World Wide Security and Security Products

World Wide Security and Security Products

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Bullet Proof Film and More–Selling-Retiring

Since 1988, this company has become one of the world’s leading experts on security for residences, businesses, buildings and vehicles. The company’s security products are numerous and protect clients  against everything from glass breakage type crimes to monitoring an area’s security. The company has built a portfolio of products and services that allow clients to protect them and those around them as needed. The Canadian based company employs security professionals with significant experience in the security sector. They recognize the most likely threats to clients and find affordable solutions to minimize those threats. This company’s systems can be monitored from a cell phone or over the internet.
This business is one of the fastest growing security protection companies in the world and continues to grow because the company continually grows and changes with the threats. The main difference between protection required 50 years ago and today is that more technology is available to both criminals and protection providers. The company does security audits for customers and offer insights that can save money and possibly someone’s life!

Asking Price: $450,000

Gross Income: $275,000

Cash Flow: $185,000

Employees: 0 Employees 12 Subcontractors

Established: 1988

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment ( FF&E): $2,000 , included in asking price.

Facilities: Coatings Division is highest grade affordable performance window film products and services designed to resist bullets, bombs, hurricanes and break and entry crimes. We also have a solar protection line of films. Auto Ballistic Window Films suitable for anti-ballistics and general ballistic mitigation on regular Auto Glass. Break and Enter Window Films are designed to be affordable while at the same time offering significant protection of the most vulnerable part of the client’s security portfolio. Bomb Window Films are specifically designed for military and police institutions. Auto CCTV Security Camera (DASH) is the most comprehensive and affordable automobile security camera system in a simple plug and play camera that can protect automobile occupants from break and entry, theft, attacks and accidents. Door and Window Lock products and services have been designed and engineered to provide the highest degree of threat mitigation available in the world. They are intended o support the overall security of your residence, building, business and vehicle. Alarm products and services were added to the product portfolio because the Window Film clients, partners, dealers, distributors and customers continually asked for added security once their glass was protected with their window films. Security Camera systems are engineered to be the top of the line systems available in the market today. Our engineers understand the complex needs of integrating camera systems with full Internet ready capabilities. Lock Box products and services only use the highest quality raw materials. Our quality is our most important attribute. Security Audits support the overall security of the residence, building, business and/or vehicles and guide our clients to the products and services that will provide the best protection for the client’s individual needs. (Home Based)

Competition: 3m is the company's main competitor but, though it has ballistic window film, 3m does not promote it. 3m has 45,000 products and they focus as much on decorative and frosted films as their security products. The company specialize in high end security threat mitigation window films and have experts with the knowledge and processes to ensure our products work as intended. Our sole focus is on security. Our products are unique in the degree of protection they provide for higher end threats.

Growth & Expenses: Dealers deal with most of the customers and are every type of entrepreneur and are between the ages of 35- 55 and include many former military and policemen. Typical clients are military, building owners, government, retail, airport authorities, police, upper-end residences, small and medium sized businesses in more than 30 countries. The security business is only getting more lucrative, and this company has the PRODUCT that is needed to protect.


Reason for Selling: Retirement