Top 10 CPA’s & Accounting Firms in Roswell, Georgia

Best CPA in Roswell Georgia

Looking for a top-notch certified public accountant to be a part of your team? Have you been typing “best CPAs in Roswell, Georgia” or “accountants near me” in online search engines like Google? Then, you’re in the right spot because this article has answers for you!

Running a company means needing a good CPA to deal with your finances. In today’s competitive business landscape, smart business owners hire expert CPAs to help with keeping their financial records spotless so they can grow their businesses without fuss.

Just like how you need a good wealth advisor, you should also be able to trust your Roswell accountant. A CPA knows how to help with taxes, IRS papers, and checking your company’s financial status. Moreover, they can help generate reports about your profits, income, and expenses.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to know everything about your business. So, getting an expert to help with your company’s financial statements makes things easier for you. This is why picking a CPA that is reputable and active in the market is really key.

How the Wrong Roswell, Georgia CPA Can Harm Your Business

Picking the wrong accountant can bring a heap of problems. Knowing the possible risks and dangers helps in being sure about your decision. Let’s dive into what can go wrong with your financial records, reputation, and company environment.

1. Erroneous Financial Records

Getting a Roswell CPA or accountant with not much know-how can put your business in a tricky spot. Mistakes can pop up in your records, causing you to lose key information and maybe even miss some big payments.

If your money records are off, then come tax time, you’ll have a headache due to wrong details given by a not-so-great accountant.

2. Damaged Reputation

Not teaming up with top Roswell CPA firms can hurt your brand image as well. Mistakes in financial reporting, not following tax regulations, or doing any unethical stuff can land you in legal trouble and cause hefty fines. These slip-ups hurt your wallet and can make people – like investors and customers – lose trust in your company.

Plus, a CPA who doesn’t understand the nuances of your industry might give you bad tips, which can put you behind your competitors. That’s why picking a smart, seasoned, and honest Roswell CPA firm is key.

3. Negative Work Environment

The wrong CPA can make your workplace tense. If they’re lacking in skills, don’t communicate well, or aren’t reliable, things get tough. They might miss key dates or give the wrong financial information, which can lead to financial worries and maybe even legal headaches.

An ill-fitted CPA in Roswell can cause misguidance and miscommunication, which can cause confusion among your team and even lead to lower employee morale. Unreliability as a result of providing deliverables late or failure to keep up-to-date with the latest tax laws, can lead to crises. This can undermine the trust of team members and create an atmosphere of constant stress.

6 Crucial Factors To Consider When Looking for the Best CPA Firms in Roswell

When hunting for the right CPA for your business, there are some important factors you should think about. Checking these boxes ensures that you find the right person and helps your business do well. Let’s go over these six important things to lead you to the top CPA in Roswell.

1. Expertise and Specialization

When searching for top CPAs, see what they know and what they’re good at. Different businesses need CPAs with a specific skill set to cater to the growing needs of their business.

Check their educational background, certifications, and past work to assess their proficiency in things like taxes, checking financial records, or giving financial advice. The best Roswell CPA and accountant should understand your business’s financial needs.

2. Proven Track Record

A good reputation means a lot for the best accountants in Roswell, Georgia. Find those with a history of doing great and being trusted.

Look at what old clients say about them to see how they did. A good track record means they’ll likely do a good job and help your business become trusted and respectable.

3. Communication and Collaboration

Communicating well is highly important to maintain good collaboration. Pick Roswell CPA firms that communicate clearly, honestly, and in a timely manner.

Additionally, they should be able to explain complicated financial jargon in a simple way. This results in a smooth collaboration between your CPA and your team. The best CPAs in Roswell help with better decision-making and create a warm working environment.

4. Technological Skills

In today’s highly digital environment, being good with advanced technology is a must for accountants and CPAs. Make sure they know how about the latest financial software, data tools, and cybersecurity practices.

Using tech right helps CPAs work faster, keeps data safe, and ensures accuracy in your business records. This helps your business manage its money better.

5. Proactive Problem Solving

The top Roswell CPA firms do more than just add numbers; they identify and fix money problems before they escalate. Look for CPA firms that think ahead and fix things fast. A smart accountant sees money problems coming, thinks of fixes, and enables your business to keep growing.

6. Compatibility and Trust

Last but not least, check the compatibility of your Roswell CPA or accountant and your team. The right fit should align with the culture, values, and long-term goals of your business. Trusting each other is key. A trusted CPA is like a wise friend, giving great tips to help your business do well.

To wrap it up, picking the best accountants in Roswell means looking carefully at these six factors. Keeping these things in mind helps you find someone you can count on to help your business shine.

Why Hiring a CPA Is Better Than an Accountant

Picking a certified public accountant in Roswell, Georgia over a regular accountant has some major advantages. Here are some:

Better Professional Standards: CPAs follow stricter rules, which means they really know their stuff and do their job well.

Good with IRS-Related Matters: Top CPAs in Roswell possess specialized knowledge in effectively managing IRS-related matters. They offer good guidance and support in navigating complex tax requirements and regulations.

Comprehensive Training and Education: CPAs learn a lot more than regular accountants. This makes them know more and tackle different financial problems.

Dedicated Focus on Businesses: Some accountants may not be all-in, but CPAs really want their clients and business to do well. They help all kinds of companies, big or small, giving a full range of financial services.

Thinking of these advantages can help you decide what’s best for your business and how to manage your money right.

10 Best Roswell CPAs And Accounting Firms

To simplify the task of finding the appropriate CPA for your business needs, we have curated a compilation of top-rated CPAs in Roswell. This comprehensive list is meticulously crafted, taking several factors into consideration, such as their extensive experience, high ratings, positive reviews, and exceptional services.

1. Thomas Bowen CPA

editors choice

Located in Roswell, Georgia, Thomas Bowen CPA stands as a beacon of professionalism, offering unparalleled financial solutions. Esteemed for being one of the leading CPA firms in Roswell, this firm has carved a niche for itself in the financial sphere. Entrusted by countless individuals and varied businesses, they reap the benefits of sound counsel, swift responses, and precise execution by the firm’s diligent team.

Steered by the visionary, Thomas E. Bowen, this CPA firm is not just about crunching numbers. Thomas Bowen CPA is also focused on creating lasting relationships, understanding individual narratives, and crafting tailor-made financial strategies.

Diverse in service offerings, Thomas Bowen CPA specializes in an array of business and tax solutions. From adept small business accounting and strategic new business formulations to meticulous tax planning and resolution of payroll tax conundrums, they’ve got you covered. In a world bustling with competition, this firm remains an unwavering pillar of trust, excellence, and dedication in the Roswell and Alpharetta areas.

Thomas Bowen CPA
555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite E-2,
Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 640-5042

2. Thompson & Associates CPAs, LLC

Thompson & Associates CPAs, LLC is an outstanding CPA company in Roswell that emerges as a trailblazer in personalized finance. With a history marked by excellence, they’ve catered to a diverse clientele, offering solutions from elemental tax management to intricate areas like business valuation, financial forensics, and fraud detection.

Esteemed as a forerunner in its domain, Thompson & Associates CPAs, LLC has cultivated a rare synergy of knowledge, experience, and team dynamism over the years. As a result, every client feels seen, valued, and understood. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, seasoned team, and impeccable ethics magnetize clients, making them return, time and again.

Venturing beyond the conventional, their spectrum of services is vast. In the maze of tax intricacies, they offer a beacon of hope, ensuring financial peace for every client. Whether battling IRS challenges or seeking insights on cryptocurrency accounting, Thompson & Associates CPAs, LLC stands as a bulwark of trust, efficacy, and discretion.

Thompson & Associates CPAs, LLC
555 Sun Valley Drive #3
Roswell, GA 30076
(678) 382-0899

3. Gigi Brady, CPA LLC

Gigi Brady, CPA LLC may be located in Roswell but they also serve neighboring Atlanta locales. The firm is a beacon of accounting wisdom and tax acumen, resulting in it being recognized as a top CPA and accounting firm in Roswell.

With an illustrious history spanning 28 years, Gigi Brady herself has graced various accounting terrains—from top U.S. firms to regional gems in South Carolina. Her credentials are further enriched by her status as a QuickBooks Proadvisor, adept in both desktop and online realms, and a solid educational foundation from Lander University.

For those navigating the intricate labyrinth of tax preparation, Gigi Brady, CPA LLC offers a guiding light. They’re astutely attuned to the ever-evolving tax codes, ensuring clients harness every possible financial advantage. Beyond mere tax preparation, their expertise radiates to bookkeeping. Whether it’s reconciling accounts, decluttering ledgers, or crafting insightful financial statements, they’ve got businesses covered.

Gigi Brady, CPA LLC
419 E Crossville Road
Roswell, GA 30076
(678) 869-5589


In Roswell, Georgia, a unique blend of traditional warmth and cutting-edge proficiency can be found at JTC CPAs. This firm champions the philosophy of forward-thinking growth, curating strategies that propel both entrepreneurs and their enterprises toward thriving success.

From the foundational steps of setting up a business to the intricate phases of exit planning, JTC CPAs cover the spectrum with expertise and finesse. Embodying the essence of a close-knit community, they seamlessly merge the charm of a “small-town feel” with the prowess demanded by Roswell’s sprawling metropolis. The team at JTC CPAs is unwavering in its commitment to impeccable accuracy and timely delivery, setting a gold standard in service excellence.

Why should JTC CPAs be your go-to Roswell CPA firm? It’s simple: they understand the rhythm of optimal business performance. With them, you’re not getting mere service; you’re enlisting a dynamic squadron, ready to champion your financial battles.

425 E Crossville Road, Suite 213
Roswell, GA 30075
(470) 740-2400

5. Killingsworth Spencer, LLC

Killingsworth Spencer, LLC stands as a beacon of unparalleled CPA expertise. Boasting an impressive suite of services—ranging from tax prep to QuickBooks bookkeeping and deft handling of IRS predicaments—this firm takes a distinctive approach. Their accounting maestros are not just number crunchers; they are consultants, forging lasting, clear-cut ties with businesses and guiding them toward a prosperous horizon.

The indomitable spirit of Janet Killingsworth—once a dynamo at Halligan & Associates—resonates within Killingsworth Spencer, LLC. Janet’s prowess in demystifying intricate tax puzzles and nurturing her team remains a cherished legacy.

The firm is more than just a leading CPA firm in Roswell. Their influence extends beyond Roswell, reaching vibrant locales like Alpharetta, Milton, and Sandy Springs, among others in the Atlanta metro space.

Killingsworth Spencer, LLC’s arsenal of offerings encapsulates tax counsel, corporate bookkeeping, IRS dilemma mediation, and astute business advisories. Eager to elevate your enterprise? Let Killingsworth Spencer illuminate your path.

Killingsworth Spencer, LLC
10892 Crabapple Road, # 100
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 552-8286

6. Watson & Associates, CPA, PC

Watson & Associates, CPA, PC emerges as an epitome of excellence in the complex CPA sphere. They genuinely care for each client, envisioning a shared trajectory toward success. While tax intricacies and meticulous bookkeeping might daunt many, this firm transforms such challenges into streamlined, cost-effective endeavors.

Beyond mere number management, Watson & Associates, CPA, PC cultivates a rich tapestry of alliances. Recognizing the evolving labyrinth of accounting and tax landscapes, they embrace humility, not claiming mastery over every corner. Instead, they’ve strategically aligned with adept entities and professionals, ensuring clients access to an expansive spectrum of expertise.

From meticulous tax planning, adept payroll management, and insightful consulting, to strategic budgeting, the service suite at Watson & Associates, CPA, PC is robust. If you’re seeking an ally in navigating the multifaceted financial domain, this firm promises not just skill, but an enduring partnership in your fiscal journey.

Watson & Associates, CPA, PC
11285 Elkins Road, Suite G4
Roswell, GA 30076
(678) 534-6205

7. Curtis H. Finch, CPA, PC

Curtis H. Finch, CPA, PC is driven by a vision of igniting unparalleled success in their clientele. They infuse mirth into the intricacies of finance, resulting in them being known as a top Roswell CPA firm. Embracing innovation, they’ve dismantled the boundaries of location, delivering sterling services sans exorbitant travel overheads.

From astute tax planning and adept IRS representation to strategic retirement roadmaps, Curtis H. Finch, CPA, PC embodies versatility. Their clientele mosaic spans various entities, illuminated by their remote access capabilities, ensuring clients enjoy unparalleled convenience with round-the-clock digital document access.

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning executive stints at Sprint and Rich’s Department Stores, Curtis Finch laid the firm’s cornerstone in 1994. An alma mater of the University of Alabama, he’s a maestro in business inception, tax strategies, and IRS dialects.

Whether you cherish autonomy in bookkeeping or seek expert guidance, Curtis H. Finch, CPA, PC offers tailored solutions, all rooted in their mission: Empower businesses to harness every penny they’re entitled to.

Curtis H. Finch, CPA, PC
301 Macy Drive
Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 998-6665

8. Jeffrey Fleurinor CPA

Jeffrey Fleurinor CPA emerges as one of the best CPA firms in Roswell. Synthesizing over 15 years of profound experience, the firm unearths solutions for intricate technical accounting conundrums, operational finance quandaries, and nuanced financial reporting challenges, particularly for colossal corporations and Private Equity’s cherished portfolios.

The bouquet of services offered by Jeffrey Fleurinor CPA extends to meticulous monthly accounting for SMBs, capturing every nuance with bank and credit card reconciliations, and producing immaculate, bank & tax-ready financial statements.

Furthermore, their expertise shines in tax labyrinth, offering stellar planning and preparation not just for enterprises, but individuals too. Facing the Goliath of tax problems? Fear not, for Jeffrey Fleurinor CPA specializes in navigating the mazes of IRS and state tax issues.

Jeffrey Fleurinor CPA
11285 Elkins Road. Suite H2A
Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 442-0266

9. Dan McNeely CPA

Amidst Roswell’s historic tapestries stands a beacon of financial mastery: Dan McNeely CPA. For over three decades, this bastion of accounting finesse has been sculpting the financial landscapes of Georgia, bringing precision to tax terrains and strategic insights into entrepreneurial ventures.

From the solo entrepreneur to multifaceted businesses, Dan’s adept touch unravels the complexity of tax returns, aligning financial matrices to serve both individual and business aspirations. But it’s not just about numbers. With Dan, it’s a journey – where each financial maneuver is tailored, echoing personalized attention at an equitable price.

Beyond just a CPA, Dan’s repertoire boasts elite stints – from auditorial wizardry at the colossal Ernst and Young to strategic financial controllership in Roswell’s business arena. His altruistic side gleams too, with directorial roles in regional non-profit entities.

At Dan McNeely CPA, services transcend mere accounting. With offerings spanning income tax returns to nuanced financial consultations, it’s where Georgia’s financial aspirations find a home. Discover, engage, and let your finances soar.

Dan McNeely CPA
875 Old Roswell Road, Suite F500
Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 594-8796

10. Causey-Streeter CPAs

Causey-Streeter CPAs is one of the best Roswell CPA firms as it radiates an unyielding commitment to financial mastery. Fusing their rich expertise and vast experience, this distinguished CPA firm emerges as a beacon for those in pursuit of tailor-fitted financial solutions.

For a constellation of years, Causey-Streeter CPAs has carved its reputation by offering premium financial counsel to discerning individuals of significant net worth and agile small enterprises. Beyond the quintessential realms of tax management and accounting, the firm voyages into the sophisticated corridors of tax design and efficiency strategies.

It’s not merely about expertise. At the core, it’s a pledge: each client basks in the luxury of meticulous scrutiny and unmatched personal attention. Their roster of elite tax aficionados, combined with an unwavering work mantra, is the catalyst for the ever-blossoming clientele that the firm enjoys.

Causey-Streeter CPAs
515 E Crossville Road #460
Roswell, GA 30075
(470) 309-2741

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