Social Media Assets: Are Social Media Accounts an Asset When Selling?

social media assets

Do your social media assets have value when selling your business? In case you haven’t noticed, customers no longer just go to the mall and shop.  They now ‘google’ everything.  And then they may (or may not) just order what they are looking for online.  Whatever your business, however well-established you are, however impressive your website is, your business probably should be using social media, too.  Especially if you are thinking of selling.

Huh?  How can that benefit you in the long run?  With all the emerging technologies, people want and expect ‘instant’ information these days.  Your business is no longer restricted to customers within a certain physical radius.  (Even if your business is a service that has to be done on location and in person, you never know who you might reach that has connections to a prospective customer.)

The Value of Social Media Assets when Selling Your Business

So how can social media benefit your business in the long run? Especially if you are getting ready to sell it?

Your offline business success can convert to online ‘noise’ that will make a huge difference in attracting potential buyers.

#1.  You’re instantly connected to millions of people once you’ve set up a social media account. You never know when the ‘right’ one might find you.

#2.  Promoting your company’s products and services on social platforms, email marketing (and a maybe even a blog?) lets you tailor the message to the things you do best.  That increases the value of your company.

#3. Social accounts like Facebook and Instagram let you start conversations with customers and potential customers.  What is the proven, most effective marketing in any age or place or time?  Word of mouth. And if you can get people talking with or about you and your business, that is word of mouth, isn’t it?

#4.  And word of mouth is lead generation, isn’t it?  More leads make your business more attractive to an interested buyer.

When a buyer is researching your business, knowing you have established social media accounts will lend to the impression that have loyal customers or are at least building a base of customers.  Again, that makes your business more attractive.  Your prospective buyer sees that–even though you are selling–you still care and are interested in growing your baby.

But since you’re here, chances are I’m preaching to the choir.  I hope so.


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