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CPAs in Fort Worth

Are you searching Forth Worth CPAs or accounting firms in Arlington, Texas?

Businesses need good financial advice. A good CPA helps you plan, helps you monitor cash flows, and helps you make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

CPAs do a lot more than just crunch numbers and prepare taxes. A good CPA makes sure all of the appropriate documentation gets filed on time, provides financial statements and analysis, and offers business and financial strategies to help you achieve target objectives.

In addition to employing a CPA to manage taxes and finances, businesses hire CPAs to help predict the profitability of new product lines and to diversify their investments.

A good CPA is critical. Your CPA should be a trusted advisor, someone you can rely on while you focus on running your business. Hiring the right accountant is an important decision.

Accountants and CPAs

The CPA designation is one of the most recognized professional designations in the business world. Strict licensing and qualification requirements distinguish CPAs from other financial experts. Accountants can handle the routine work of your business, but a CPA can provide detailed analysis and advice so you can make the best business and tax decisions.

Finding the Right CPAs in Fort Worth-Arlington

Hiring the right Fort Worth-Arlington CPA means hiring someone you can trust, someone whose style and personality is a good fit. That can be harder than it sounds. You don’t want to just hire the first firm that pops up in a search engine query. Important decisions like this require due diligence.

Before you contact a CPA, have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Develop a list of objectives and prepare a list of questions and gather referrals from people you trust. Recommendations are one of the best ways to find a good CPA. Ask other business owners, venders, and contractors you do business with for suggestions and ask why they recommend a particular individual. When you’re looking for a Fort Worth-Arlington CPA your attorney can be a good resource.

Once you have at least three recommendations, do your own research. Talk to each person. If possible, meet in person. Notice your impressions. What kind of attitude and demeanor do you see? Pay attention to how well each person listens. Evaluate the responses and the way they deliver them. Are answers simple and easy to understand or are they complicated and full of jargon? Does the person check to make sure you understand what they’re saying? Can you envision what it would be like to work with this individual? A good, honest working relationship is critical between you and your CPA.

As you’re searching for a Fort Worth-Arlington CPA, check online reviews. It’s worth a few minutes of your time to get a sense of what others think. Don’t depend on reviews and testimonials posted on the CPAs own website. You want to see reviews from independent, third-party sites.

Be sure to ask about costs and fee structure. It’s important to address this matter up front before you make a decision. Some CPAs have a flat fee structure, some have a minimum fee and add additional charges for each item requested; others bill by the hour regardless of the task. You want to fully understand how and when you’ll be billed.

Top CPAs in the Fort Worth-Arlington Area

Averett Financial

editors choiceA company of CPAs and certified financial planners, Averett Financial has a reputation for educating clients and helping them understand finance and its concepts so they can pursue financial objectives.

Every member of the Averett Financial team understands that no single strategy works for everyone. Every client receives focused attention and strategies and plans crafted perfectly for their business.

Averett Financial is committed to providing the highest level of quality service to clients. They listen to concerns in detail in order to assist in clients meeting their goals and objectives. They customize an approach unique to the personal and/or business situation.

This Fort Worth-Arlington CPA firm believes in goals-based planning and in relationships. They also know that all parts of a client’s life matter when making financial goals. They take into consideration today’s circumstances, future dreams, family, career, recreation, etc. They get to know and understand what’s important to their clients and then help lay out a plan to achieve those goals. As life changes, goals change. They want to know about those changes so they can help financial plans evolve too.

Averett Financial is confident that with their understanding of personal finance and their training as financial professionals, they can help people better prepare for the future. After years in the business, they have developed a reputation for educating clients get an easy-to-understand personal grasp of their finances and use those concepts to pursue their financial objectives

Their team approach is effective in helping clients who have a wide variety of needs. They believe they have far-reaching benefits for their clients. From planning to execution to follow-up, the firm takes a proactive approach to address financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available.

Averett Financial
6050 Southwest Boulevard, Suite 200
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 420-6223

Manjula P. Modi, CPA PLLC

Manjula P. Modi, CPA PLLC, prides itself on offering timely and cost-effective financial management solutions that exceed expectations for small businesses. A former IRS agent, Modi helps identify tax planning strategies to reduce client’s tax liability. The firm also provides IRS tax problem resolution and offers state and local tax preparation, as well as a full range of accounting services. They want to let their clients focus on business and leave the accounting to Manjula P. Modi. Manjula P. Modi, CPA PLLC aims to build longstanding relationships with clients and offers competence, perseverance, and a personal approach to deliver excellent service to every client.

Manjula P. Modi, CPA PLLC
4000 Emery Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76244

Marty McCutchen, CPA PC

Marty McCutchen offers comprehensive accounting and tax services. Like many of his clients, Marty is an entrepreneur and understands the need for accurate financial statements and sound strategies. He’s been helping clients in the Fort Worth area for 20 years. Clients use him for needs as diverse as an outsourced CFO or someone to clean up their mess left. Marty helps, whatever the need.

Marty McCutchen, know his firm’s real strength lies in the ability to stand with their clients as they grow their businesses. They are dedicated to being trusted partners as their clients make difficult decisions. He and his staff have been helping clients for 20 years.

In addition to dedication for serving clients, the firm has received the following recognition:

40 Under 40 – CPA Practice Advisor Fort Worth Chapter of CPAs – Leadership Development Program Licensed CPA (Texas and Alabama)

Published writings in:

CPA Practice Advisor Intuit Proline Blog
Various State CPA Society Monthly Newsletters

Marty McCutchen, CPA P.C.
2405 Forest Park Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76110
Telephone: 817-350-6719


DMR understands every situation is unique. They apply years of accounting experience with extraordinary levels of talent to come up with solutions that meet their client’s goals and earn their trust. They constantly work with their client’s best interests in mind, helping them grow and plan for future profitability. DMR provides clients with the highest level of accounting proficiency, utilizing leading-edge technologies as well as best-practices. They are dedicated to their customers and offer a wide array of professional services.

They have built a team that’s not just experienced and well-trained, they’re enthusiastic about what they do. DMR’s employees’ have a passion for supporting a culture of service and innovation. It benefits each of them as much as it does their clients.

For more than fifty years Denke, McBride & Ryan, CPAs, PLLC has distinguished itself by providing accurate, insightful accounting services that focus on their client needs. The firm has experience in many industries and offers entity planning, accounting services, financial reporting, and tax management services.

Proven leaders with the ability to spare, the partners of DMR understand that earning your business is just the first step. Their goal is to earn your trust.

4200 S. Hulen Street, Suite 150
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 332-3254


Jeremy A. Johnson, Certified Public Accountant P.C.

Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA serves the metro area with tax preparation, business start-up consulting, cash flow analysis, and tax resolution. Jeremy makes financial matters simple and takes a proactive approach to planning and accounting.

Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA knows selecting a Certified Public Accountant and trusted advisor is an important task.

Jeremy provides everything from tax preparation to QuickBooks training, and general accounting services to help clients keep their finances on track and to help Jeremy accurately forecast your business’s future for increased success.

Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA
(888) 623-2915

Smith & Smith CPAs

Smith & Smith CPAs is an accounting & tax firm in DFW area which was founded in 1987. It was built on the principle that quality service yields quality results. The firm’s primary goal is to provide affordable accounting & tax solutions for clients while forming lasting relationships built on trust.

They are in the service industry and are accomplished Certified Public Accountants serving individuals, C-Corp, S-Corp, partnerships, startups, and non-profits. The firm has a wide range of accounting and financial services.

All the partners in the firm are CPAs.

Smith & Smith CPAs, LLC has a close knit staff that takes pride in providing elite customer service. Our CPAs set the tone by providing personal and prompt services to clients. Since the firm was established, they have always put an emphasis on customer satisfaction. All CPAs and the staff strive to provide each client with service that is tailored to them. They understand that communication and responsiveness is a key to business relationships and the firm takes pride in always being available to clients.

Smith & Smith
901 W. Bardin Road, Suite #101
Arlington, Texas 76017
(817) 442-2019

DGM / Donald G. McCartney, CPA

Donald G. McCartney is a full-service Accounting firm licensed in TX which offers a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. They are affordable, experienced, and friendly and have been providing quality tax, accounting, small business consulting, and bookkeeping services to the DFW area since 1981.

The firm caters to small businesses, individuals and real estate investors.  They are ready to address any accounting, tax, and small business consulting needs!

With over 40 years of combined experience, Donald G. McCartney, CPA works hard to save clients money. Usually, the tax savings find more than covers their fees. Additionally, they help clients earn more money, improve efficiency, and avoid a variety of costly pitfalls.

DGM, PC wants to be their client’s most trusted financial advisor.  Their professionals have the knowledge and experience to help through financial challenges, either business or personal. Their first consultation is free.

Donald G. McCartney, PC, CPA
4025 Woodland Park Blvd, Suite 240
Arlington, TX, 76013

Jack Loteryman, CPA, PC

Since 1988, Jack Loteryman, CPA, PC has provided quality, personalized financial guidance to individuals and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Jack Loteryman, CPA, PC’s expertise ranges from classic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as Review and Compilation of financial statements, Business consulting and CFO services and financial planning.

Jack Loteryman, CPA, PC is one of the leading Fort Worth-Arlington CPA firms in the area. By combining expertise, experience, and a team mentality, the staff ensures that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. This Fort Worth-Arlington CPA firm attributes its high standards and work ethic to its client base returning year after year. Their clients interest the firm’s interests and it is their mission to assist them in maintaining financial viability while planning carefully to achieve future goals. They are committed and dedicated to serving the primary objective of serving clients. They meet that objective through professional support, pertinent feedback, and loyalty. Their business relationships are long-term.

Jack Loteryman CPA, PC has the knowledge and experience to provide personalized, quality guidance and expertise to its clients.

Jack Loteryman CPA, PC
1601 E Lamar Blvd Ste 127
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 231-0666

S. Justin Piepgrass CPA PLLC

S. Justin Piepgrass, a CPA in South Arlington, provides tax preparation, tax planning, financial services, business consulting, accounting, and payroll services for small to medium-sized businesses.

A Brigham Young University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Justin started his career Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) in 1997 and then worked as an auditor for a number of public companies and as an accountant for others. He received his CPA 1999 and realized 2001, that this corporate ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. In October, he started his own accounting and tax practice part-time. As his practice grew, he decided to practice full time. His independence day was May 13, 2006. He loves helping his clients realize their dreams and objectives.

His wife, Iris, is the office manager and they have a team of qualified, dedicated staff members.

This Fort Worth-Arlington CPA firm serves a wide range of business clients in diverse industries including professional, retail, construction, engineering, restaurants, insurance, security, transportation, graphic design, marketing, body shops, and real estate management. They also serve hundreds of individual clients.

S. Justin Piepgrass CPA PLLC
1400 W Mayfield Rd Ste. 300
Arlington, TX 76015

Dooley & Dummit Certified Public Accountants

Dooley & Dummit (D&D) CPA specializes in accounting and bookkeeping solutions, payroll services and tax services. The firm is committed to providing outstanding service in a fast-paced, information-driven world. They focus exclusively on clients with small to medium-sized service-based businesses and their owners. This Fort Worth-Arlington CPA firm provides a full range of services customized to meet their clients’ needs.

Dooley & Dummit has two principals and a team of experts to help small businesses on the path to growth. The firm understands the challenges and rewards of running a business and takes pride in learning from their clients. 
They strive to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulations governing the financial world and customize services to best meet their clients’ business needs while keeping an eye on what businesses will need in the future. The firm embraces technology to provide 24/7 services because they value their client’s time. Time IS money. D&D is committed to a high level of integrity and a philosophy of being financial partners. They guard their reputation vigorously with uncompromising standards, responsiveness, competency and dedication to continued improvement.

D & D realizes not every client is a fit for their business and goals. When a business owner comes to them for financial services, they take that partnership seriously. Therefore, we strive to maintain a stellar clientele that is a reflection of Dooley & Dummit. Because many of their clients are in daycare, optometry and chiropractic businesses, D&D is in a unique position to offer comprehensive service to those specific industries.

Dooley & Dummit (D&D) CPA
2304 W. Interstate 20 Suite 100
Arlington, TX 76017
Phone: (682) 323-5817

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