4 Things You Need to Do Before Buying a Business


Identify Your Interests


If you have absolutely no idea what business you want to invest in, first eliminate businesses that are of no interest to you.


Consider Your Existing Talents

Being honest with yourself about the skills and experience you will bring to any venture.  That can help you eliminate unrealistic businesses for your talents.

List Your Wants and Needs for Your Business

Consider if a business has a condition that is unfavorable to you.  Are you picky about the location and commuting time?  Does this business match your expectations of the time commitments you will need to make? List your wants and needs and check each prospective business against those wants and needs.

Quantify Your Initial Investment

Finding profitable businesses for sale at reasonable prices can be difficult.   Ask why any business you consider is for sale in the first place.  Does the investment required to make it work closely match the amount you have to invest?

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