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Grow your income and wealth with an exclusive Peterson LAMP territory!

Hello friend.

My name is Chad Peterson & I have been ranked as the #1 business broker in the country. My twenty years of buying and selling companies has created a unique system for income and wealth that has been very good to me and my clients. This is me with my best buddy, and son, Cole.

My experience has translated into three different companies with over 60 different B2B products and services. Things business people want and need. If you love business and have some experience in buying, selling, running, managing companies or have worked in banking, accounting, or finance, I would love to show how we are expanding throughout the country.

And you can learn about it for zero cost. In fact, this page and the related links don’t even have ask for a credit card anywhere.  

Please take a listen to this quick video.

Here are some quotes from our partners

Jim Shandorf

“I’d been looking for a business like this for a long time. Having owned 7 companies, I wanted to find something different to use that experience and my passion for business—but also be a project I could really enjoy for the last 10 years of my career.

Chad and Curt are legit guys. We are early in the process, but so far, they have over-delivered at each step and answered every question I have posed and much more. I feel extremely fortunate that I found out about the Peterson LAMP program.” – Jim, Minnesota

“I met Chad four years ago when he sold me my first of two businesses. When he presented me the LAMP program, I knew I had to take a serious look.

The more I heard, the more I knew it was perfect for me. It absolutely sells itself with a TON of potential & exciting possibilities. It’s very unique, challenging in the right way, & well thought out. This has lead me onto the path of success well beyond what I ever thought possible.” – Jake, MBA, Kansas

“I stumbled onto Chad’s materials while researching an acquisition target & was intrigued by what I read & watched. But as a CPA of 20+ years, having done multiple acquisitions, and being a Corporate Controller for a $400M company & Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for a $750M company, I figured I already had this stuff nailed.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Not only did I see strategies that were completely unique and innovative, but they were presented in a powerful way any normal businessperson could grasp and utilize. I know I can learn quite a bit from these guys & am looking forward to the journey!” – Martin, CPA, Texas

Chad helped me do QSI long before it was even named QSI. My career path has been positively altered by this distinctive & lucrative mindset; honestly, it redefined my life!

I was a fighter pilot, am fluent in four languages, college-educated, and a vice president at an international company. Even with all of that, before Chad, nobody had ever shown me these wealth building secrets.” – Bob, Missouri

These are all pretty smart and accomplished people. We believe you will be drawn to the benefits of our programs, just as they were. It’s easily worth the time investment to learn more.

Again, nothing to buy here. Just sign up to and agree to sit in on one of our explanatory sessions. If you love it, great! We can talk more.

If not, you just let us know that it’s not for you and we thank you and let you on your way. (We actually give you a few free products as a thank you for listening regardless of your disposition!)

There is a meaty list of reasons why
you should look into this.

Here are just a few:

  • Our QSI method revolutionizes wealth building for closely held business owners – we need people to teach this method and help clients capitalize on it.
  • We are the most unique business brokers in the country. We do more for our clients and teach them more. This increases our success rate a LOT!
  • A LAMP territory can be purchased for significantly less than the average franchise, and the income potential is significantly higher.
  • Show business owners how to make 9 TIMES as much money partnering with you versus buying or running a business on their own.
  • Have a hell of a lot of fun working with a great group of people. Frankly, we are judging you as much as you are judging us. We want awesome people who will add to our incredible culture. Unpleasant, pompous jerks need not apply.

It’s so easy. Just join us for one of our Thursday meetings. Click on the link below to secure your free ticket.


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Provide your name, email, and phone to start the process.


Provide your name, email, and phone to start the process.

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