In The Beginning of Selling or Buying a Business

road-368719_640From a Buyer’s point of view, buying a new business resembles speed dating. Your time may be limited so don’t waste any of it by jumping in without knowing the right questions to ask. This may be a long term choice.  You want to make sure and choose the right prospect.  Peterson Acquisitions will help you narrow down the choices, weed out the ones that are not right for you and help you pursue the leads you want to follow.

The buyer will want to concentrate on these items:

  • start-up capital
  • financing
  • tax brackets
  • your ability to manage all as aspects of this business or product
  • location, location, location

If you’re a Seller, Peterson Acquisitions will assist you in putting your best foot forward. We want what you want: the biggest payout, satisfaction, and a sense of rightness about the transition you’re about to make. Selling a business has its own jargon and much of it can be confusing. We are happy to explain what you don’t understand and answer any questions you might have along the way.

The seller will want to concentrate on these items:

  • making the business appealing to potential buyers
  • marketing the business to the right buyers
  • widening the net of potential buyers
  • showing the strengths of the business in relationship to the current economy
  • preparing to let go so you can move on to your next adventure

Both buyers and sellers bring something to the table. Whichever you are, Peterson Acquisitions will help you accurately assess your assets and liabilities before you sign on the dotted line. Serving you is our primary focus.