Top 10 Best Financial Advisors in Keller, Texas

Best Financial Advisors in Keller Texas

Looking for the best financial planners in Keller, Texas? Many Texans frequently search for queries like “top wealth advisors nearby” online. It’s clear why this is a common search.

It’s important to carefully choose the financial consultant you’ll work with, as it involves entrusting an organization or a professional in that organization with your assets. The priority is to safeguard your funds and make wise investments, be it for growing your wealth or preparing for retirement.

However, how can you be confident that your funds are managed correctly? How can you understand the fee model of financial consultants in Keller and determine its effect on your savings or long-term retirement strategy?

When Is Financial Advice Necessary?

Making good financial choices is essential for reaching your objectives. While some can effectively manage their finances on their own, certain situations warrant the expertise of a financial advisor.

  • Complicated Financial Scenarios: When your finances become tangled, a financial advisor in Keller possesses the knowledge to help you through the intricacies. They can devise a detailed financial plan tailored to your unique situation.
  • Time or Knowledge Constraints: Juggling work, family life, and other responsibilities might make it challenging to give ample time to your finances. A financial advisor can ease this load by undertaking tasks like portfolio management, exploring investment avenues, and monitoring market trends, giving you the freedom to attend to other matters in your life.
  • Long-Term Goals: Be it securing funds for retirement, setting aside money for your child’s studies, or prepping for significant life milestones, the best Keller financial advisors can chart a course for your long-term aspirations.
  • Investment Advice: Whether you’re new to investing or hesitant about making investment choices, a financial advisor can guide you. They can evaluate your appetite for risk, suggest appropriate investment strategies, and ensure your investments align with your goals.
  • Financial Transitions: Major life changes like marriage, divorce, inheriting assets, or embarking on a business venture can introduce financial complexities. In these times, a Keller wealth advisor can provide balanced insights, assisting you in making knowledgeable choices and tackling potential hurdles.

In such situations, securing the services of a financial advisor can bring assurance and optimize your financial results. It might be worthwhile to discuss your individual requirements with a reputable financial advisor and discover how their skills can bolster your financial path.

Financial Planning: Choosing the Right Path

Creating a robust financial strategy is essential for sustained financial security. Think about these alternatives:

1.   Leverage digital self-guided tools

Chart your own financial path by making use of online tools that allow you to manage your investments on your own. This approach results in reduced costs since you’re bypassing middlemen in the transaction process.

2.   Seek guidance from a financial expert

Just like Keller CPA, consulting with a personal financial planner or wealth advisor is beneficial despite the costs involved. Studies indicate that collaborating with a financial consultant can potentially boost long-term portfolio gains by 1.5% to 4%.

Payment Schemes of Keller Financial Advisors

Comprehending fee structures is vital when selecting a financial advisor. Here are the most common pricing arrangements:

  • Hourly Charges: Clients pay based on the hours spent addressing their financial needs, irrespective of their asset’s worth.
  • Retainer Fee: Financial consultants levy a set fee either monthly or annually, guaranteeing their readiness for advisory functions included in the retainer.
  • Fixed Charges: These set charges cover both financial strategy and asset handling services and aren’t affected by the size of the client’s holdings.
  • Transaction-Based Commission: Financial advisors in Keller receive a fraction of the money used when acquiring top-performing assets. This is usually charged per transaction.
  • Portfolio Management Fee: Clients are billed relative to their investment volume, with fees directly taken from their accounts.

Identifying the Best Payment Structure

It’s imperative to weigh potential conflicts of interest when deciding on a payment model for your financial advisor. Opting for an unsuitable fee setup can adversely impact your financial health.

For the best results, a commission-based fee structure is often more advantageous. Here, the financial advisor gains a share of the investment’s growth, motivating them to put your financial prosperity at the forefront.

Choose a fee model that resonates with your objectives and guarantees that your Keller wealth advisor has motivations that match your main interests.

7 Important Factors When Finding a Financial Advisor in Keller, Texas

There are important things you have to keep in mind when looking for a financial advisor. These elements will guide you in making a well-informed choice, ensuring your advisor matches your financial objectives and preferences.

1. Educational and Professional Background

Seek financial consultants in Keller with pertinent academic and professional credentials, such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) titles. These certifications signify a defined degree of proficiency and a commitment to industry standards.

2. Track Record and Expertise

Delve into the advisor’s history and past achievements. Ask about how many years they’ve worked in the financial advisory industry and inquire about their specific areas of mastery.

3. Range of Services

You should also ask about the range of services that the Keller financial advisor offers. Do they offer all-inclusive financial guidance, investment management, retirement strategizing, or specialized services? Confirm that their offerings resonate with your distinct needs.

4. Fiduciary Duty

Check if the financial consultant acts in a fiduciary capacity. This is important because being a fiduciary signifies a moral and legal duty to prioritize your welfare over theirs.

5. Client Base and Recommendations

Reflect on the clientele the advisor caters to and ask for references or feedback from their current clients. This can provide insight into their standing, professional conduct, and capacity to yield positive outcomes.

6. Pricing Model

Another factor you need clarity on when it comes to finding the best financial planner in Keller is their pricing model. Some consultants charge a fraction of the managed assets, while others might adopt a fixed or hourly charging system. Be sure you’re at ease with the payment setup and understand how it will influence your cumulative investment gains.

7. Interpersonal Dynamics

Arrange a preliminary discussion or session with prospective advisors to measure your mutual understanding and conversational dynamics. Harmonious interaction and clear dialogue are pivotal for a fruitful association.

In Keller, Texas, these critical pointers will help steer your selection of a financial ally, which is instrumental in fortifying your financial journey. Choose judiciously; your financial prosperity depends on this choice.

10 Best Financial Planners in Keller, Texas

Explore the top financial consultants in Keller, Texas who are dedicated to seeing you succeed financially. Leveraging their deep insights, proficiency, and unwavering dedication to outstanding service, these advisors have established a commendable standing for delivering reliable financial counsel.

1. Keener Financial Planning

editors choice

Keener Financial Planning is a top Keller financial planner that’s dedicated to guiding you toward your financial aspirations and helping you navigate the unpredictable journey of life. At its helm is Jean Kenner, who boasts a decade in corporate management. Her expertise in analysis, attention to detail, and follow-through ensures a smooth experience, where promises are kept and plans are meticulously crafted.

Benefit from the tailored, fee-only approach of Keener Financial Planning. Its team, filled with Certified Financial Planner experts, brings independent advice personalized for you. Every financial planner at Keener Financial Planning is a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, associated with both the Garrett Planning Network and the Financial Planning Association.

But the firm is not just about investments. Keener Financial Planning offers a broad spectrum of services, from retirement planning, tax strategy, and college planning, to decision support for everyday financial dilemmas like home buying or car purchasing. As an SEC-registered investment advisor, the firm’s commitment extends beyond investments, ensuring all facets of your financial well-being are cared for.

Keener Financial Planning
1692 Keller Parkway
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 993-0401

2. Granite Financial Group

Granite Financial Group holds financial wisdom with a staggering 80 years of combined experience. As an independent financial entity, this leading financial planner in Keller has crafted bespoke retirement plans for individuals, families, and professionals alike.

Its independence means it isn’t tethered to specific products, granting it the flexibility to present you with the best options tailored to your needs. With an unwavering focus, Granite Financial Group curates strategies that harmonize with your risk appetite and time frame.

Its adept team provides guidance on a myriad of financial concerns, from investment nuances and retirement strategies to estate matters and risk management.

Granite Financial Group believes in clarity, especially regarding fees. Your first meeting is free of charge. Additionally, whether you’re considering a commission-based arrangement, a fee-only structure, or a mix of both, the firm prioritizes transparency and will guide you toward what benefits you most.

Granite Financial Group
1670 Keller Parkway, Suite 200
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 379-9323

3. Pride Financial Advisors

Pride Financial Advisors is your trusted partner for holistic financial solutions tailored to life’s myriad aspirations and challenges. Specializing in assisting seasoned professionals, family business owners, manufacturers, and healthcare practitioners, the team crafts strategies that transcend mere financial planning, preparing you for life’s many transitions.

The suite of services offered by this top Keller wealth advisor includes investment management, business succession, and estate planning, alongside a wealth of other tailored solutions like risk management, retirement planning, and charitable planning, to name just a few. Notably, Pride Financial Advisors’ expertise also extends to the delicate area of divorce planning.

The heartbeat of Pride Financial Advisors is its Founder and Managing Director, Katherine Nolte. A seasoned investment advisor and financial planner, Katherine possesses deep-rooted expertise in realms spanning from investment management to estate planning and executive benefits. She’s been a beacon in the industry for over two decades, honing an investment philosophy that seamlessly marries fundamental and technical analysis.

Pride Financial Advisors
420 Charles Street
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (682) 593-7321

4. DeVore Wealth Management

DeVore Wealth Management stands out as a beacon for those navigating the waters of financial planning and asset management, making them a leading financial advisor in Keller. With a specialization in retirement planning and estate conservation, this firm offers a diverse range of services tailored to individual and business needs.

At DeVore Wealth Management, the team believes in clearly identifying and setting financial goals, suggesting bespoke solutions aligning with individual needs, providing relevant and up-to-date financial insights, regularly reviewing financial trajectories, and simplifying the intricate process of investment planning.

The expansive service range offered by DeVore Wealth Management includes guiding clients on maximizing retirement plans, tax-efficient strategies, estate planning, and even strategies for education funding. Moreover, its proficiency extends to suggesting the right insurance policies, insightful investment planning, and crafting benefits that entice top-tier employees.

In essence, DeVore Wealth Management is more than a financial advisory; it’s a commitment to community, integrity, and the long-term financial well-being of its clients.

DeVore Wealth Management
440 Johnson Road, Suite B
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 741-6920

5. Omega² Wealth Management

Omega² Wealth Management is first and foremost a premier asset manager before donning the hat of a financial advisor in Keller. This unique approach equips them with the acumen to make exceptional allocation decisions in line with clients’ aspirations.

Guided by the mantra “First Wisdom, Then Wealth,” Omega² Wealth Management lays the groundwork for a retirement journey instilled with unwavering confidence. This client-centric firm is anchored by values of honesty, integrity, and the Golden Rule, ensuring actions that resonate with genuine concern.

Omega² Wealth Management’s independence from insurance or investment giants underscores its commitment to imparting unbiased advice. As a registered investment advisory entity, its fiduciary responsibility isn’t just a legal obligation but aligns seamlessly with its foundational ethos.

Furthermore, Omega² is fervently education-oriented. Rooted in a culture of learning, the company emphasizes imparting wisdom as a precursor to crafting prosperous financial blueprints.

Omega² Wealth Management
124 S Main Street #217
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 500-0556

6. Butler Investment Group

Butler Investment Group may appear compact in scale, but it packs a significant punch in the world of financial planning. Its motto, “We might be small but our name says it all – B.I.G.,” embodies the robust service ethos that makes it a leading Keller wealth advisor.

Specializing in bespoke financial strategies, Butler Investment Group crafts solutions for both individual and corporate financial ambitions. Its diverse offerings, ranging from retirement and tax planning to eldercare and mutual funds, are streamlined through a collaboration with Signal Securities, Inc., a distinguished entity in the financial realm.

At the helm of Butler Investment Group are the dynamic duo, Buddy and Zachary Butler. Buddy, with an impressive 23-year tenure in financial advisory, has immersed himself in the intricacies of financial planning. Zachary, armed with Series 6, 63, 65, and Life licenses, complements the team’s prowess, ensuring clients receive a blend of experience and modern financial insights. Together, they transform financial visions into tangible realities.

Butler Investment Group
1613 Whitley Road
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 431-7075

7. Bluegrass Legacy Group

Bluegrass Legacy Group has crafted a suite of comprehensive planning services tailored to ensure their clients not only meet but exceed their financial aspirations.

Whether it’s unlocking the potential of employer retirement plans under ‘Qualified Planning’, ensuring a seamless business transition through ‘Exit Planning’, or safeguarding one’s legacy with robust ‘Estate Planning’, Bluegrass Legacy Group has a solution that fits.

What truly sets Bluegrass Legacy Group apart from other top wealth advisors in Keller is its avant-garde investment management philosophy. Rather than merely glancing at past performances, it drives financial strategies with a sharp focus on the future. The firm views assets as a testament to one’s diligence and dreams, and its mission is to amplify this potential.

Their forward-looking approach revolves around risk management, tax sensitivity, cultivating prosperity, and addressing underperforming assets. With Bluegrass Legacy Group, your financial journey is not just planned; it’s perfected.

Bluegrass Legacy Group
118 Olive Street
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 854-8833

8. Will Killgo – Edward Jones

Will Killgo is a stalwart in the Keller financial community and a distinguished wealth advisor with Edward Jones. Beginning his journey in 2011, Will swiftly made a mark by taking the helm of an existing Main Street office just a year later. Eventually, answering the needs of his growing clientele, he transitioned to a spacious Johnson Road location, continuing his tradition of impeccable service.

What truly sets Will Kilgo apart from some of the best financial planners in Keller is his attentive and personalized approach. Beyond his immediate scope, he collaborates seamlessly with other financial professionals, from CPAs to attorneys, ensuring a holistic approach to your wealth management.

The journey of Will Kilgo into finance is enriched by a decade-long experience, specifically in business valuation. His specialties include comprehensive portfolio reviews, advanced wealth strategies, tailored plans for military professionals and veterans, reliable retirement income plans, intergenerational planning, and retirement savings.

Will Killgo – Edward Jones
420 Johnson Road, Suite 202
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 431-5757

9. Sean Raich, CFP, ChFC, AAMS – Edward Jones

Sean Raich is an exceptional Keller wealth advisor with Edward Jones, whose financial journey is deeply rooted in cherished memories with his grandfather. More than four decades ago, at a humble kitchen table, Sean imbibed the financial philosophy of his grandfather. Though not formally educated, his grandfather held profound wisdom: consistent savings and steadfast faith in quality, long-term investments.

Today, as a certified CFP professional, Sean Raich intertwines this enduring philosophy with modern financial techniques. He cultivates partnerships with business owners, nonprofits, and families. Sean freely shares his insights, ensuring that his clients not only make sound financial decisions but also understand the reasons behind them.

Sean Raich’s core areas of focus span retirement savings, guiding new investors on their financial journey, comprehensive portfolio reviews, retirement income strategies, college savings planning, and estate and legacy strategies.

For Sean Raich, finance isn’t just about numbers. It’s about people, their stories, and guiding them toward a secure future.

Sean Raich, CFP, ChFC, AAMS – Edward Jones
350 Rufe Snow Drive, Suite 600
Keller, TX 76248
Phone: (817) 898-8230

10. Kolburn W Conway, CFP, CIMA, AAMS – Edward Jones

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences—from his dedicated service as an Eagle Scout and a US Army Captain, to leadership roles in corporate spheres—Kolburn Conway‘s journey to Edward Jones in 2001 was a natural progression towards serving individuals, local entrepreneurs, and their kin.

Kolburn Conway’s unwavering commitment to protecting his clients’ interests is evident. To amplify his proficiency in wealth advisory, Kolburn pursued an MBA, became a certified financial planner, and secured the Certified Investment Management Analyst certification.

As a leading wealth advisor in Keller, Kolburn Conway specializes in retirement income strategies, comprehensive portfolio reviews, nurturing new investors, insurance and annuities, estate and legacy strategies, and college savings plans.

Kolburn Conway teams up with Janet Barren, his Senior Branch Administrator, a cornerstone of their practice for over 13 years. Together, they stand ready to accompany clients on their financial journey, ensuring the route is clear, and the destination, rewarding.

Kolburn W Conway, CFP, CIMA, AAMS – Edward Jones
5310 N Tarrant Parkway, Suite 120
Keller, TX 76244
Phone: (817) 577-6047


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We hope we’ve helped you become smarter about choosing a financial advisor that meets your unique needs.

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