Baby Boomers Mean Business, Buying and Selling Both!

old-man-692807_640-200x300Consumers, buyers, and sellers born between 1946 and 1964 aren’t retiring as early as their parents did and they are still big spenders. With human longevity reaching into triple digit years in some cases, business is strong for this generation.

This new demographic means that while markets fluctuate in other areas, Baby Boomers are still sought after. And Baby Boomers often feel that owning a small business is more compatible with their lifestyles and is stable in terms of economic sustainability. One only needs to read a newspaper or watch television to see that big corporations are dying or being dissolved daily. Considering massive layoffs at companies such as Sprint, General Motors and others, and it makes sense that many feel small business offers more security.

This means a possible tsunami of businesses will be for sale in the near future, which is great for first-time buyers. But as the torch is passed from one generation to the next, buyers need a business broker now, more than ever. So do the Baby Boomers who are selling businesses. The laws of supply and demand are more intricate than any generation has dealt with.

Biz Ben dot com claims: For a buyer looking to acquire an existing small business, a flooded market represents great opportunities.  They will have their choice of businesses to select from.  They will be able to be picky and select the business that is most in line with what they are looking for.   They will also be able to look at businesses and weed out those that are not performing well or have other issues that need to be addressed.

That doesn’t need to be a negative point for sellers. With the right business broker, sellers can get an optimum price for their businesses. This requires an expertise in selling as well as buying and someone who negotiates well, pre-screens buyers and knows how to leverage in order for the seller to realize their dream of retirement.

A good business broker, such as Peterson Acquisitions, knows how to get you the best deal in the current economy whether you’re a buyer or a seller.