The Pitfalls of Selling A Business On Your Own

keyboard-648439_640What Can A Business Broker Do For You?

Why hire a business broker? The primary reason? Sellers usually don’t have the experience today’s market requires. A business broker can build you an exit plan, streamline the process, help make your business more valuable in the eyes of a buyer and ensure that your company is truly ready for the right buyer.

First time sellers often have unrealistic expectations. They know the hard work they’ve put into their business and generally believe the business is worth more than it is. They aren’t aware that sometimes timing is critical. Valuation is tricky. While owners often inflate the value of their business, they can also underrate what it is worth. A business broker can help ensure you are paid the best price without leaving money on the table.

Preparation is key! Most sellers are in a rush to sell once they commit to it and don’t spend enough time preparing for the sale. You wouldn’t sell a home without making sure the structure was sound and the façade appealing. The same goes for businesses. It’s critical to have an exit plan, to put your business in the best light possible without omitting such things as financial documentation and records of sustainable profitability for prospective buyers.

Just because you’ve been a successful business owner doesn’t mean you’re an expert at selling it. This again is where a good business broker comes in. Peterson Acquisitions knows how to leverage your assets, market your business, and negotiate transactions.

A business broker also knows how to pre-qualify buyers and is more realistic when it comes to all-cash deals, which are pretty much a thing of the past. Today’s buyers are more likely to need a third party lender, if not seller financing.

Call Peterson Acquisitions for an appointment and get started selling your business with confidence. Let our better understanding of the mechanics of selling work for you.