Specialized Fire Safety Equipment Supplier to Construction Companies


Anytime you walk into any commercial or public building, you will see a glass door with a fire extinguisher and fire
equipment behind it.  This business provides that type of specialized equipment–fire hoses, valves, fire box/cabinets, fire hose assemblies–to construction companies. This is a distribution business; installation is not a part of it. But installation would be a new line of business if the new owner wished to pursue another avenue increase income. Work from home, be as busy as you want to be. This business has plenty of room for growth.

Asking Price: $170,000

Cash Flow: $60,000

Employees: This is a one man show.

Established: Started in 1970, the owner established the business to supply contractors and architects with fire hose and extinguisher services in their buildings.

Competition: As with anything, there is competition but this business has been in operation for 40 years and is always considered when clients are sourcing fire equipment for buildings, the cabinets they are stored in and other such equipment.

Growth & Expenses: The company does no marketing but has a long standing relationship with the construction companies such as JE Dunn, Crossland Construction, and other large contractors. The elderly man who owns it keeps the business manageable for him and he doesn’t operate a website or do any marketing. Much more business exists, but at 85 years old he does just enough to stay busy. The new owner could accelerate the business and offer more to the end user to increase revenue. It comes with a long standing relationship with all the construction companies that have used him over the years.

Support and Training: This company comes with a long standing relationship with all the construction companies that have used the business over the years. The owner knows how to bid the jobs to get the business and will stay to help the new owner transition as long as needed.

Reason for Selling: The owner is old and doesn’t want the business he's worked 40 years to grow to vanish. He wants it to keep going.