Top 10 Best Financial Advisors in Lee’s Summit

Financial Advisors in Lees Summit

Are you in search of professional financial advisors in Lee’s Summit? A lot of people in Lee’s Summit search terms like “best wealth advisors near me” on Google. To be honest, it’s quite understandable.

Hiring a financial advisor to manage your wealth is a major decision. You are trusting a firm or an individual within a firm with your money and you’ll never ever want to go wrong with it.

But, how is it possible to make sure that you are trusting the right resource for your assets? How can you choose the right fee structure when choosing a financial advisor? How will it affect your savings or retirement plan in the future?

Why Do You Need Financial Advice?

When it comes to investing your money or growing your wealth, there are a lot of options available. Whether you are looking for a risk-free retirement plan or trying to make a career transition, you need to have a strong financial plan to do so.

Many people like to follow a safer path in life. For the same reason, they seek the advice of Lee’s Summit financial planners. The right advice helps them to smoothly navigate through sudden changes in life like quitting a job, switching a career, starting their own business, marriage, divorce, or birth of a child.

Moreover, if you are thinking of selling your business, you might need an entirely different approach. While doing so, it’s best to have a good business broker and professional financial planner on your side so that you can make the best choice.

Remember, every stage of your life demands a different approach to saving, investing, and planning your wealth. It all revolves around your circumstances.

For example, if a person starts investing money at the age of 21, his/her mindset and approach toward investment will be far different than a person who starts doing so at the age of 65.

It cannot be denied that there are a lot of factors involved when it comes to investing money. Some of them are your investment approach, the strength of your investment portfolio, and your current income. However, above all these factors, the chances of the success or failure of your financial plan majorly depend on the financial planner you choose.

Parallel to that, in the long run, your financial strength also depends on the economic health of your country, the political climate, and how your financial advisor helps your manage the ups and downs of the market.

How Can You Accomplish Financial Planning

You can do financial planning in a lot of different ways but the two popular ones are:

1. Signing up with an online do-it-yourself investment company

If you choose to work with an online do-it-yourself company, you’ll have to handle all the stuff without any human advice. This option is cost-effective because you do not have access to any human advice when you are performing research or making transactions for investment purposes.

2. Hiring a financial advisor

Just like hiring a Lee’s Summit business broker, when you hire your own wealth manager or financial planner, it comes with higher costs but with lucrative results.

According to financial analysts, when you work with a financial planner, you can expect 2% to 4% higher results as compared to when you are doing it all alone.

Payment Structures of Lee’s Summit Financial Advisors

Yes, we cannot deny that hiring a financial advisor for wealth management so that you can get better returns comes at a higher cost. But, before taking this step, you need to analyze if it will be beneficial for you or not.

To know this better, you should have an understanding of how Lee’s Summit financial advisors make money. It will help you analyze how they work to make you money.

The most commonly available payment structures when hiring financial advisors in Lee’s Summit are:

  • Hourly: The investor is charged for time use on his behalf, regardless of assets.
  • Retainer: A scheduled fee (usually monthly or annual) makes the Financial Advisor available, on-call for the advisory services the retainer covers.
  • Flat fees: A set price for financial planning and asset management services. The fees have nothing to do with the amount of the investor’s account, big or small. It’s like ordering off a menu of services.
  • Commission: The financial advisor receives a percentage of the money spent buying high-performing investments, usually charged per transaction.
  • Asset management: The investor is charged a fee based on how much money is invested and fees usually are paid directly from the investor’s account.

Which Payment Structure is  Best?

Beware that choosing the wrong payment structure that does not go with your needs can lead to a conflict of interest.

Let’s understand this with an example. If a financial advisor charges an hourly fee and is less interested in helping you make more money, he/she is more likely to spend time on another account.

Parallel to that, if financial advisors in Lee’s Summit get a flat fee per transaction, they can transfer money unnecessarily.

Thus, in our view, going with the commission-based fee structure can generate better results. In this payment plan, a financial advisor takes a portion of the growth of your investment.

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor in Lee’s Summit

Do you want to identify that the financial advisors in Lee’s Summit are not forcing you to make investments that suit their interests more than yours?

You can do this by asking a simple question from your potential financial planner, “Do you have a fiduciary responsibility to my investments?”

If you get a”yes”, that means the financial planner is licensed. He/she will be bound by strict regulations and ethics to take actions that go in your best interest even if they do not get any benefit from it.

On the other side, if a financial planner is not fiduciary, he/she could direct you to a riskier path. But, this path can also end up with a higher payoff. You never know.

That’s why it’s hard to give a hardcore answer to which payment structure is best. It completely depends on your situation. Maybe you can try both options and then decide which one works best for you.

Want to go with the safer side? Have a meeting with your potential financial planner and get to know him/her before making a final decision. Analyze the financial plan they have created for you. If it supports the results you want to achieve and you feel comfortable about it, you can give a chance to that financial planner.

10 Best Financial Advisors in Lee’s Summit

After doing thorough research, we have created the below-mentioned list of the top 10 best financial advisors in Lee’s Summit to help you save time. All of these companies are selected after analyzing their ratings, reviews, experience, services, and professionalism. Here you go:

1. Beyond Wealth Advisors

editors choice

Beyond Wealth Advisors is a comprehensive wealth management firm focusing on helping clients prepare for their today, tomorrow, and beyond by providing personalized financial services. It serves individuals, families, organizations, non-profits, retirees, and business owners.

When it comes to your financial future, Beyond Wealth Advisors prides itself on maintaining the highest level of due diligence and uncompromised quality of service. The firm holds a collective experience of 100+years and has cutting-edge technology to help you be smart with your finances and wealth. Based on their experience and conservative advisory approach, the professionals of this firm use a step-by-step process that ultimately leads to making sound financial decisions.

Beyond Wealth Advisors has the resources to assist your CPA and attorney with a customized plan that not only secures your assets but also helps you to spend your money on people and charities you cherish the most. It also has access to experts in trusts, insurance, philanthropy, and family dynamics. Thus, the firm makes sure that you don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Beyond Wealth Advisors
600 SW Jefferson Street Suite 208,
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063-3988
Phone: 816.246.8450

2. NextGen Wealth

NextGen Wealth is a financial planning company helping individuals and business achieve their financial goals with sound planning and deep knowledge about wealth management. It creates custom financial plans to cater to the unique needs of each client including budgeting, savings, retirement planning, and more.

Some of the major services of NextGen Wealth include priority goal setting, estate & tax planning, cash flow budgeting, life & retirement planning, investment planning, risk management, employer retirement, financial security and organization, and buying & selling real estate.

NextGen Wealth has an expert team of financial planners and advisors who call themselves retirement transition specialists. They specialize in working with individuals close to or recently retired to provide them with 100% confidence and make their life after retirement fulfilling, purpose-driven, and meaningful.

NextGen Wealth
405 SW Waterfall Ct
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081
Phone: (816) 287-4780

3. Barber Financial Group

Barber Financial Group is a wealth management firm specializing in helping people who are within 10 years of retirement or already retired with at least $500,000 of investable assets. It provides you the opportunity to make use of industry-leading financial planning tools while sitting at your home.

Barber Financial Group prepares your financial plan based on your goals, needs, and the retirement lifestyle that you have worked so hard to achieve. It is committed to helping you overcome all the obstacles related to social security, retirement planning, insurance, investments, taxes, and estate planning.

The expert advisory team of Barber Financial Group uses a stress-free approach while handling your retirement planning process. It begins the retirement plan by developing a budget for your financial needs after carefully reviewing your regular expenses, health care costs, occasional expenses, and legacy.

Barber Financial Group
211A NW Executive Way
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Phone: 816.554.3736

4. Edelman Financial Engines

Edelman Financial Engines is an American investment advisory and financial planning company offering investing, wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning services. It partners up with you to develop solutions for your financial life that help you evaluate your wealth potential.

Holding an experience of more than 35 years, Edelman Financial Engines provides a full suite of services that guides you to smoothly transition from one milestone to the next starting from your first paycheck to your retirement and beyond that.

Edelman Financial Engines is Fiduciary and recognized by the financial industry. It is dedicated to making your financial life as simple as possible so that you can peacefully focus on growing your wealth. It models both risk and return potential, evaluates and tracks risk proactively, and adjusts and rebalances as needed to help you be better prepared at every stage of your life.

Edelman Financial Engines
210 SW Market Street
Lees Summit, Missouri 64063
Phone: +1 833-752-6333

5. Kanik Financial

Kanik Financial is a financial advisory firm helping individuals and businesses meet their financial goals using the most efficient methods available. It gives undivided attention to every client starting from the planning phase to execution to follow-up.

Kanik Financial uses a proactive approach while preparing a financial strategy for you that covers your goals and objectives. The firm is aware that everyone faces challenges along the way so it strives to anticipate and address those situations as they come. It keeps you on track which leads to a secure, meaningful, and purpose-driven financial future.

Some of the major areas of your financial life that Kanik Financial covers include retirement, investment, estate, insurance, tax, money, and lifestyle. It uses a team approach to meet your wide variety of needs as you maneuver through the complex financial services world.

Kanik Financial
1320 NE Windsor Drive
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
Phone: 816.434.6607

6. Wise Wealth, LLC

Wise Wealth, LLC is an independent, full-service financial planning firm guiding families to follow a path that makes work optional and provides full financial freedom. It is a faith-based firm that guides investors on the path to financial significance and offers them the freedom to give, serve, and enjoy life as per their own will.

Wise Wealth, LLC simplifies the retirement planning process by breaking it down into three phases i.e. Accumulation, Preservation, and Distribution. As an investor, you face several different challenges in each stage of your life. In order to navigate through these challenges smoothly, Wise Wealth, LLC comes up with tailored guidance depending on the phase of life you are in.

The firm works for the best interest of individuals and families to create a plan that includes the best blend of financial offerings. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and maintains the privacy of your data at any cost.

Wise Wealth, LLC
11 SE 2nd Street,
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Phone: +1 816-246-9473

7. Oak Road Wealth Management

Oak Road Wealth Management is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm helping clients successfully navigate the road to financial independence.

The firm is fiduciary and its fee structure is designed in a way that it earns more as your money grows. It charges a percentage of the funds it manages. As your wealth grows, so does the fee of the firm. On the other hand, if your account ever goes down because of market trends, the fee goes down too.

Oak road Wealth Management serves individuals and families. Some of the services it offers to individuals include financial planning, investment management, and retirement planning. Similarly, it offers retirement plans and consulting services to businesses.

Oak Road Wealth Management follows an approach where it evaluates the cost required to achieve the requirement you have planned. Afterward, it calculates the probability of success. If it is low, it helps your make the changes that will put you on the track to success.

Oak Road Wealth Management
210 SW Market Street
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Phone: (816) 720-7709

8. Friedline Financial

Friedline Financial has been providing retirement and financial planning services to individuals, businesses, and communities since 2007. It works with the mission of creating a lasting legacy for its clients and those they leave behind. It holds a team of professionals who manage assets in a strategic way that is not only suitable for clients’ needs but also for their retirement.

Ranging from financial estate planning and retirement to insurance and taxes, Friedline Financial develops your asset portfolio keeping flexibility and longevity in mind. It helps individuals with retirement, tax planning, financial estate planning, asset allocation, long-term care, and social security. Parallel to that, it offers tax planning, executive bonus plan, and defined bonus plan services to businesses.

Friedline Financial
107 SW Market Street, Suite A
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
Phone: (816) 525-5560

9. Sprouse Financial

Sprouse Financial is an investment advisory firm providing custom financial services built all around your needs. As your needs evolve, the firm ensures to evolve your financial strategies as well using a disciplined financial planning approach.

The firm provides sound, straightforward, and ethical guidance so that you can cut through the confusion and identify opportunities that best suit your situation. Sprouse Financial has designed its services to protect and maximize your wealth with an unmatched level of personalized care and attention.

It is an independent financial advisory firm and does not promote any standard products. Rather, it provides a thoughtful response to the issues related to you and your financial affairs. Some of the major services of Sprouse Financial include retirement income strategies, tax-efficient solutions, investment planning, long-term care, estate preservation, and social security.

Sprouse Financial
306 SE 3rd Street
Lee’s Summit MO 64063
Phone: (816) 875-4646

10. Summit Pointe

Summit Pointe is a financial advisory firm committed to providing you with high-quality information, products, and services to help you achieve financial independence and improve your living standards. It first invests time in understanding your financial situation and then comes up with a customized financial plan so that you can make confident financial decisions in life.

Summit Pointe follows a step-by-step process to build appropriate strategies that suit your vision and objectives. It holds an experienced team that has the intellect and integrity to go above and beyond to help clients attain their goals. It prepares a comprehensive financial roadmap for each client while promoting the highest ethical standards for recommendations.

Some of the major services of Summit Pointe include executive benefits, family protection, retirement services, employee benefits, estate services, asset management, profit sharing, and wealth accumulation strategies.

Summit Pointe
2641 NE McBaine Dr,
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064,
Phone: (816) 251 3333


The team providing this Top Ten financial advisors in Lee’s Summit list believes smart people make smart decisions because they educate themselves on the choices they are preparing to make.

We hope we’ve helped you become smarter about choosing a financial advisor that meets your unique and specific needs.

We try to provide readers with up-to-date information that will help them make those good decisions for hiring financial advisors in Lee’s Summit. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the information we’ve provided and learned about some of the choices for Financial Advisors in the Lee’s Summit area.

No content is intended to constitute professional advice. This content is not responsible or liable for any consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action you take or fail to take based on the information provided. It is very important to do your own analysis, based on your own personal circumstances, before making any investment.

Consult with your own investment, financial, tax, and legal advisers. Readers agree to indemnify and hold harmless the providers of this information, from and against any and all liability, losses, claims, demands, disputes, damages, or costs of any kind.

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