every step of the way.

The firm’s unique approach unfolds in a three-step financial process: becoming involved with each client’s unique story, crafting integrated solutions that address every facet of their financial life, and remaining deeply invested in their long-term success and prosperity.

At Incompass Financial Partners, a collective of seasoned professionals stand ready to guide clients through the intricate maze of financial planning. Their mission is to deliver not just solutions but also the confidence and knowledge clients need to make informed decisions.

With a steadfast commitment to personalized service and a passion for helping clients thrive, Incompass Financial Partners is more than a wealth advisor—it’s a partner in forging a future of financial strength and fulfillment.

Incompass Financial Partners
4994 Lower Roswell Road # 4
Marietta, GA 30068
Phone: (770) 971-9141


The team behind this compilation of Marietta, Georgia’s top wealth advisors believes that informed individuals make prudent decisions, especially when they thoroughly understand their options.

We hope that this resource has enlightened you in selecting a financial advisor who resonates with your distinct requirements.

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