5 Ways to Increase Your Business Value with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

To sell a home or a car at the top price, the product needs to be shined and cleaned. This is why car dealerships spit-shine used cars before putting them on the lot. For the same reason, Realtors recommend removing clutter from homes before showing them.

If you want to sell your business for top dollar, you also need to really make it shine. Digital marketing is an easy, low-cost way to dress up your business for potential buyers. The higher your business ranks on Google, the more your business is worth. The good news is it’s relatively inexpensive to start moving up the ranks. (Warning: It does take time, however!)

Here are the top 5 ways to use digital marketing to increase the value of your business:

1. Continuously update your company’s website.

Regular website updates show Google that your site is relevant. Edit, add or change content on your website at least once per month. This can be easily accomplished by adding a blog.

2. Have more than one page on your website.

Your minimum target should be at least five pages. At a minimum, your site should include an “About” page, a menu/list of services/price list page, a front page and a blog. The blog will serve as a location to continually update your website. It will grow over time, adding pages as you add content.

3. Add links

Google gives you credit in its search algorithms for links to and from your page. Definitely link to your social media pages. More than 60 percent of web search traffic is directed through Google. In addition to a Facebook page, you should have a presence on Google Plus.

4. Use keywords on your website

This should occur naturally, but if you sell garage doors and you add a blog post about installation, you’ll want to make sure and use the term “garage doors”, not only the term “doors.” Make sure you utilize words potential searchers will use in the Google search bar. (Warning! Use the same word too often, and Google may consider your page “spam.” A Thesaurus is your friend.)

5. Consider using some professional services to polish your site

Do not use cell phone pictures. The photos on your site should be polished, attractive and professional. That will help you sell your business for top dollar. Your website is one of the very first things a potential buyer will see of your business.


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