Top 10 CPA’s & Accounting Firms in Alpharetta, Georgia

Best CPA in Alpharetta Georgia

Are you searching for the most outstanding Certified Public Accountant to be a part of your business? Has your online research been filled with phrases like “leading CPAs in Alpharetta, Georgia” or “nearby CPAs” across search platforms like Google? Well, we have some good news for you. Your search ends here, as this blog post is dedicated to bringing you the top 10 CPAs in Alpharetta.

Every business needs an adept CPA to oversee matters related to accounting and finance. In the current competitive business market, thriving companies hire competent CPAs to supervise their financial records. Doing this allows them to focus on the expansion of their business.

As much as you need a reliable financial planner, you equally need to build a trustful relationship with your Alpharetta-based certified public accountant. A CPA is skilled in tax filings, IRS paperwork, and monitoring the fiscal health of your company. Furthermore, they can arrange financial reports regarding profit and loss, incoming revenues, and expenses.

Being a business owner, it’s not realistic to expect mastery in every domain of your business. That’s why depending on a professional to navigate the financial nuances of your business significantly reduces your burden. This is also why choosing a CPA with an impressive reputation and a proactive market presence is paramount.

How Picking the Wrong CPA in Alpharetta Can Harm Your Business

Choosing an unsuitable CPA can lead to adverse outcomes. That’s why understanding these potential risks will help motivate you to find the perfect match. Let’s delve into its possible effects on your financial documents, reputation, and the general environment of your company.

1. Possible Errors in Financial Documents

Engaging an inexperienced Alpharetta CPA increases the risk of your company facing vulnerabilities and fiscal challenges. This may create inconsistencies in your records that can lead to the loss of critical data and delays in crucial payments.

Any inaccuracy in your business documentation compromises the credibility of your bookkeeping and accounting. This can introduce a notable strain during tax periods due to misleading information provided by an unqualified CPA firm in Alpharetta.

2. Tarnished Reputation

Beyond the business implications, the failure to collaborate with top Alpharetta CPA firms may also influence your status and credibility in the market. Missteps in financial documentation, non-adherence to tax regulations, or unethical behavior can invite legal disputes and fiscal sanctions. These problems don’t only affect your revenue, but can also erode trust among investors, customers, and other stakeholders. This can result in some damage to your brand’s image.

Furthermore, a CPA who lacks industry-specific knowledge might offer inappropriate advice that can potentially result in ill-advised strategic choices that could endanger your business’s competitive position. Therefore, selecting a skilled, experienced, and ethical Alpharetta CPA firm is paramount for your business.

3. Tense Working Atmosphere

An unsuitable CPA can create a stressful work environment because of a lack of technical knowledge, communication, and reliability. They may find it challenging to meet deadlines or present accurate financial reports, causing fiscal instability and potential legal complications.

Miscommunication or the lack of guidance as a result of hiring an inappropriate CPA firm in Alpharetta may breed confusion and annoyance. As a result, this could affect team spirit and output. Unreliability, be it in completing work punctually or staying abreast of the latest tax regulations, can cause crises and shake the confidence of team members. This can then create a climate of continual stress.

6 Key Factors for Finding the Best Alpharetta CPAs

On your journey to discovering the most suitable CPA for your business, several key factors have to be taken into careful consideration. By thoroughly examining these central components, you can find the perfect match to guarantee your business’s success and advancement. Let’s explore these fundamental considerations.

1. Expertise and Niche Knowledge

An essential part of your quest for the finest CPAs in Alpharetta involves assessing their proficiency and niche expertise. You need to hire a CPA that has the specific skills necessary to cater to your business needs.

Examine the candidate’s educational credentials, professional qualifications, and prior performance to determine their capability in areas like tax strategy, auditing, or financial advising. The ideal Alpharetta CPA should exhibit expertise that dovetails flawlessly with your business’s financial requirements.

2. Proven Track Record

A glowing reputation is a priceless characteristic of the best CPAs in Alpharetta, Georgia. Aim for candidates who maintain a validated record of excellence and reliability.

Scrutinize reviews and endorsements from their former clients to measure their ethical principles. An unblemished reputation not only guarantees quality service but also inspires trust among stakeholders and boosts your business’s position in the marketplace.

3. Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication forms the foundation of any prosperous business partnership. Favor CPA firms in Alpharetta who exhibit clear, candid, and receptive communication skills.

Furthermore, the ability to simplify intricate financial matters into understandable language is crucial, as this ensures an effortless collaboration between the CPA and your team. Top Alpharetta CPAs who can encourage constructive dialogues will help your team with decision-making and nurture a positive work atmosphere.

4. Technological Proficiency

In the current digital age, it’s essential for CPAs to be tech-savvy. Confirm that your prospective candidate is adept in contemporary accounting software, data analysis tools, and cybersecurity precautions.

Expertise in technology boosts efficiency, precision, and data protection. Consequently, they can strengthen your business’s financial administration abilities.

5. Problem-Solving Abilities

The leading CPAs in Alpharetta excel beyond just data processing; they actively identify and tackle financial difficulties. Search for candidates who exhibit analytical prowess and a proactive stance toward problem resolution. A skilled CPA can foresee potential financial obstacles, design strategic resolutions, and steer your business toward enduring growth.

6. Compatibility and Trust

Last but certainly not least, evaluate the compatibility between your organization and your potential CPA and accounting firm in Alpharetta. The appropriate match should coincide with your business’s principles, culture, and long-term aspirations.

Establishing trust is vital, as it forms a robust partnership grounded on transparency and common goals. A CPA you can rely on will serve as an indispensable counselor, providing priceless advice to navigate your business toward success.

In conclusion, securing the leading CPA firms in Alpharetta requires a meticulous examination of these six factors. By considering these elements, you can gain a trusted ally to guide you through the labyrinth of financial administration and propel your business to unprecedented heights of success.

Benefits of Choosing a CPA Over an Accountant

Opting to hire a Certified Public Accountant in Alpharetta, Georgia over a general accountant brings a range of distinctive benefits. Here are some that are worth noting:

Enhanced Professional Standards: CPAs are subjected to stricter standards, guaranteeing a superior degree of skill and proficiency in their profession.

Expertise in IRS Matters: The top-rated CPAs in Alpharetta have specialized knowledge and capabilities in effectively handling matters related to the IRS. They provide priceless advice and backing in traversing complicated tax regulations and prerequisites.

Comprehensive Training and Learning: CPAs undergo extensive training and education that exceeds the qualifications of a regular accountant. This equips them with advanced understanding and a wider array of skills to tackle diverse fiscal challenges.

Commitment Towards Businesses: Contrary to accountants who may not exhibit the same level of commitment, Alpharetta CPAs are dedicated to growing their firms and offering holistic solutions to business owners. They serve the demands of both small-scale and large corporations, acting as a dependable hub for financial knowledge and assistance.

By taking these advantages into account, you can arrive at an educated decision that aligns with your business’s needs and ensures prime financial administration.

10 Best Alpharetta CPAs And Accounting Firms

To simplify the task of finding the appropriate CPA for your business needs, we have curated a compilation of top-rated CPAs in Alpharetta. This comprehensive list is meticulously crafted, taking several factors into consideration, such as their extensive experience, high ratings, positive reviews, and exceptional services.

1. Davis & Langford CPA

editors choice

Envisioned in 2008, Davis & Langford CPA, situated at the nexus of Johns Creek and Alpharetta, Georgia, offers a comprehensive suite of accounting solutions. Born from humble beginnings in a Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce sublet, it now operates from a sprawling 4,500 square feet office on Old Milton Parkway.

Embracing growth, the firm amalgamated with A. Michael Mirza CPA in 2011, followed by Wages & Company P.C. in 2020, extending a warm welcome to their clientele and the astute Scott Wages along with his team.

The full spectrum of services at Davis & Langford CPA includes tax preparation and planning, accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting, and comprehensive payroll services. A trusted partner in finance, the firm upholds its commitment to serve the community with financial expertise, making them one of the top CPA firms in Alpharetta.

Davis & Langford CPA
11373 Southbridge Parkway, Suite A
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(678) 889-9548

2. The Goldstein Firm, CPA, LLC

The Goldstein Firm, CPA, LLC, presided over by esteemed author and CPA, Eric Goldstein, is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based financial powerhouse with a far-reaching reputation. With roots tracing back to Atlanta’s Buckhead district, Eric brings a wealth of experiences, stemming from over two decades in tax and small business accounting in diverse business environments.

Goldstein’s academic credentials, featuring a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Washington and a Master’s in Professional Accounting from Atlanta, lay the groundwork for the exemplary services provided by The Goldstein Firm, CPA, LLC.

Devoted to being one of the top Alpharetta CPA firms, the firm is dedicated to delivering a broad array of professional CPA services. Adhering to a service ethos that emphasizes high-quality financial advice and tax optimization, The Goldstein Firm, CPA, LLC is devoted to exceeding client expectations with well-curated strategies and insights.

The Goldstein Firm, CPA, LLC
12750 Century Drive, Unit B
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(404) 994-6296

3. Horrigan & Company CPAs

In 1995, George Horrigan envisioned Horrigan & Company CPAs as an accessible, comprehensive solution for individual and business financial needs. Rooted in Alpharetta, Georgia, the firm stems from Horrigan’s rich experience spanning his own CPA practice and tenure at a large, international CPA firm.

Aware of the prohibitive costs that often prevent small to medium-sized enterprises from benefiting from expansive CPA services, Horrigan sought to provide equal quality at a more feasible cost. This vision underscores Horrigan & Company CPAs‘s commitment to aiding the growth of businesses and maximizing their returns, while astutely managing their financial resources.

Horrigan & Company CPAs stands apart from other CPA firms in Alpharetta in their provision of unique services, including personal and business tax planning, financial planning, holistic business planning services, business valuations, and the implementation of accounting software packages.

In essence, Horrigan & Company CPAs aims to deliver the caliber of services expected from an international CPA firm while maintaining an approachable and cost-effective service model.

Horrigan & Company CPAs
3330 Preston Ridge Road #330
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(770) 664-4044

4. The Tomlin Group CPAs

Established in 1963, The Tomlin Group, CPAs is a noteworthy Certified Public Accounting Firm in Alpharetta, tirelessly serving businesses and individuals in Atlanta and beyond. Offering a wide array of services including tax, outsourcing, accounting, and auditing, The Tomlin Group, CPAs combines expertise and precision, demonstrating its capability to cater to a diverse clientele ranging from burgeoning startups to substantial corporations.

Infused with a passion for their work, the firm’s cohesive team commits to delivering efficient, high-quality services daily. This dedication is mirrored in their mission: to provide exceptional services through modern, disciplined procedures. Upholding honesty and integrity as their guiding principles, The Tomlin Group, CPAs strive to cultivate a work culture that promotes personal and professional development and success.

The Tomlin Group CPAs
2400 Lakeview Parkway Suite 600
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(770) 395-7024

5. Jeannot & Associates

Jeannot & Associates is an Alpharetta-based Certified Public Accounting firm that’s dedicated to elevating businesses from good to great. This dynamic firm is committed to delivering an expansive range of services tailored for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. They’re dedicated to offering expertise, affordability, and a commitment to growing alongside their clients.

As a catalyst for client improvement, Jeannot & Associates demystifies complex business procedures, facilitating easy implementation and tracking. This commitment to clarity and actionable advice delivers unparalleled value to clients, going beyond the conventional bottom line to uncover often-overlooked opportunities for growth and benefits.

With underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness, and quality, Jeannot & Associates ensures exceptional service delivery. Offering services like small business accounting, cash flow management, virtual CPA services, and tax preparation and planning, the firm is a trusted partner, fully dedicated to empowering clients with the financial tools necessary for sustained growth.

Jeannot & Associates
11175 Cicero Drive, Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(678) 806-8040

6. Keen & Company, Inc.

Keen & Company, Inc. is an esteemed CPA firm in Alpharetta, Georgia. They provide more than just accounting services; they’re also a trusted partner for both small businesses and families since its inception in 1989. The firm prides itself on thinking differently about accounting and tax strategies, offering a holistic approach to financial management.

The range of services provided by Keen & Company, Inc. encompasses small business accounting, dental accounting, tax preparation, CFO services, tax planning, QuickBooks services, and payroll services. With a promise to make recommendations in the best interests of their clients, this firm is a beacon of integrity and expertise in the accounting world.

Rather than just recording history, Keen & Company, Inc. guides clients toward a prosperous future. This dedication to forward-thinking has helped them foster lifelong relationships built on trust and confidence. A testament to this commitment is the enduring loyalty of the firm’s original clientele who remain with them to this day.

Keen & Company, Inc.
900 Abbey Court
Alpharetta, GA 30004
(770) 664-4818

7. Get Balanced

Get Balanced is a remarkable CPA firm headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. They deliver a broad spectrum of tax preparation, accounting, and consulting services to small businesses and their proprietors.

Founded by Sam Faulkner, a seasoned CPA and CFE with significant experience in public accounting and healthcare, Get Balanced utilizes the latest technology to provide services both virtually and onsite and redefine the traditional accounting model.

Get Balanced‘s services include remote accounting & bookkeeping, financial statement review, tax planning, tax preparation and advising, budget preparation, QuickBooks setup, and IRS representation, among others. As QuickBooks Proadvisors, they offer not just setup but also training for staff on financial systems, thereby ensuring the ongoing integrity of financial transactions.

The firm stands apart from other CPAs in Alpharetta with its unique system that simplifies tax filing, be it for clients overseas or those preferring remote engagements. Security and confidentiality stand at the forefront of their online services, ensuring that their client’s private information is securely transmitted and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Get Balanced
5450 McGinnis Village Place, Suite 104
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(678) 880-4737

8. Francis & Reeves Advisory

Francis & Reeves Advisory is a top-notch Certified Public Accountant firm in Alpharetta. They are distinguished by their experience and expertise in delivering first-rate financial services. It’s a strategic partner for entrepreneurs, with a robust offering encompassing tax planning, tax preparation, and monthly accounting.

This CPA firm, backed by a century of combined experience, specializes in strategic tax planning, operating on the frontline to save business owners from overpaying taxes. They boast a track record of aiding over 500 business entities, ranging from fledgling startups to thriving corporations, in steering clear of tax overpayment, totaling an impressive $3.5 million in savings.

Francis & Reeves Advisory‘s mission echoes their core values—integrity, result, inspiration, excellence, discipline, and ownership. They aim to help business owners forge lasting legacies by trimming tax liabilities and escalating bottom-line profits. As a testament to their unwavering commitment and superior work ethics, clients consistently return, year after year.

Francis & Reeves Advisory
1010 Powers Place
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(404) 228-2653

9. Atlanta Accounting & Taxation LLC

Atlanta Accounting & Taxation LLC is a top-notch Alpharetta CPA firm that offers a wide range of bespoke accounting, consulting, and tax compliance solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Since its inception in 2006, the firm has solidified its position as a steadfast ally for businesses, delivering services from accounting software setup to part-time CFO roles.

Atlanta Accounting & Taxation LLC dispenses a comprehensive suite of services, including tax preparation, tax planning, resolution of tax issues, monthly business tax and accounting services, international tax compliance, bookkeeping, and payroll services. Their signature lies in tailoring these services to address the unique requirements of each client.

Additionally, their expertise spans multiple industries, from small business contracting and software development to retail, medical, and restaurants, along with catering to international businesses. Regardless of your business domain, Atlanta Accounting & Taxation LLC is ready to forge a successful partnership, effectively meeting your accounting and taxation needs.

Atlanta Accounting & Taxation LLC
4080 McGinnis Ferry Road #1103
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(770) 772-4120

10. R.J. Walters and Associates

R.J. Walters and Associates is a highly reputable CPA company in Alpharetta that delivers comprehensive financial solutions. Specializing in building and preserving personal wealth, they provide personalized attention to each client, offering customized guidance and creating robust financial plans that manage risk, boost performance, and ensure sustainable wealth growth.

Mr. Walters, with his forte in IRS practice and procedure, brings over 25 years of experience to the firm. Having represented hundreds of taxpayers before IRS and various state agencies, he excels in resolving tax-related issues, such as IRS levies, liens, wage garnishments, and back taxes.

The suite of services offered by R.J. Walters and Associates is comprehensive and includes individual services, QuickBooks services, business services, and tax services. Whether you’re planning for retirement or navigating complex tax landscapes, R.J. Walters and Associates serves as a trusted advisor, guiding clients towards financial security and prosperity.

R.J. Walters and Associates
6760 Jamestown Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(770) 777-5115

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